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yeah yeah yeah blah blah blah just tell me answers don't say I shouldn't you'd be wasting your time!
Ok so I am planing on being anorexic yeah I know "It will cause permanent damage to your body I shouldn't do that!!" I just want a yes or no answer there is nothing wrong with my mind I am perfectly sane and the pressure is just getting to me so I am planning to just drink water and have an apple every day and eat dinner twice a week and that is it so would it work or not? The pressure is getting to me and that is my reason so don't pester me with your long answers!!

Have the stomach surgery, that's better than eating improperly.

Go ahead, but your gonna DIE.

Your real stupid. I'm laughing at you. HAHAHHA..


Sounds more like a protest than true anorexia.

I'll be honest with you my friend. People and our society have tried many ways to drop that extra lbs. I'm studying to get my personal training certificate and we were discussing this in our class last week. People have tried many ways to loose that weight but nothing has had the as much results as having a good diet and excercise does.
Keep these in mind:
1. Excercise frequently and make sure you eat healthy stuff. Avoid saturated fat and hydrogonated oils.
2. Don't forget that carbohydrates are important. Basically you don't loose fat unless you have enough hydrocarbons in your diet.
3. Take in enough protein. For every 1 kg or about 1.6 lbs you should take .7 g of protein.
4. Make your meals small but have 6 meals a day instead of three. This will increase your metabolism.
5. Oh yeah work out and excercise because for every lbs of muscle mass you gain, you burn an extra 50 kilocalories a day just by seating down and doing nothing.
Keep these in mind. For more information , logg into http://www.womenshealthmag.com

I have been that way before and I drank water And ate one solid meal a week and had a apple for the rest of the time. I think you should exercise if you think you are big!!!

Miss Vicki
You cannot plan to be anorexic. This disease goes much deeper than "I don't want to eat"

no its not ok yes there's something wrong with you they say people who are anorexic look in the mirror and see there selves in a totally different way they what their body really is
the way to eat is cut all carbs outs pasta, breads thing that's turn into sugar drink lots of water and eat small meals and small snacks like apples greens and fruit you'll lose weight I'm going threw that process now and it is worken


Have fun in Hell because with the mixture of your attitude and that diet you'll die and nobody will want you in heaven

Liddy is Lost
Yes it will work, if you want to end up in a hospital bed fighting for your life.

yes i think it could work. but if it were me i would take a vitiman at least 3 a week . just to keep from falling behind on major body needs. but keep in mind if you are going to do this, it will get discouraging because the weight will come off slow but it will come off. the metabolism slows way down but with out a doubt the weight will come off

Mrs. Strain
What pressure?

Christina G.
hahahah there's nothing wrong with your mind lol this question definately proves you wrong. lol your gonna die with that diet. dont do it seriously. and you are not sane you need help.

Your best bet, and without damaging your organs or putting them into panic mode. Is drink

Carrot Juice
Barley Grass Juice
Apple Cider Vinegar

You have to live at Jamba Juice or make your own... you will shed serious pounds within a week but keeping your immune system healthy during the process, is more important. Check the links. Happy healthy eating.

I mix 2 tablespoons of wheat grass juice with a cup of water.
I mix 2 tablespoons of barley grass juice with a cup of water.
I mix 2 tablespoons of carrot juice with a cup of water.
I take 2 tablespoons of Apple cider Vinegar with a cup of water.


I am male 5'9" 175 pounds .. dropped ten pounds from 185 to 175 in the first week. Oh and I ate a cheeseburger last week. I think I did a few pushups in between ...GLuck.

Sonic is trying to stay Retired
Quick and simple answer to your new diet.


You are not 'perfectly sane'. You have a disorder that needs medical attention. And, heads up: an apple has 50 calories. Water has none. You need 2,000 a day. Do the math, girl. Your gonna die if you do that.

Bullet Riddled Cat
Go For IT! More oxygen for me,one less idiot etc etc

Be sure to take a daily vitamin in addition to what you've spelled out already. You'll need to replace the nutrients. No calories there!

that looks F*in sick!!!

You stupid b*tch. You don't PLAN on being anorexic like you PLAN to go to the mall or get your nails done!!! It's a disorder that you have.

No you aren't "perfectly sane" or you wouldn't be wanting to do this to your body. If you were thinking-you would eat healthy and do it the normal way. I have a whole gym full of people every day working hard to do it the right way-this is a bad idea.
Would it work for what?

No. It will slow your metabolism down. Try eating salads all the time with grilled chicken. (low carb, high protein) no dressing or fat free too.


if you eat only that little bit every week your body will start to feed off your fat. then eventually your stomach will weaken and your stomach acid will eat holes in your stomach and asophagus. it will be VERY pain full you will have heart burn indigestion and i guarentee in about 2 weeks you will spend 75% of your days in the bathroom coughing up blood, and wishing you could eat real food. but by then your stomach will be so damaged you will not be able to eat regular food because it will cause you so much pain. leading to therapy and medication and lots of hard times. Well there ya go. thats what will happen... Enjoy!!!

lily vanilli

*.:La BrOwN £Y£S:.*
No dont do that you dont wanna look like that ***** nicole richie ur gonna look so ugly like hilary duff for example she was preety but now shes hella skinny now shes ugly!

[email protected]
If you don't want to hear it, why post a question. Duh...

You're The Dream, Unicorn!
yeah yeah yeah blah blah blah....You're questions are wasting my time. Don't say
there not.

same as above
Grow Up!!!!!!

Cool deal! you tell them! I hate those long answers! But with that diet you will die. Good luck

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