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 Can Mosquito bites be dangerous?
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How do I stop the itching and heal them?
How long does it take for them ...

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Did your mom ever tell you this about mosquito bites?
Okay, I am starting to think my mom is nuts. I thought all moms said this.

I am an adult now and this weekend I got quite few misquito bites. I was just telling a co-worker that I had to put an "X" on my misquito bite. No one knew what I was talking about and I had to explain that in order to stop the itching (it doesn't work that well) my mom would always tell me to put an "X" over the bite with my finger nail.

Did anyone else ever hear this growing up? :o) Thanks!

(P.S. I know there are creams, sprays, gels, etc.)


Yeah out an x on it and squeeze-thats what I heard ( ove rthe bite that is)
You supposidly get the saliva from the mosquito ( thats what makes you itchy)

nope never heard of it. but im gonna try it lol..

Yes I remember family members telling me to do that, but really it didnt help me either. I don't know if they told us that to keep us from scratching at them to keep them from getting infected or if thats what they grew up hearing also.

blues breaker
my mom never did this but, ironicaly, the boy across the street from us said the same thing the other day.

goodness I know exactly what you are talking about. I think Moms just say that so that it will effect you psycholigically and you won't scratch it.

Never heard that in my life but my Nannie told me about a quicker first aid for mosquito bites,...especially for you ladies. Carry a travel size pump bottle of hairspray with you in your purse,...even if you don't you know you want to anyway. point is one quick squirt to the bite is a lot cheaper than any spray, cream, etc. and the alcohol concentration combined with the stiffeners in the hairspray reduce itching almost immediately. Also works extremely well on bee and wasp stings until further treatment. Works like a charm and believe me I thought my Nannie was nuts,...if she'd have told me what your mom said, I'd have had her at the next nursing home asap. With all due respect, your mom was giving you the worst advise possible, drawing the x with your fingernail is the first "scratch" your histamine reaction is just going to cause it to itch later.

Yeah, my sister told me that. It's supposed to draw out whatever makes it so itchy or whatever.

Cotton candy
Ok not necessarily it grows up but it might leave traces when it healed, my advice is try banana skin and rub it on the affected area, it works 100% and its effective.

No, I have never heard this in my life.
It may just be an old wives tale if it doesnt work well anyway.
Maybe she was joking?
Lily x

I always have not sure if it came from mom or not but I always have and tell my daughter to do it....seems to help? Bee or serious bug bites hold a penny on it for a few it will go away..

i always do that!! so does my mom but she didnt tell me, her friend did =]

Jaclyn L
I've heard that from my mom, aunts, uncles

I do that i work around horses so there are always flys and spiders and when every i get bit i always put a X or Y on mine depending on the size but it works really good for me. I don't think its nuts lol It just works!!

sweeta :
My mom said that if you couldn't help but to scratch, to scratch around it, but not on it. But try not to scratch at all. I have not heard of the the "X" factor.

Odd. I've never heard that before, but i marked X with my fingernails on bites lots when i was little for no good reason.

My great grandmother swore by rubbing cut lemon half on the bite, and sprinkling salt on juice and rubbing it in. It works better than I thought.

My mother told me the same thing when i was younger and i still do it and it works pretty well. it'd be wiser to use mosquito repellent in the first place because unless your hands are clean sticking your possibly dirty fingernail on your swollen itchy bite might seem like an infected cut wainting to happen. whenever i go sit in my patio to read or get fresh air i light a citronella candle. i still get some bites and i try to ignore them until i get inside wash my hands and do the little X trick. maybe i'm just a germophobe now. lol. whatever the case, yet i've heard of that saying when i was younger. :)

i never heard of it either. I can't imagine it being too effective beings that when you scratch it your basically going back and forth over it with your fingernail, anyways. There isn't much difference between that and doing an "x" over it.

yeah, it's supposed to break the itching qualities of the bite when you x it. It breaks the skin and it releases the itch factor. We always use clear nail polish or those anti-itch materials to cover them up though now. It sufficates the chiggers when they are chigger bites and not mosquito bites.

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