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Additional Details
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 how do i make my sunburn stop hurting?
i have sunburn on my lower and upper back and it hurts really bad so how do i get rid of the hurt without using gels lik aleo or whatever it is called caz i dont have any of that stuff thx

Jen H
Do you really drink at LEAST 8 glasses of water a day?

Me? I dont know.. I dont count of how many glasses i drunk water everyday... But the doctors says that we should drink water atleast 8 glasses a day...

not realyyyyyyyyyyyy

Makeup Mafia
yea... i drink almost 16 a day...

Not really.

No, I don't want to have a Trip To Jerusalem (bathroom version)

no. i usually only drink about 4 cups a day, at most.

No, I decided to replace them with beer

smile please
no i dont but i should................

I actually drink between 70-80 ounces (9+ glasses) of water a day. It helps your metabolism.

About 10, actually.

No, in fact I drink like 6 liters per day ... that would be 24 glasses

Yes, I do.

I Am Seth
No way. I drink my own saliva.

106+ oz. Yep. But, not in seperate glasses. In big cups. I heard you can count non-alchohol that you drink too, but water still is best.

tremolo man
Yes I do. But I pee alot as well.

Chimera's Song
i try to drink about 2 litres of fluid a day, predominantly water, but includes tea and fruit juice. If I include all the liquids I drink it probably is more than 2 litres. Sometimes I achieve 2 litres of water alone but its rare.

No, the 8 glasses of water a day thing is a myth.

I try to drink between 6-8.

I drink like 5 or 6 daily . Do u ?

No.. I drink about 6.. HOWEVER.. it is a good idea to drink more.. eight is recommended and I have done some studying on this and I think also that eight is what a person should partake in each day...

No. I think its more like a quart.

I cant remember the last time I had water besides in coffee or beer, or soda.

yes! drinking more water a day keeps me sweating thus eliminate some of the body waste such as urine and sweat of course. My personal doctor says that drinking two (2) liters a day makes your body burn more calories rather than drinking softdrinks or beers. And I believe that it is true because it truly works to me and to my family and friends. thank you.

P.S. you can me email me: [email protected]

most days yes...not all

no but I am always drinking a non alcohol beverage. about twenty cans a day

i do because it keeps my skin soft and supple and controls my appetite.

I should.....but I don't!

No, that includes the water content of the food you eat, PLUS the water content of whatever other beverages you have.

no....and i know is should....

Absolutely. Water is a great cleanser and waste disposer. In the tropical countries the heat is so much, drinking 8 glasses of water per day need not be forced. Probably we are drinking more. The question is more relevant in the temperate zones where you do not drink water so much. Water is necessary for healthy skin as well. Please check out any of the websites on water, plenty of them around. Half of them say that there is no proof drinking that much water helps. But we, in the east, tend to believe otherwise. Water is so much a part of our daily living. After all there is nothing called water overloading, since excess water is eliminated by the body very easily too, unless you have a reduced kidney function.

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