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whats the best and quickest way to clean your system of marijuana?

Aila D
use eyedrops for your eyes. Theres no way to get it out anyf aster if you already smoked it. But its not hard to act "normal" if you really think about it.

Charlie M.

Water, I'm talking a gallon jug a day, for as many days as possible before the drug test. It's not a surefire way, but it does help flush the system of a lot of the THC left behind. I would also suggest no exercise or excessive movement. People don't realize that THC gets transported through the blood once passed over in the lungs. It then moves to the brain, and throughout the body. Well some of it gets stored in fat cells, and once you begin burning those cells, it releases the THC again. Ever notice how sometimes you'll be doing something that gets your heart beating, like playing a sport, and you feel a little high once in a while? That's because your body is burning up the fat that has stored the THC.

The cleanse kits and what not doesn't always work, and I've known several people (myself included!) who drink water. You'll come close to peeing your pants, but it'll be so diluted they won't be able to pick up a minute trace of THC. The only real way to beat it is to stop smoking. Ha ha ha ha!! Hee hee he hee hee! Ha ha ha ha HA! Better said than done right?!

gee i dont no how about not doing it at all?

Drink lots of Cranberry juice.

melyna b
if you dont do it
than you wont have to

there is no quickest way....it's already in your system and you just have to wait it out.

diggy diggy whoaaaa....
Not smoking Mary--Sry, but it is true.

Sarah O.
idk about getting it out of your bloodstream, but to "sober up" just try lying down, drinking water, and pretty much just relaxing.

without using detox and stuff

just drink lots and lots of cranberry juice.

but other than that you can buy detox kits at a local pharmacy

You can't I'm afraid. Stays in your system a month, sometimes more. Do you have a medical coming up? It depends on how much you've smoked as well. If it's a small amount it'll barely show or not at all if it was a while ago. That way you can say it was passive. Drink a few pints of water every day until the test, but maybe not on the test day. It looks a bit suspicious. If you have highly dilute urine they may repeat the test anyway.

If you want to stop, try counseling. go to rehab. Take some pills. think of something else other than marijuana (or any drug for that matter) and try nicotine patches or gum. If I were you, I'd get away from your friends (or anyone who) had convinced you to smoke. And never go back to the devilry stuff ever again but once you go forward you can always go back.

drink a lot of water and cranberry juice and piss like you never did before then use eye drops too take the red out your eyes after NEVER DO MARIJUANA OR ANY DRUG AS A MATTER A FACT AGAIN!!!!!!

Don't use it in the first place

Listen, Listen Good.
The toilet works best. Flush thoroughly.

coffee enema

are u for real!! :(

DONT DO IT!!! That is literally the BEST way

Go to a health food store and buy a bottle of "Golden seal". It's an herb and it will clean you up. Drink water as well.

Time, my good friend.....30 days worth

Im not 100%, but i beleive tea.

Stop toking and get a job.


Britanny L
to not do it so u dont have the problem

Jane Dough

it is the only oil based drug so it gets stored in your fat cells believe it or not the more fat you have on your body the longer it stays in there and is detectable.

ask a docter

christmas tree
You should not smoke marijuana then you would not have to worry about this!

Leave it alone.

don't do it

go to rehab!


just stop it!

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