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Bee Sting Symptons, Whats normal?
ok so i got stung by a bee and its raised around the sting. its circular. red, itchy, warm, throbbing. This Normal? What will make it ok? Home remedies?

Fred B
go one google and look up normal symptoms of bee stings

yes its normal
i put vicks or Mentholatum on it yo cant fell it for 3 hrs after you do..

Tori baby <333
First remove the stinger
Then mix baking powder and a little bit of water together
Then put it on the sting, it should calm down in a matter of minutes

take some benadryl for the swelling/itching. Those symptoms are okay. Use ice to help with the swelling. If the swelling spreads significantly, or you have trouble breathing...go to the ER. But for the love of God, please take Benadryl first.

Don't take any antihistimine, they will not necessarily work...get benadryl.

put mudd on it. its like the best thing. i think anyways =]

I think you should put ice on it and try not to touch it but it sounds normal to me

sounds normal to me.

- Midas -
You can scrap off the stinger within anything that is straight edged such as a straight razor, plastic credit card, or knife, but DO NOT pull out the stinger it might still have some venom(bee's poison) to eject. Wash the area with soap and water.

To reduce the swelling from a sting, apply an ice pack immediately.

For the relief of itching from stings, you will need some over the counter medication. Benadryl taken six times a day should do the job. Other antihistamines like Tylenol Severe Allergy or chlorpheniramine maleate will work as well.

If the skin is irritated, with a rash and or dermatitis caused by the breaking down of skins cells, a topical hydrocortisone cream such as calamine lotion or a baking soda solution can be used until the symptoms go away.

If you experience any of the following: hives, dizziness, fainting, trouble breathing, open gaping sores (spider bites), muscle and joint pain, shaking, chills, vomiting, cramps, confusion, rapid heartbeat, coma, see a doctor immediately and if you have the 911 service in your area call it immediately as well.

Colton O
perfectly normal put ice on it the swelling will go down and most of all stay away from bees ^_^

if you haven't gotten the stinger out yet...do not use tweezers!!! it will squeeze more of the bee's poison into you and make it worse! use a credit card or something similar. it will remove it easier without putting any unnecessary toxins in your flesh...

Yes, all those r normal reactions.
you can use hydrocortizone oitment, and caladryl, or calamine lotion
You can also use ice to relieve the swelling

Ice it down

Difficulty: Easy
Things You’ll Need:

* Antibacterial Soaps
* Tweezers
* Baking Soda
* Rubbing Alcohol
* Calamine Lotions
* Cold Compresses
* Insect Repellents

Remove the stinger as soon as possible. Use your fingers, tweezers - whatever works best.
Wash the site with soap and water, or clean it with alcohol.
Put ice or a cool, wet compress on the inflamed area.
Soothe the inflammation with a paste made from baking soda and water. Apply calamine lotion to help relieve itching and pain.

Lachelle C
Yes its normal, when I was about 15 I was stung about 10-15 times an old man opened his cigarette and licked and put the tobacco on each one so the stingers would fall out. My hands swell but my aunt gave me benedryl for the swelling and ice was used.

yes this is normal and expect it to hurt for a couple days just put ice on it and ointment

All of those are normal. #1 baking soda, #2 tobacco will take the sting out. You can also use liquid soap or mud if you dont have those.

bigjohn B
Depends on where the bee stung you. Some places not much, others OUCH!

Here are a few websites that have home remedies for bee stings. I hope that you feel better and good luck! I know that must hurt.

thats what it looked like when i got stung.

one time i got stung 3 times at once. it was horrible.

ice to bring down the swelling there are remadies you can buy from chemists and of course you can use anti septic cream for it. MAKE SURE THE STING HAS NOT BEEN LEFT.

Remove rings just incase, and if it swells to much go to A and E.

Yes that's normal.

Remove the stinger, wash it off, take some benedryl, put calamine lotion or neosporin on it, and put some ice on it.

Yes it is normal...you'll be fine, walk it off.

Put ice on. If you start to swell up all over, or have trouble breathing, call 911! Be very careful of future bee stings!

make sure you remove the stinger, otherwise yes some swelling, pain and ichiness is normal. Be sure to ice it in the meantime to bring down the swelling.

If you experience a large amount of swelling go to a doctor.

Yup, you described exactly what I was going to type. All perfectly normal. It will feel much much better (except itchy) in a couple of hours. You can try a paste made of baking soda or a paste made from and aspirin with water. They both work pretty good unless you are allergic to aspirin. Also you should take one aspirin and a benedryl tablet if you have one. If you don't have benedryl, any anti histamine over the counter will work, but benedryl is the best.

Ouch, I hate bee stings myself. They hurt. Some of the symptoms will be, pain, redness, swelling, and itching. There also may be a bump. But you also got to know what to do to make sure its ok. First take the bee stinger out if it is in there. Because if you don't that can cause infection. Put ice on it to get the swelling down, hold the ice on for like 15 minutes. Take some Benadryl and that should stop some of the itchiness. If you have increased of anything swelling, redness, pain you need to call your doctor. If you have a fever you may want to contact them to make sure your ok. If you think you are having an allergic reaction, go to the ER or hospital, because that can be serious. Just make sure it doesn't get infected either. But right now it sounds like your fine, just watch out for worse or any new symptoms. I hope i helped.

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