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 i am 5'8 and i weigh 145 i want to lose some!?
i would really want to weigh like 128 or 130. how do i lose it easily and quickly?
please help!...

 I just drank 2 cans of diet coke is this bad? Will I gain weight?

 Am I Overweight ?????????????????????????????????
I am 14 and i had to go to the doctor and i was 125 is that bad?????????????????????????????????????…...

 I'm trying to stop eating fast foods. Can you tell me the most grotesque think to make me stop?
convice me to stop. Im not fat at all, I just think that eating fast food is unhealthy but the addiction is big.. Convice me to quit
Additional Details
WOW! OMG! that is some sick crap.. ...

 Will walking to school in the mornings help you lose weight?
does walking to school most days in a week in the morning walking to school taking about 25-30 minutes help you lose weight?...

 Do i have to be on a diet to lose weight?
Can't i just not eat anything for half the day and eat anything i want for the rest of the day?...

 is this a healthy weight, and why am i gaining?
im 5'8 and 120 pounds. ive started running almost every day and i swim 3 times a week on a team. i used to weigh 110 pounds. why am i gaining? how much will i gain?...

 What would happen if someone lived on chocolate?
If you had about one good meal a day, rest chocolate...Or even just a diet of junk for meals...
Would you put on weight or loose weight?...

 Is there such thing as drinking to much water?
If so how much it to much?...

 How can I lose at least 30 pounds in 2-3 weeks?
Im a 13 year old and Im overweight. For some reason I dont look all that fat but I weigh 223 pounds! I really want to lose pounds fast. How can I do it without EXTREMELY strenuous work but still be ...

 im 5'3 and 117 lbs am i fat?

 Men!!! I'm 5'9, 123lbs, and a size 2. Would you consider me too thin or average?
I do eat and I work out at the gym to stay toned. Ladies your input is welcomed also....

 how can i loose a stone fast?
Any tips appreciated
Additional Details
omg i meant 10kg i don't have kidney stones!...

 Are there any reasons a person stays skinny no matter how much they eat?
Like theres the

high metaoblism
exercises alot
eats healthy
exercies and eats healthy
eats very little

are there any other reasons a person stays skinny ...

 Should i quit taking birth control? the weight issue is depressing me?
i have been on seasonique for 5 weeks. my doctor said it's a low dose hormone when i expressed my weight gain concern. i went on it to eliminate my periods which are painful. trouble is, no ...

 how can i lose weight without exercising?
i am 23 years old,5 ft and 130 pounds of weight.as i have to spend too much time in university i don't have time to exercise.
these days i eat less then i used to yet not losing any weight ...

 why am i so skinny ?
im 13, i weigh 90lbs and i have a really slim figure, im 5ft 2 and i never eat fruits or vegetables, i justt ake vitamin. i sleep like 9 hrs every night, i over eat, i sit around watching tv all day ...

 Music when exercising?
What kind of music do you think is good for when your running? Like the music makes you wanna run faster, and be determined to finish?

Thanx for your answers ...

 im fat. :[?
i am 15 years old and i weigh 104!
im so tired of hearing all the nasty things people say!
i cry myself to sleep every night and i hate how i look in a bathing suit.
help ...

 whats your thoughts of a female who is 5'9" and 111 lbs ..?
whats your thoughts of a female who is 5'9" and 111 lbs and a female whos 5'9'' and 105 lbs ?...

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here comes the sun
how many calories should a healthy 16 year old girl take in?
i find myself munching A LOT especially after school. i dont have much time in the morning so i only eat a granola bar or apple for breakfast and its hard to keep things fresh for lunch so i end up on... Read More


2 messed up scales, do you think im still losing weight though since measurements going down?
My calories are 1500 per day. I exercised 5 times a week for 2.5 months, now im doing 6 days a week of 50 mins each day. I do Tae-bo amped/advanced work outs. I dont consume sugary products, dont cons... Read More


Rachael H
What motivated you to give up smoking?
... Read More


it's GRACIE!!!
Does drinking a lot of water make you...?
Additional Details
Im not fat people I was just wondering, don't jump to conclusions... Read More


Matthew Aldrich
what is that "obey one rule" weight loss thing about? any one know what that "one rule" is?
i would like to know. only if you know what it is or payed for the book or whatever they try to sell you when you go o the website. im curious.... Read More


My friend said i look curvier from the last time i saw her, but i'm working out every day and losing weight?
Could it be because my waist is shrinking that its giving me this appearance?

I'm a 15 year old girl. I don't think i'm bloated..My period already came 2 weeks ago.

THIS ISN&... Read More


I want abbs fast??????
I want some abbs so i look good this summer at the pool

Any good tips to get some ripped abbs?... Read More


juggalo thug
whats a good way to get abs?
whats a good way to get abs... Read More


best way to lose weight in a month?
recently iv put some weight on and my clothes dont fit me nemore i want to look good for my bday which is next month and would like some ideas on things i could do, i dnt hve time for gym and stuff ju... Read More


susan m
To speed metabolism what's faster: 1 hour or two 1/2 hour workouts each day?
I think a morning 1/2 workout and an evening 1/2 workout might burn more fat that just working out once a day for 1 hour.
Additional Details
My question is which would burn fat faster, EI... Read More


A A R e a l
about to work out, any suggestions?
I'm about to go to the gym to work on my chest and shoulders.

What are some good workouts for these muscles?

And what do I need to improve on when it comes to my body?

http:/... Read More


Anybody's recommendations on a good way to lose weight?
I know, I really should stop snacking, but I think we all understand how hard that is. Anything that'll help me lose weight while still eating 3 meals a day with small snacks between?
Addit... Read More


St. Louis Cardinals Fan
Is it legal for a sports coach to make their athletes throw up?

Additional Details
My friend who is on a high school girl's volleyball team recently told me that her coach has been making them puke.... Read More


Would I get fat if I ate 1800 calories a day 10 pts!?
Hi Im wondering if I would get super fat if I ate 1800 calories a day, I do 2 hours of cardio a day and pause every 30 minutes for 3 minutes, Im 5'8 154LBS 18 years old Thanks.... Read More


need help.. not possible to join gym or walk!?
hi.. i am 24, 5' 3'', 156 lbs, female. i want loss 30lbs within next 5 months.. it is not possible to join a gym and also walking as an exercise. i have bought some workout dvds.. not ... Read More


Tips on controlling hunger pangs?
Ive just started a diet where im eating about 1000-1200 calories a day and doing exercise. The thing is, I get terrible hunger pangs, and then i try to curb it by eating something small but it just ma... Read More


Metalhead {JuGGalettE}
Diet plans that actually work? [Easy 10 pnts.]?
I'm 16, 5'4 and 152.6lbs, My BMI says I'm a little bit overweight, and I want to lose my belly and love handles, I can't afford exercise equipment, but I want to go a diet, I want ... Read More


How many sit ups does it take to burn 300 calories?
I just need to know =)... Read More


Tokyo ;)
Good Way to loose weight fast?
im not gonna like starve myself or anything

but i have alot of weight to lose'

and yes this is based off of BMI and height to weight charts so i do know how much i need to lose to be h... Read More


is it possible to lose 15 pounds in about a month and a week?
30 - 90 minutes of exercise

don't eat after 6pm

lots of water

fruits & vegetables

protein & fiber

smaller portions

i know the factors but is it possib... Read More


Can I lose 80 pounds by AUGUST?
I am 6 ft. and around 250. With exercising and eating healthy, can I get down to at least 180 by the end of August?

If not, how much can I lose?

What would I have to do to lose that mu... Read More


Special K challenge??
Anyone lose weight doing it?? I think my husband and I are going to start it 2morrow, if we can get to a grocery store here in Houston Lines everywhere you go!!

We bought a treadmill about... Read More


is eating watermelon healthy at night?

I am on a diet but recently I have been eating watermelon before bed (sometimes a half of watermelon a night). Is it bad for me to do this and will I gain weight / fat?... Read More


Why do all weightloss websites cost to see what they actually do?
It really annoys me!

I just want to loose a bit of belly flab and thats it!

Anyone got any soloutions aart from situps cos i do them anyway.

Thank, and have a great da... Read More


Do you think I'm fat?Please be Honest!?
Well, I am 12 years old and I weigh 100 pounds. I know that if I was normal height I'd be fine... but I'm only 4'7 and I just don't know. I ride my bike a lot, and I whenever I go ... Read More


how can i tell the difference between a craving and real hunger?
so i dont end up eating too much
Additional Details
i drank lots of green tea and water

but its something sweet that im thinking of (probably cheesecake) and i dont want to have it c... Read More


Help a depressed girl change her life...?
I'm really depressed and sad about my body.. I am overweight and I have a big stomach. For ages, I've been trying to control myself around food and exercise, but I just don't feel that ... Read More


How can I start eating different things if I am afraid of getting fat or gaining weight?
I am skinny but I am afraid if I change what I eat from day to day I will gain weight. I weigh 80 pounds. I eat fruit in the morning, yogurt and fruit for lunch, run afterward, then a veggie burger an... Read More


Could there be other reasons for a high Cholesterol count other than diet?
... Read More


Lisa S
Becoming a personal trainer?
I'll be finished with college in December, although my degree has nothing to do with what I really want to do..which is becoming a personal trainer or something relatively close. Working out and ... Read More

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