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United JB Haters Club President
why am i so skinny ?
im 13, i weigh 90lbs and i have a really slim figure, im 5ft 2 and i never eat fruits or vegetables, i justt ake vitamin. i sleep like 9 hrs every night, i over eat, i sit around watching tv all day and the only excersise i have is when i get up and walk around or during PE at school.
Additional Details
and i never eat breakfast, so i dont eat til i get hme from school at 2, so usually i go for 8 hourswithout food, then i pig out when i get home, and i never have trouble concentrating but only occasionally feel dissy.

Remember this name.
Pics or it didn't happen.

try eating lots of bananas to gain wieght and work out more to gain wieght in muscle

Hyber X
You probably have high metabolism, or it's because you NEVER eat any fruits or vegetables. If you like being skinny that's fine, but if you don't, i suggest you stop taking vitamins and eat REAL food.

Zach =D O_o

bill l
time for you to go night night.

You probably just have really good metabolism

Jake D
u think ur skinny but actually..ur fat lol

you have a very high metabolism i have the same problem but dont think just because it happens now it will always happen like one day your body functions could change and you could gain weight like crazy so i recommend keeping a good diet


Don't worry bro. Your'e only 13 years old you'll gain weight as you get older.It's your genetics, if your family has a history of being skinny then you'll be skinny as well (that goes the same for overweight people) But if you dislike being skinny then I would suggest that as soon as you leave middle school for high school (the summer right before your freshman year) that you start working out because people are gonna be making fun of your physique (girls don't like skinny guys!) If you want you could join a sport and start working out. I also suggest this book called "Scrawny To Brawny" it goes in exact details as to why you are skinny and gives you a diet and exercise program to help you gain muscle weight. I hope that helped!

are you effing crazy, who skips breaky. i'm the same as you. they say eating a crap load of spicey food and keep eating it will get your matobalism really good. i never gain too much weight or lose too much weight and i do crap all and eat whatever the crap i want.

♥emily schmemily ♥
you have a fast metabolism. and you're young. there are plenty of people like you. including me! dont worry its normal. but soon your metabolism is going to slow down, and if you keep up these habits, you probably will get fat.

Mrs. Kerr
So what's the problem? Do you want to gain weight or something?
I'm really skinny too. My friends tell me this everyday, to the point that it gets annoying, and I've actually wished I were fat in the past. They say that if it weren't for my wide hips, I would probably look anorexic. I can't really gain weight and I don't exercise and I eat a lot of junkfood. My therapist has said that it's probably because I have a fast metabolism. Maybe you do too. Some people are just born naturally thin; I got it from my mom's side. I suffer from lack of self confidence and low self esteem though, and the most thing I hate about my appearance is my arms. They're like little sticks, so my therapist suggested eating pasta.
You don't seem to have a problem. You're just thin like me. If you still feel like there's something wrong, maybe discuss it with your doctor the next time you see him. It wouldn't hurt to make sure. :)

Couture Chick 94'
ok well no effence but its pretty obvious why your so skinny. EAT!!! Even though they don't always taste pleasant eat fruits and vegetables and eat three normal sized meals a day. Now please don't be offended by this because i really am not trying to but are you anorexic? I had a friend who was and from your description you sound exactly alike. Well you should probably follow the tips above and it might be a good idea to talk to your doctor about nutrition. Ok well i hope I didn't offend you and I hope I helped. ;0)

Your problem is how you are eating, and to a certain extent what you aren't eating. If you don't eat for long periods of time, your body thinks it is starving. In order to conserve energy, your body wastes muscle and basically destroys your muscle tissues. When you come home and stuff your belly, your body (still thinking it is starving) tries to conserve as much as possible and stores as much as possible as fat. Luckily, you are young and your body is burning so many calories that it burns off the fat during the day. So, the result is you stay skinny because you can't gain muscle, but you have a high metabolism so you don't get pudgy.

Eat more frequently first. Then try to add add more nutrients by eating fruits and vegetables. Then find something active that is fun, and do it. It doesn't have to be a sport; it just needs to involve moving around and being active.

I'm the same way. You have a high metabolism enjoy it will it last.

well maybe you should eat WAY more then you do not.. i weigh 100lbs....you should eat breakfast and more meat

The answer to your question Genetics and a High Metabolism.
If your family history are skinny, then most likely you'll be skinny. Plus with your high metabolism, you can eat all you want, sleep all you want, but you aren't going to be getting bigger anytime soon. Until you hit your twenties, you'll begin to see some changes. Other than that, enjoy your life.

Kenton J
you need to eat alot of meet and go to the gum just work out and eat healty

You have a fast metabolism Just like me.

Hereditary maybe? Besides, your'e only "13" and you'll probably gain weight with age. So chill.

big black
you are fatter then u know. u have a lot of invisible inside your body fat

B-ball guy
cuz u dont eat a big breakfest

Kathy E.
exactly like me, except im 5'6.5'' and 14..... and im 92..... i guess we both have fast metabolisms :) be glad it won't last forever

Hey! Good question.

Not everything has to do with the way you eat and sleep or how much exercise you get. Sometimes, it just boils down to the good old GENETICS.

I have a friend who is just the opposite from you. He exercises, eats very healthy, yet he is over 350+ lb.....and he's not tall.

You may need to grow into yourself. You're still young, and my bet is that you wont be like this forever. For now, just enjoy yourself, have fun and do your schoolwork :).

you must have a fast metabolism. Yu should excercise anyways tho. as you get older metabolism slows done. Be thankful youve got a good metabolism

Blue P
haha.. well.. i m 24 and i weight 57kg ..and i m 168.. but i won't call myself skinny..
don't worry.. u will be ok..and u r only 13.. wat's with all the worries???

you have a good matabolism.....not eating breakfast is not a good thing...make sure to grab a ganola bar or poptart on ur way out the door or at least some juice

High metabolism.
Eat your roughage and you'll feel better.

hymm i wish i was skinny my fat *** keep gettin bigger everytime. damnn

Isabella J
CORRECT ANSWER: Your metabolism will catch up with you sooner or later. Breakfast is when your body really starts to get active, so if you don't eat breakfast then your body will get only slightly bigger. im not saying, "don't eat because it will make you skinnier." im saying that you need to eat, even if it is just a granola bar or something. No eating breakfast can stunt your growth and you may stay small for a long time.

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