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Am worried about my friend - I think hes overdosed?
I have been looking after a friend of mine who has been in a state of bad desperation after he was maliciously dumped by this girl, he seemed to cheer up today so I thought he would be fine on his own but theres a bottle of brandy and two boxes of asprin as well as some sleeping tablets from my bathroom cabinet thats gone missing.

I've tried to call him several times but theres no reply.

um yeah...go to his house and or call 911

shelby t
get to his house now! if he doesn't reply when you're there you may need to call 911 right away. sometimes it gets to a point where they can't pump their stomach and it's in there system to stay. go now!

Go look for your friend right now, go to his house first and if you don't find him, then i think you should call 911. NOW.

Tom M
you should contact his parents and people around him and try to find out why that happened because this happened to a Friend very close to me and he is now in the hospital and it was because of me. please help your Friend.

if you get too worried, and you hear no response, the best thing for you to do is to call the police.

Go to his house. If he does not answer the doorbell, do you have any way into his house? If so, get in there and check on him pronto. If not, call 911. If you are sure he's the one who lifted the aspirin and brandy from your home you are responsible for making sure he gets help now. I hope all turns out okay...Good luck!

Call an ambulance, then go find him.

Mrs. Amazing
when you actually find him...really see if he has taken all that junk and then call for help if he has because that is a deadly mix.

u should really go check on him

Kwanita wiggitywack
go to his house, and if he's passed out and won't wake up drag him into the shower and pour cold water on him. and call 911

call the police while on the way to his house

You either have to go to his house immediately, call a neighbor of his to check on him or call 911 as he could be unconscious.

If you're worried that he's killed himself then yahoo answers is a waste of time. You need to call an ambulance or something.

You need to the following:
-call 911 and explain this to them.
-call his parents (if he is still at home)
-call a neighbor to go over and check
-drive over there and bang down his door if he doesn't answer

Go to his house.
now call someone who
lives with him.
make sure everything is ok
before its too late.

go to his house and if he did get him to a hospital as so as you can.

What I would do is GO TO HIS HOUSE'.! If he doesn't answer go inside and if you find him lying on the floor doesn't really mean he's dead it means you have to call the police. Do it fast too if he's lying on the floor close to being dead.

Call the police

If you know where he lives/gone, go there now. If you dont, find him quick. Chances are its a false alarm but you cant be certain and you dont want to live with the alternative for the rest of your life. Trust me, I know. Get your *** in gear.

go find him then call the cops

Either go check on him or call the police to see if he is okay. If he is that depressed there is no telling what he will do. I would call 911 and get someone over there right away.

Call 911, then go over to his house!!!!!!!

proud mama of two
i would go over there like now and no answer call 911 it wont hurt if he is fine but asprin will just make him sick and can cause liver damage hope he is ok

GO FIND HIM then. Not everyone that plans an overdose goes through with it but you just never can know. So please go find your friend. Now.

Jennifer Waver
they really have to get over getting dumped. i know its going to be hard for them but they need to not use drags. id say call them and if they dont answer go right over to there house and if they are overdosed them, call an ambulance or something!

Go to his house! Knock down his door if you have to. It's better than having a dead friend...

Smile For Me Now
Call 911 and have them go check on him

This is definitely not anything to just screw around on. If you think that he overdosed go and check on him. If you can't, get someone else to go for you. Call people that you can rely on to run by there. If worse comes to worse call your/his parents to check on him.

Seriously, this is not something to ignore. Check on him. It will be worth it when he's still alive 3 years down the road.

Go to his house, call paramedics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

go to his house

He is probably dead now, some friend you are.

Stupid ****** if hes got his knickers in a twist over some ***** then he deserves to die.

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