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what is the best way to loose 5kg ?
i will tell you a bit about my life and it would really help if you guys could give me some exersise routens and the best food to eat.
i have two horses
lots of stairs in my house and a big set of outdoor stairs
lots of hills
a dog
and i tihnk thats it
thanks guys i really hope you can help me!! :)
Additional Details
thanks you very much tony p but i would just like to no what is the best food to eat and the best exersise to do sorry i was a bit vage

Diet and exercise. The important thing to remember is that you need to keep eating, most people when they diet cut out their food intake and that is a mistake. You should eat 5 - 6 small meals a day about 2.5 - 3 hours apart, this will keep your metabolism ticking over. Breakfast, lunch and dinner with a healthy snack between lunch and dinner. Exercise should include moderate cardio and light weights. The wights are important as they will help maintain muscle tone and if you are building muscle you will be burning calories even while you are at rest.

Rebecca B
well your lifestyle sounds pretty similar to mine except i don't know what you usually eat. If you make sure that you ride at least four times a week (try warming up without stirrups), go jogging or bicycling once a week and cut junk food out of your diet or just make sure you mainly eat fruit and vegies the weight should come right off. When i started by simply taking the junk food out i went from 68kg to 64kg in a week- and its stayed off.

cut off your head

captain sensible
dean8016 writes "lots of sit-ups". Sorry, but dean is misinformed. It is an URBAN MYTH that you can lose weight from a specific body part. Eating less and moving more will cause weight loss in a holistic fashion. An overweight person can do 10,000 sit-ups a day, and will not lose weight around the waist. DECREASE ANIMAL FATS (full cream milk, cheese, meat), DON'T EAT AFTER 7.30-8.00 at night, EAT FIVE or SIX MEALS A DAY TO KEEP YOUR METABOLISM TICKING OVER, and DON"T DRINK SOFT-DRINKS, EVER!

I agree but I would add drink at least 2+ litres (8 - 10 glasses) every day to keep the body hydrated. Not enough water each day then body thinks There is a water shortage and I have got store as much water as I can. So drinking tells the body plenty of water available don't store fluids

Jayne P
You stole my answer HAHAHAHAHA!!

Walk for about 30-45 mins a day and eat fruit and veggies and don't have much carbohydrates like bread and rice!!!
thats the way i lose weight quick !!! :)

Try the quick start diet recipe from yahoo and give those stairs a pounding great for legs and thighs and buttocks and walk the dog every day, after the diet make sure you have plenty of vegetables and fruit with small amounts of protein like lean red meat and fish hope this helps,

Amie B
Right..If you have 2 horses...walk next 2 da horse each day.
U run on ur both set of stairs and run bak 2 where u were.
Run on he hills (daily)...
Chase the dog each day
And eats lots of fruits!

Kimi C
regulr exercise and eating healthy fods. drink lots of water and dont eat junk in between meals

best excercise is walking or running....for the food keep it more veggies than carbohydrates ( rice,breads etc.)...and keep yourself busy(activity,sports,games) coz if you were a couch potato nothing will happen.

that's an easy 1.as long as you burn off more than you consume you will lose weight.try eating thing like chicken,baked or steamed. fish grilled,rice, veggies an little amounts of potato,baked,bread etc.concentrate on protein rather than carbs.eat smaller meals,like 5 a day instead of 3 larger ones,when you eat your metabolism kicks in.jogging,skipping, swimming,walking are good exercises for weight loss.you have hills an stairs and a dog-use them all,good luck.

Cutting out bread/pastries are a great start, sometimes no matter how much exercise you do if your diet is no good then it will be hard.

Chop off an arm

Stick to a planned, well balanced Diet, drink plenty of water daily, and go for hour long walks with your Dog (if they can make it) every second day!!

Shed 5
Once i was watching Oprah and they had on Dr Oz. He showed a video clip of a story about a experiment done at the Paignton Zoo in England. They took nine people who had high blood pressure and for the next 12 days, they lived in the zoo and kept to an "evolutionary" new diet—the zookeeper fed them a diet reminiscent of an ape's. To get the calories they needed, each volunteer had to eat 11 pounds (about 4.9kg) of raw fruits, vegetables and nuts every single day. After 12 days, their cholesterol dropped by an average of 25 percent, their blood pressure dropped by 10 percent, and they lost about 10 pounds (4.5kg) each—including two-and-a-quarter inches of their waists. On a website i found someone tried to figure out what the fruits & veges were and they come up with these:

one ripe melon
6-7 carrots with tops
green peppers
1 cup of mushrooms
3 stalks of broccoli
1 pint of raspberries
2 bananas
1 cucumber
1 cup of radishes
2 cups of strawberries
and about one handful of various nuts.

So if you could stick to a diet like that you should be able to lose 5kg pretty quick. Thinking of maybe trying it myself. :)

Trevor S
There is an old saying and its worked for me, eat everything in moderation. Exercise at least five days a week, with at least a five kilometere walk or jog, good luck

Seriously, go and see your Doctor first, just to make sure there is nothing wrong with your body and metabolism. If all is fine, then ask the Doctor to put you in touch with a Dietitian (either privately or one at your local Hospital) who will help you. I have had one for five years now (I have Type II diabetes) and I have lost 62kgs in that time. I still have another 10kgs to go and I am doing it with his help and losing about 250grams a week. I have gone from eating 'junk' food to 'decent' food and I am still allowed the 'junk' stuff. My Husband is happy with what he sees (although he is happy anyway I look) and for the first time in nearly 25 years I can actually look at myself in the mirror after I have had a shower. I still look fat but the 'cow' that used to look back at me, now has trimmed down.

Change of diet, exercising 5 times a week, changed my attitude towards eating, speak positively to and about myself and to tell you the truth, if anyone mentions my weight I don't give a damn anymore. As long as my Husband and family is supporting me, who cares about the other persons thoughts. If you feel that you do need to 'lose' the weight, okay but if you are being 'pressured' by the way others look at you; fashion or other reasons, think about it - who are you trying to prove things to.

Even though you only have 5kg to move, good luck, take care and listen to your Doctor when doing it.

Good luck and I hope you will keep me informed on what you decide and how you do it.

Cut off your head.... easy

Horse riding is an awesome form of exercise, I have a friend who lost massive amounts of weight just from not skipping breakfast and riding horses everyday.

Avoid sugar, alcohol, saturated fat (solid at room temperature), chips and biscuits. If you have sweet tooth like myself try having gymnema, a herbal that helps suppress craving for sugar. It also makes sugar tastes bad in the mouth. You could buy them in any health food store or internet (just google it). Restrict (eliminate is better) white carbohydrate like white bread and white rice and replace it with basmati/brown ice. Eat lean meat only (trim those fats). Cold water fish is a good choice. You could eat anything else but watch your calorie intake. This depends on how active and how big the person is. Eat good fat like avocado. You need fat (good fat) to loose fat. Walking with your dog, riding a horse, climbing up and down the stair, jumping ropes could help you burn fat (increase metabolism). For muscle definition, if you want to bulk it up try weight training like carrying your dog/shopping bags up and down the stair,if you want to create leaner, ballerina-like muscles, try calisthenics (use your body for resistance) like stretching, pilates, push ups, ballets, yoga. There are lots of books (with pictures) in the internet for these type of exercises.

Glenn B
amputate a limb you don't use very often :)

Roni S
This really depends on how fast you want to lose the weight. You could start an exercise routine where you start with 30min of cardio (running with your dog, cycling, etc) and 30min of strength (squats, weights, etc) and then when your finding this workout easier you raise the intensity of your strength training by lifting heavier weights and for more reptitions and also doing you cardio for 45min - 1hour. Start by doing this 3times a week then raise it to 5times, but do it slowly.
Stairs are a great tool as running up and down them you´re working out different muscles in your legs and if you´re keeping your stomach taught also your core muscles. Standing on the balls of your feet on the edge of the step works out your calves. Your triceps can also be worked if mimicking a sitting position and holding yourself up with your hands on the edge of the step and pulling yourself up and down. (3 x 15 repitions to start with)
You mentioned you have two horses. Take your horses for a long ride. When riding with correct riding posture you are using your back muscles and your abdomins, so no slouching. Also rather than having a relaxing walk make sure you do a lot of troting and cantering or galoping depending on your experience with horses. Troting works out your enitre leg/buttock are and your core mucles as you are continually lifting your body, so make sure your not sitting when trotting. When your horse is in canter or galloping and you have your body raised it´s exactly like holding a squat.
When you are trying to lose weight the key is actually eat more but only of the correct foods. This doesn´t mean that you have to cut out all fatty foods entirely because your body needs fat and a little bit of fat helps youfeel fuller faster. Eat more often but with smaller proportions. (5-6meals per day plus snacks) Thing like salads or vegetables are great especially with some protein like fish or chicken but rather than a ceaser dressing opt for a vinegrette.
If your going to be doing more exercise make sure you have some protein in your diet as it helps with muscle repairso nuts to snack are also good.
Steer clear of anything processed. No fizzy drinks, no crisps basically nothing that comes in a packet or has some strange colouring. This the most difficult part as it will be these things that you´ll be craving so make sure you have fruit available when these cravings hit as you´ll probably be needing a sugar hit and as fruit is full of natural sugars it´s better for you.
Good luck, and remember to be patient with results

I have found that when i do heaps of walking, when i mean heaps 1/2 a day, frist thing in the morning before eating, for over 3weeks i have lost kilos. i would come back to eat fruit or yogot, have chichen with salad for lunch, dinner would be whatever the family was about to eat but i severed it up on a small lunch plate, which i thought i would be so hungy but i wasnt.I did need to stop eating bread for over 3 weeks as it was my weekness..please belive me i am not one how loses wight fast but this does work.Kellie

Eddie B
If you are active, walking up the stairs a few times a day, going for a horse ride or playing with/walking the dogs, maybe you just want to do that for a little longer each day. If you don't plan on being super fit - 45min, 4-5 times a week is plenty for your metabolism to be kick started. Try and exercisefirst thing in the morning, and drink a litre of water with lemon when your done (hot or cold - this works winter and summer).

No carbs after 3pm is probably one of the healthiest ways to look at it - no bread, pasta, potatoes, rice for dinner - you can have them for lunch instead.

So you are free to eat cerals/toast/porridge and fresh fruit for breakfast. Sandwiches, quiches, risotto, pasta, salads for lunch but keep your dinner a small amount of meat (about the size of your palm) and as many veg as you can eat, the leafier the better.

Basically just be sensible - look at things like chocolate, soft drink, chips, ice-cream as treats, and don't store them in the house. If you have been good and feel like a treat, you are less inclined to want it if you have to travel to get it. But these things are fine one or two times a week. Substitute your sweet tooth with a punnet of strawberries!

Steer clear of -
Oil when cooking (buy a non-stick pan and just use a light Olive-Oil spray instead)
Margarine - use hummous or avacado instead
Milk in coffee - have 1 black coffee in the morning/chammomile tea at night before bed
Sugar in coffee/tea
Excess salt in cooking

Good Snacks:

2-3 pieces of fresh fruit
Light peanut butter on Celery stick
Nuts- Almonds are fantastic energy burners
Rice crackers with light cream cheese
Fruit yoghurt
Smoothie with fruit/yoghurt and Ice

Hi have you heard about Bodytrim Weight Loss Plan. You eat a lot of protein and very little carbs.
If you go to the web site at www.bodytrim.com.au. you can find out a lot more information and you don't have to do anymore exercise than what you are doing. I lost 5kgs in 6 weeks and it is also a very healthy plan to stay on and you don't get hungry. It also has a free 1month trial.
Hope this helps, all of us that are on it just love it.

Before you start doing anything it is wise to check with your Dr first to make sure that you won't be causing yourself any harm during your proposed weight loss program.

Be wise, don't push yourself too hard. Only do what is sustainable for you. Eat a balance diet, plenty of water and a reasonable amount of exercise and you will see results. It's better if you don't try to lose too much too quick or it will be just as easy for it to come back. It's better if you can work these things into your lifestyle so that you will have much longer lasting results.

Never skip meals or you will send your body into starvation mode by lowering your metabolism and then anything you eat will get stored straight to fat.


Walk (power) for at least 45 mins a day.

Do 30 crunches at night, 15 lunges & numerous stretches (google).

Alsol only drink water & mostly eat fresh foods.

Do this for 2-3 months & you should have lost it :)

Ive just lost a whole 13 kgs in 6 months & i couldnt be happier.

I also have a horse & riding her before i went walking warmed my muscles up.

When going up or down stairs, jog.

chop off your head.
My wife has been using technologies to break down lipids and triglycerites - ultrasound, radiofrequency and far infrared sauna. Seemed a little costly to begin with, but the results are amazing.
lookup Slim By Design - a slimming centre in Sydney Australia.

Join weight watchers, they even have an online version. they teach you how to each the right things for the long term not just a quick fix solution for now, so you can lose weight without putting it all back on a couple of months later.

I'm currently on a diet at the moment and trying to lose 20 kilos as fast as I can but it takes time. But if you really stick to your guns, it works.

I've been doing:
6am-7am: Walk the dog
Breakfast: 2 eggs with nothing else and glass orange juice
Morning snack (around 10-11am): Veggies (ive been eating carrots)
Lunch: A Wrap with Salmon/tuna in a tin, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and a low fat sauce (This tastes soo yummy)
Arvo snack: Veggies
In the afternoon I go for another hour brisk walk without the dog (so I can go fast and depending how I'm feeling, I will also do a ten minute cardio warmup from my Carmen Electra DVD
Dinner: What ever is cooking in a small amount

I like a lot of sweets too and this diet is pretty hard in the body so I buy strawberry flavoured Extra so that I get the taste of sweetness and don't crave sweets and it has no fat or sugar

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