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Eddie G
Burn turned into bubble?
My burn on my wrist has a huge bubble on it, should i pop it ? if i do will it scare worse?

Ouch! That must have hurt. It sounds like you've got a nice blister. As long as the blister is in one piece, it's keeping germs out of the burn. If you pop it, you need to make sure you keep everything clean. Sterilize the needle first either with a flame or with alcohol. Then make sure you keep the burn clean and bandaged. If the blister isn't bothering you, it's fine to leave it there. Neither one will affect the scarring, but if you get an infection from not keeping it clean you might scar worse.

Hope it feels better soon!

Oliver Feeney
its blistering

luv my pups4ever
You should pop it, let it drain, then cover it up, maybe put some antibiotic ointment on it before you put the dressing on it. If you pop it, use a sterile needle, clean it with rubbing alcohol or hold the tip of the needle in a fire flame from a lighter. Insert 1 or 2 holes, help it to drain. Once its drained, keep it clean and protected for 24 hours. It will be ok.

Dr Ben
It won't necessarily scar worse. Basically, it sounds like you have a partial thickness burn. Ideally you should have it checked out by a doctor as occasionally deeper burns can be 'hidden' under the blister and require further treatment (special creams, dressings or at worst surgery).

The risk of de-roofing or 'bursting' the blister is predominantly developing a secondary infection and it should be done under clean/sterile conditions via your doctor.

no you shouldnt for one its gonna hurt like hell and two it will scar alot

Peter Davies
You can pop it and nothing bad will happen. It has happened to me a few times and never turned out bad. That bubble is the same as the blisters you get from a sunburn.

It blistered. Put some triple antibiotic or a&d ointment on it and loosely cover it with gauze. The blister will pop on its own when it's ready. When it does cover it for a day or so, then let it be exposed. It will scab and heal. Keep it moist with a&d ointment and let it heal. If you want to prevent a scar, wait until it's COMPLETELY healed then rub vitamin e on it for 5-10 minutes every night for a few weeks. It will help break up the scar tissue.

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