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Can alcohol make you fat?

I've heard beer helps you get a gut and hard alcohol helps your face to get pudgey, but im not sure if thats true...But yeah, alcohol has alot of calories...and when calories add up, you gain weight from that.

Well, I have heard that when you drink to much even fat people look good. So my answer would be no. If you are the one drinking.

It depends on where the alcohol is coming from and how much of it you drink. Beer is horrible and if you drin too much of it the carbohydrates will certainly put some extra pounds on you. Hard liquor, like Bourbon, for example, has calories but zero carbohydrates and if drunk in moderation mixed with a diet soda or water will have a lesser effect.

Hope this helps.

YES, alcohol is made of sugar, and you know all the calories involved in sugar.

Alcohol is the calorie wich the body absorve (Its this o.k. in englis? absorber in spanish) more fast..... and the beer ....... the beer is another fart, the beer has alcohol, and it make your stomach grow, cause u drink a lot beers in one night, try to drink all that but in water

Of course! It's one way to do it to ya.

Ever seen anyone with a beer belly?

yes. It's very high in calories...empty calories. That's why it's called a "beer gut"

if alcohol = beer then yes. anything with calories can make you fat.

yes alcohol has a lot of calories. a shot of hard liquor is about 100 calories. 3600 calories = pound
beer has about 150 cal a bottle

i've never had it, i'm underage. but i've heard that it has a lot of calories. so it probably can make you fat if you drink a lot of it.

Lindsey G
uhh yah

Some alcoholic beverages like beer and wine are extremely high in calories, so yes.

Others, like vodka and gin, don't have many calories, but they still dehydrate you, which works against you if you're trying to lose weight or maintain a certain weight.

Also, consuming copious amounts of alcohol will effect your eating habits. Some people eat more, some people eat less. But eating less because you're drinking is not a good thing. Then you will be dehydrated AND malnourished.

Alcohol may have calories that could make you fat, but if you drink till you vomit, the act of purging it burns those calories and then some.

Oh yeah: Alcohol has 7 calories per gram and little other nutritional value.

(Carbs amd protein have 4 calories per gram and Fat has 9 calories per gram.)


College Boy
yes its got calories, why do you think its called a beer belly?

Yes cuz after a lot of drinking you liver can become enlarged and cause you to look fat and the calories dont help the look


Yes. There are calories and sugar and carbs in nearly all alcohol. And when you drink, you tend to eat more.

look at your stomach

never,,coz to be fat your food should include some faty content....try egg..chease...butter...pork...

belly fat

yes it can

your belly mostly.

muncie birder
Have you not ever wondered where the term "beer gut" came from?

Only stupid people says it can't make you fat. Ofcousre it can

Yes, it has carbs.

If you drink to much of it, yes. It has calories.

Of course it can. Why do think Taco Bell is open until 2:00 a.m.? Drunk people get hungry.

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