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tweezers...clippers....sizzors....nothin… ...

 Help... I have been stung by a bee insect while cutting grass by my garage!!!!!?
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 i have a 2nd degree burn...what should i do?
okay so i accidently burned my leg about an hr. ago from a curling iron, its about 3 inches long.
i dont wanna see a doctor.
what should i do though??...

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It's been bleeding for like 30 minutes.

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 would being a highschool teacher be hard on your back?

Does anyone have a suggestion for relieving chronic back pain?
I have a prolapsed disc in my lower back and i am sick of being in pain. i've tried physio and it worked for a while. my doctor has basically said there's not much he can do. any suggestions?

Jennifer S
I would suggest maybe some icyhot rub, if someone not to heavy that you could handle walk on your back pop it

"Olivia Loves Raoul"
go to the doctor andask them they will give you some meds

I have information about THE BEST complete wellness system available today. It was developed by one of the nation's leading medical doctors, it is all natural, produced in FDA inspected labs, and boasts patents that were granted because of the company's in-depth research and proven results. Here are just some of the benefits of this product:

Anti-neuralgic - Can reduce nerve pain

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Anti-Fatigue - Offers prolonged energy and endurance

Anti-Tumor - Potentially reduces risk of some types of tumors

Anti-Carcinogen - Potentially reduces risk of some types of cancers

Anti-Aging - Reduces effects of ageing and potential threat of degenerative diseases

Increased Performance - Can increase growth hormone levels to promote muscle growth and prevent muscle breakdown

Antioxidant - Chelated for increased absorption and efficacy - independently rated by Brunswick Labs to be the best leading antioxidant available.

Hypotensive - Effects that potentially lower blood pressure

Cognitive Enhancement - Promotes healthy memory and cognitive brain function

Anti-ADHD - Helps manage the effects found in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Anti-Alzheimers - Helps prevent Alzheimers and other dementia

Anti-Inflammatory - Alleviates pain and/or symptoms from chronic inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, eczema and psoriasis

Anti-Menopausal - Relieves symptoms of PMS and menopause

Hypoglycemic - Some experience lowered blood sugar (anti diabetic effect)

Immunostimulant - Improves the body's natural immune function

Antilipidemic - Effects that can lower blood fat

Antiobesity - Helps with weight loss

Anti Atherosclerotic - Helps prevent the hardening of arteries

Cardio Protective - Promotes healthy heart functions

Antiviral - May prevent or modulate viral infections

Antibiotic - May prevent or modulate bacterial infections

Antifungal - May prevent or modulates fungal infections

Antidepressant - Relieves depression and anxiety

Anti-arthritic - Helps prevent arthritis

Anti-Osteoporosis - Helps prevent loss of bone mass

Antiperiodontic - Can help prevent gum disease

Antiallergenic - Helps to prevent allergic disease

Antiseborrhic - Effects that can prevent seborrhea (skin disease)

Anti Parkinson - May reduce the risk of Parkinson-s disease and its effects

Antivertigo - Can prevent dizziness

Anticataract - Prevents Cataracts

I have personally experienced the benefits of this product, and so have many of my friends and relatives. Please contact me for more information.

Tina Hodges
[email protected]

Have you ever been to a chiropracter? Mine has done wonders for me. Perhaps you could also try accupuncture. When my back hurts, it's always worse sitting. For that I found a product that looks funny but works really well. It's called a Nada Chair. There's a pad that goes around your back and it straps around your knees (it's not an actual chair). It helps you keep proper posture when sitting and your back hurts less as a result of it.

I work in a clinic that specializes in the treatment of chronic back pain, typically associated with disc injuries. This type of injury can be difficult to treat. We have found that a multidisciplinary approach produces the best results. We combine traditional medicine, chiropactic, and physical therapy. Each one of these disciplines plays an important role, but getting only meds, or only chiropractic, or only physical therapy may not produce the results you need. We also have been really benefiting from new technology that is probably available where ever you live. Non-surgical spinal decompression is rapidly becoming a very effective conservative treatment for disc herniations, bulges, prolapses, etc. This is perfomed by a high tech machine under the supervision of a physician. The machines have different names depending on the manufacturer. VAX-D is probably the best known, as it has been around the longest. This is an older technology, and in my opinion is no longer the best choice. We use a machine called the DRX9000. You lay on your back for 30 min treatments over the course of a few weeks. Studies have demonstrated the machine's ability to reverse the pressure in the disc allowing the disc prolapse to heal. This can really be a great alternative to risky surgery. Other issues that need to be addressed that are often associated with chronic low back pain is muscle dysfunctions. The body has a natural response to guard the area of pain. This reflex produces tight and painful muscles in the back that may remain a source of pain, even when the disc has healed, if they are not properly addressed. This is where the physical therapy is now an important role player. In addition, we have found a high corelation between restricitons in cervical (neck) motion, pelvic joint restrictions, and disc pain. This is where chiropractic can help. Gentle mobilizations of these areas, if appropriate, will allow the spine and muscles to function better, helping to take the pressure of the low back where the disc is injured.

Other options available include steroid shots, epidurals, pain meds, muscle relaxants, anti-depressants, etc. Those may or may not be appropriate for you, however, you have to realize that they are not treating the disc, just masking the pain. I hope that helps, good luck.

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