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~Michael Jackson Lover for life~
what type of food make you fat, and how?

All food adds calories to your body, making you fat. So the only thing i can say is eat ice....no calories as far as i know.

Northern English girl
Hydrogenated and saturated fats, too much starch, carbs, generally greasy foods, anything in too much excess, little things like too much butter, jam. As long as everything is in proportion it is fine. The problems start when you have too much of one catagory.

Cutie on Duty
eating alot of starch...makes me gain weight... im guessing its depends on the person...because my sister can eat pasta,rice, bread,anything she wants and she never gains weight... I normally just gain weight in my hips and butt area...

Donuts. They have no healthy nutritional value whatsoever. Also they have more than 30g fat per donut!

Ashley R
Mc Donald's,Burger King,etc (all fast food restaurants like those)
French fries,potato chips,chocolate,candy
All of those have something "called" trans or saturated fat .
That makes you have a fat body.(that's why i don't eat them just once in a while)
And if you eat too much of them you could even die :(

walnut cream. Because it's greasy.

Tartans T
Just about anything....I would say eat Vegetables and Fruits and drink plenty of Water :)

Foods that contain a lot of saturated + trans fats. they clog arteries, and make your supply of water go down, causing you to keep a bunch of water in your system.

Lots of food makes you fat, especially if you eat too much. Top of list would be sugar sweetened drinks, milk shakes, candy, red meat, potatos, all chips. It goes on and on.

How? When you eat more than your body can use, it's stored as fat. That's how.

Educate yourself on calorie management and exercise. Will serve you well the rest of your life.

Kristin M
Well girls tend to hold more fat cells because they are the ones who carry the children. So it is always harder than men. But if u wanted to u could go on a calorie diet or exercise.

all kinds of food, except fruits and begetables

fatty meat,butter laced foods, fat is good and tasty. work out and limit your amounts of fat intake and read those labels on packages.

its actually more to do with when you eat

you should eat more reguarly but with smaller potions because the stomach can only digest a small amount of food and stores the rest as fat.

try and avoid creamy foods and crisps, chocolate and all the things you know are bad for you

foods that contain losts of calories
e.g chocolate, cookies, pasta, buscuits etc

it makes you fat because it contains a high amount of calories. the woman limit is around 2 thousand calories a day however if u eat more and dont do enough exercise to kill all ur calories well you are going to get fat

i hope i helped!!

and i hope u had a nice st valentines day


Allison C
so calories are units of energy. your body needs a certain amount to function.
most people eat more food than they need to function
all the calories from the excess food the person eats, the body turns into fat to store the energy for another time.
so anything can make you fat!
but if you want to lose weight, take in only the amount of calories that you need, and exercise. (exercise works because you are burning the unused calories). if you want to stay healthy then get your calories from "healty foods" ie fruits and veggies, this includes your GREENS (the darker it is the better for you), meats (not too red! poultry and fish are good), nuts, and all that jazz. keep in mind your body needs natural fats to stay healthy! (ever heard of protein poisoning? its from eating too much protein and nothing else! remeber...if your stuck in the wild..dont just eat the lean meat of the rabbit! eat the eyes and organs too!) anyhow...
just take in as much calories as you need, and get your calories from healthy sources, and exercise!

well calories,
your body can take a certain amount of calories and people who are gaining weight are having to many calories their body can handle

Too much food makes you fat. It's that simple. Of course. if you eat nothing but fast food and processed food like cookies, it isn't going to make you healthy, but if you eat more calories (of ANY food) than you burn, eventually you're going to gain weight. There are lots of online calculators that will tell you how many calories YOU should be eating each day in order to maintain a healthy weight.

Miss C
fatty foods especially processed

Just eat resonable portions of a wide variey of foods, and excercise 3-5 times per week and you will be fine.

3500 calories equal one pound. Every time you eat 3500 calories more than you burn off you gain one pound. It doesn't matter what sort of food it is. Yes, there are foods better and worse for you based on saturated fats, sugars, cholesterol, etc.

However, you could become obese on fruit and vegetables if you ate an obscene amount.

Don't eat more calories than you burn off to keep your weight steady. Burn more than you take in to lose weight. It's a simple formula really.

Sarah G
If you eat more calories than you expend, you gain weight, period. There is no food that "makes" you fat. Some foods just have more calories than others.


Your body burns off a certain number of calories a day depending on your activity level (Usually 1500-3000).

If you eat more calories in the course of the day than you burn off, all the extra calories will be stored as fat.

So for example, say you need 2000 calories a day, and you eat 2500- then you will store 500 calories, which is about 1/7 pound of fat.

To name a few:

fast food

any food can make u fat(including carrots) and any food can make u skinny(including cake)...u have to count calories!(id stay around 2000 to maintain my weight)...u can eat ccake and lose weight!...if u keep portion sizes small so calories arent big! and u can eat carrots and gain weight!...if u eat like 4000 calorie worth of them! it doesnt matter on the food like people say fried junk and icecream...its the calorie value of it so if u want that stuff and lose weight....go and eat it but not very much of it or calories will go soaring!

Mr G
foods that are high in SATURATED FAT. Foods that are high in fat but low in saturated fat are good for you genberally. Saturated fat is harder to digest and often clogs up your arteries.

Basically all the foods that i eat make you fat ( me in photo )

¸.•*´`*♥ GODEZZ ♥*´`*•.¸
there are to many to type so am ust gonna at Mc Donald

Celia B
junk food. its just not nutritional for u and u intake all the bad carbs and sugar and calories and fats. and some stuff is even fried now!
while u could be eating something like fish (which has fat but the good type!)

hot cheetos and Coke. trust me, I know.

Do you want a huge list or what?
Uh, basically anything that tastes good. Chinese food (the takeout/buffet kind), junk food, and fast food, and desserts are probably the most fattening, because of all the calories, oil, and sugar used. Counteract these with lots of fruit and vegetables, and just don't eat more than you need to (eat slower, that'll help you tell when you're full), and you'll be ok.

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