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[email protected]
what will happen if i don't drink water?

you shall DIE

Jose xx

You'll probably die. Water clears out your system, and your body and brain needs it, getting dehydrated will make you very sick, not worth it.


If you don't drink anything, you will get dehydrated.
if you don't drink water, well water is best. but i think you could survive on milk & juice.

Madison Nicole
Your plumbing system will get backed up LOL..

David C
Without fluids, or a water based substance, you will die.

well are you drinking other stuff or nothing at all?

Dehydration. AKA: You will die.

FYI: Water is basically in everything you consume.

nothing..... as long as you drink something. most of the food you consume will have some water contents anyway esp vegetables!!!! you can survive without water(any drinks/food) for 3 days at max. try to get in 1.5litres if you can!!! i add a slice of lemon/orange to make it more interesting!!!!!!!!

you will die

You will die of dehydration.

You die.

you will not die by not drinking water!!! however, by not intaking enough liquid will dehydrate you and make your skin dry.

Mark H
you'll end up dead and the world will be less one more idiot.

A person can survive without just drinking water. You must have a good diet of green foods, juices and anything else with a high fluid level.
Being in Iraq in 2003 , and seeing some soldiers with dehydration and heat strokes , I do not recommend not drinking water. Drink at least 7 cups of water per day , remembering that certain mixtures with water may also dry you out. Coffee is not to be considered a good substitute for water , neither is Soda.
If you notice yourself getting cramps, headaches , dizzyness drinks fluids immediately. I also do not recommend bottled water with a high concentration on minerals, these can cause kidney stones , which are not at all fun. Water with a high amount of Chlorine is also not good for a person as it can cause "distemper" and cause dehydration.

big dawgs lady
First of all, you will dehydrate, which can lead to death, before that, there is the possible damage to your kidneys and liver, which need the water to help flush out toxins, your skin needs water to stay smooth, your blood needs water, and let us not forget about your hair, without water, it is a brittle mess. You need water to live.

your body will shut down, and ultimately you will die. water is your lifeline, drink plenty of it!

dehydration, urinating Track infection, kidney problems, skin problems. severely chapped lips, sore throat, death. Its going to be pretty painful.

95%your body is water, if you don´t drink it you will dehydrate and die.

Blue Grass
you'll die

u would die

scientifically: water will be drawn out of the cells and into the blood stream by osmosis. the cells will "shrivel up". and you will die... PAINFULLY!

you'll go to the big fountain in the sky

♡♥Garfinkle to You♡♥
Water is very important for your organs to work. Without water, you will slowley go bye-bye.

Nicholas J
your nuggets will fall off, thus creating a chain of events that will soon cause your bahemuth to detach from your lower sector leaving u in a fatal state

U DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You will become dehydrated. The body's initial responses to dehydration are:

1. thirst to increase water intake along with

2. decreased urine output to try to conserve water. The urine will become concentrated and more yellow in color.

As the level of water loss increases, more symptoms can become apparent. The following are further signs and symptoms of dehydration:

* dry mouth

* the eyes stop making tears

* sweating may stop

* muscle cramps

* nausea and vomiting

* lightheadedness (especially when standing).

The body tries to maintain cardiac output (the amount of blood that is pumped by the heart to the body); and if the amount of fluid in the intravascular space is decreased, the body has to increase the heart rate, which causes blood vessels to constrict to maintain blood pressure. This coping mechanism begins to fail as the level of dehydration increases.

With severe dehydration, confusion and weakness will occur as the brain and other body organs receive less blood. Finally, coma and organ failure will occur if the dehydration remains untreated.

Uncommon Sense
try and see, genius.

Absolute Vengeance
Nothing, as long as you are drinking other types of liquid like sports drinks or fruit juice.

dehydration then death

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