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 I'm a 13 year old girl, i weigh 127 am I over weight?

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My height is 5'2.........

 I'm fat and my sister is skinny!!?
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 Don't eat after 6???
Anyone on here actually loose weight going by this? I am coaching my sons baseball team in May or June and I really need to loose some weight. Walking does nothing for me. Would this work though?

 I'm 5'1 , and i weigh 90lbs..is that overweight?

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i'm 13 years ...

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 how do you stop eatin... =[?
mann i cant stop eatin! and i dont get fatter! ive tried diets! but i can do it anymore! i dont know what to do! plzz u guys help me!! with diets or idk!


 my sister is 111 lb and she is a 11 do you think she weighs to much?
she doesn't look fat
im asking this because im worried about her health
her height is 5ft 2...

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 Can I drink pills to loose weight at age 13?
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am like 5�...

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 Am i fat for my age?
Ok im 11 yrs old and i weight 150 pounds. is that fat? if so give me some tips on how to lose weight exercises please and diet plan
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im about 5 ...

 GUYS: What do you think about a girl w/a six pack?
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nuthin crazy, just a little definition - a bit past flat stomach ...

wots the longest time u've gone without eating?

3 days after i was sick couldnt stomach anything

‚ô•I run with scissors‚ô•
4 days i was sick and i only drank water

Four days to study for an exam... It's one of the stupidest thing I've ever done. Don't starve yourself, it's not a pleasant feeling.

Not very. I love to eat. Gotta do it at least five times a day.

I once went a whole hour.

Wouldn't try that again though.
Too risky.

13 hours, not water, not food nothing.

neil desperandum
About 5 minutes - that's why I'm a bit of a porker!

6 days i had tonsillitis couldn't swallow anything when i drank anything it came out my nose it was awful.

* Princess Aimee's Mummy *
just over 24 hours i think probably longer

Mason S
3, almost 4 days, and if you go without food for awhile, dont pig out when you finally get some, you could burst your stomach.

I am currently on a 46 day run without eating any solid foods. I have stuck to milkshakes like slimfast.

I am 6'4 and used to weigh 425 pounds. I currently weigh 134. I need to lose a little more, but I feel great. Minus the dizzy spells and being consistently tired I'm loving my new self.

Jimmy Q
Just over 24 hours, had Gromits inserted in my ears and wasn't able to eat for the day!

opal fruit
3 days

like three days

5 days... do to a break up

When I was into yoga, I used to fast regularly. That's no food from the time you wake up until the following morning. When I did yoga regularly it was painless. Now I have stopped yoga, occasionally I try to fast, but no can do

Probably 18 hours. But dont stop eating regularly. The body needs nutrients and vitamins.

boo's mom
22 hours. My water broke, and they don't allow you to eat until after giving birth.

And then they let me eat Jello. That's it.

i went out drinking a few years ago and came home in the morning and went out to the beach and fell asleep in the sun for about 7 hours..... i dehydrated myself.....ended up with a heatstroke and was ill and bedridden for 2 weeks, all i got down my stomach was water during that time and i lost 34 pounds.
i was skin and bones and the weight came right back on within 2 months.
that was sure a painful experience and i don't drink like that anymore nor do i let myself fall asleep in the sun anymore.
one nightmare in my life is enough !

about 2 weeks, lived on diet coke and gum, lost 3 stone in weight, but was then admitted to the hospital.
would'nt suggest it to anyone!!!

Liviana SDC
3 days. then i puked stomach acid.

2 days

2 days.

48 hours. I was a teen, and sulking!

Mark's Brain
Back in the eighties I went without food for 3 weeks. However, it was an emergency situation and I would never recommend doing such a thing on purpose. You can really harm yourself.

Brian Mcgee
about 20 mins

Answering Machine
"Eating" - What's that?

i once did a starve-a-thon for Children in Need,
i didn't eat for a week.
i raised over £ 500, so it was worth it.

now it's 16 hours as standard.
from my Tea in the evening until my breakfast in the morning.
do it every day,
people are obsessed with food & eat too much,
i'm not gonna be one of them!

7 hours...my sleep:P

1 day until energy failure and body shutdown, after what I was like as zombie.. "food, foood, ... brains!" lol

Don't ever get hungry!!

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