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what is the best thing to eat after the gym?
im always hungry

Lean protein. If you do protein shakes then those are good. If you're talking about food then you should eat lean proteins such as Chicken breast, tuna, cottage cheese. A grilled chicken salad with cottage cheese is what i usually do. The theory is that you need to eat protein within a 1/2 hour after working out because your body will be breaking down your muscles and you'll need to fuel them with protein to help them build. Thats why it's a good idea to get a protein shake in you right away after the gym and then maybe an hour later eat a healthy dinner high in protein.


Mass Nutrition

Because you need a food that is digested fast for you body to recover and repair muscle cells, a whey protein supplement is recommended. If you just do a whey shake since is very light, you can actually eat your regular meal and hour after if you are hungry.

Hope this helps!

First Namefff F

I would definetly eat anything with electrolytres such as gatorade to replenish your loss of energy

if you are looking to gain muscle mass, then a protein shake. Otherwise, stick to low calorie foods that will fill you up. Chicken breast, fruit & veggies..low fat cottage cheese..

An apple! They are yummy and filling.

wheaties, fruit...

Son Of G
well then eat because if you don`t your body will think you are starving it so when you eat, your body store all the fat as reseved energy and you wont loose weight. SO EAT HIGH PROTEIN BUT LOW FAT FOODS AND HAVE


ice cream, fried chicken, potato chips, pepsi, in any order

Tatis Mommy
Chocolate ice cream.. yum.. that way you are eating it and burning it you will never gain a pound!

protein shakes and fruit!

Radha Patel
YOPLAIT ! <-- a yogurt milkshake ....
good for health :D

Jeff M
Balanced meal, chocolate milk/water

Rockhopper 4
Errr.. Fiber1 Bar, pizza, cheese, popcorn, fruit snacks are da best ^_~

~Rockhopper 4

If you're trying to build muscle, then eat a peanut butter sandwich with whole grain bread.

Lose weight, maybe a salad with lettuce, tomatos, carrots, red pepper slices and a little dressing with a big ole jug of water.

Megan H
eat something heathy like an apple or and fruit or veggietables

Vincent G
cellery, grapes, fruit

I guess if you can eat a gym you can probbly drink a car full of milk.

light turkey sandwich with cheese =D

Christena B
protein and carbs.

Something healthy, so you don't defeat the purpose of GOING to the gym. Your choice of course.

Mr Nick
power bars!

Mz. Vonnae
The best thing to eat after the gym is a salad and/or fruit. As soon as u come in, have some water and a salad or fruit maybe like grapes or maybe an orange(those are always good). Never eat greasy food right after because it is not healthy and can cause a heart attack.

Izzie Claire
protein shake! hehe

Charles Taze R
usually after i've eaten a gym i'm not much hungry for anything else

Back 2 Basics
Bellacinos mmmmmm

Amir H.
Fried chicken from walmart

Pello M
protein shake

well the best thing after working out is chocolate milk it sounds funny but it is well balanced.

Kara D
If you don't want to gain any calories, or anything...try celery because it's a negative calorie food (it burns calories eating it). If you have to have something to dip it in try peanut butter (not lots) or fat free ranch dressing. You could also try broccoli. Protein shakes are good too from Smoothie King or something like that...it will fill you up.

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