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 Dealing with kids sunburn?
Well today my boys went to daycamp. They were at the beach the whole day so of course I lotioned up every bit of their skin that was exposed not thinking that they would be taking their shirts off ...

 Bad scrape, please help!!?
Ok I got a pretty big nasty scrape on the back of my thigh last night (long story, and embarassing ha).

I cleaned it this morning, put anti-biotic cream all over it, and covered with a ...

 what do i do when my foot goes all tingly and it gets hard to move. ?
i was sitting on my leg. then i go to move it. they was a weird feeling. and now i cant move it. when i try to move it it hurt . it feels like little pins are in my foot. what do i doo ?...

 Please help me it hurts....?!?!?
i have like little pimples (i dont know what it is called) on my tongue,throat,everywhere and it hurts.... do any of you have an idea what it is and what i can do so i can do something about it! It HU...

 How can I make him know that I'm not fat at all?
Every time my bf sees me, the first thing he says is "did you gain weight?" instead of "you look great." I'm 5'2, weigh about 110 lbs and I wear size 3. And he still ...

 Help, I have got bubble gum in my heir and I don't know how to get it out?
How do you get bubble out of heir?...

 What are some things that you're addicted to?

 What do you think about Tom Cruise planning to eat his unborn baby's placenta/cord? after birth?

 What's the best way to get a child's body temp? A thermometer on his mouth or putting it between underarm?
My sis asked....

 Why are people so stupid in today's culture?

 I'm going to choose a hobbie over a boyfriend. what are some cool hobbies?

 Don't you just hate that?
When you throw up. I realized today, it's the worst feeling I've ever felt....

 i can't hear out of my left ear!!?
i just went swimming and something got into my ear. i'm not sure if it is water or just ear wax. can someone tell me what it is and how to remove it?

i've had it for one whole ...

 How can you get rid of a love bite?
My boyfriend gave me a love bite yesterday which I wasn't happy about at all! I want to get rid of it before work tomorrow, it's directly visable from the front when looking at my neck. L...

 Shouldn't everyone face the face that eventually we are all going to die...?
I mean no person can live forever, and some people live there lifes sooooo stupidly where they never take risks and all of a sudden your old and u can't do the things u wanted to when yoru where ...

 what does it mean to be constipated?

Additional Details
is it harmfull if you haven't taken a bowel movement in three weeks?...

 Baby sis got stung by bee,HELP!!!?
My Baby sis (shes 9 months old) got stung by a bee about five min ago, around her mouth looks a lil blue. What should I do, is it deadly? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! ),:
Additional Details
Thank ...

 i got a bad sunburn what is the best cure?
i got a bad sunburn out fishing thes weekend and its blistering what is the best cure?...

 I'm sick! Best remedy for decongesting sinus'?
I'm going insane, I am about to poke a pencil up my nose in hopes of puncturing the wall of mucuos that will not drain out of my head!...

 Every individual must be trained in First Aid(CPR)..it can save one Life..do u agree?

Do you lot like me?
its bee bee

Elaine P...is for Poetry
Could you restate the question?

I don't understand the question.

of course we like u x

how can anyone answer that stupid question

No, now fcuk off!!!


Only messing - I like you

Got no reason not to. So, sure, you cool.

Are you paranoid or something?

i think you're great

If it'll give the ego boost you need to get through the day.
Then sure, why not. Your not a half bad gal.

Love you loads Bee Bee

Noah & Adam's Mummy (Lady Lu
Absolutely, indeed I do, very much xx
Or, just yes x
possibly, maybe x
Is this a trick question?

Curious about the World
Please answer my question.

Of course you are one of us on Y!A. We would never say anything bad about you on here. We are a nice bunch really. ha

Yeah, I just got 2 points for answering this question so sure I like you!

missy b
Come on, grow up and learn how to write. Your question does not make any sense........And this is the first aid section..........

LusT aFter INsaNIty
i see no reason not too!...so in short that would be yes i just have a habbit of makling things longer than neccessary x sorry


bee bee...is that you.....its been so long....And of course I love you. The kids want to know when they can see you again.


Wheres the child support payments....



nosmo king
Explain exactly what you think the connection between liking you and first aid is. Then I might be able to give you a well composed and considered answer ! ! !

S Csparky
yes i do but am worried about you
because you have asked in the
first aid section Xxx

♐ вавч ♥ cuріd ♐
yes your great!

butterfly kisses
sure why not

I think your the best!!

if you like me lol

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