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 I'm 13, 5'3 and 105 pounds...?
Am i healthy? What should I do to lose weight?...

 Am I too tall???????????????
I'm 5'10'' do guys not like tall girls or are they ok with this height? Should I not wear mini skirts or short shorts because they only make my legs look even longer and make me ...

 fat or thin answer which one do you prefer?

 How can I starve myself without being uncomfortable?
Yeah. Awkward.
I don´t like the feeling of being hungry, but I don´t want to eat.

Believe me, I´ve tried every single ab workout and diet there is out there. It´s the same with my ...

 Am i too skinny everyone says i am?
i am 6'1" and weigh 112 pounds am i too skinny???
Additional Details
its 8 ...

 I want to lose 14lbs the HEALTHY way..how can i resist chocolate and biscuits??
I know that if i cat out the chocolate and biscuits i would be able to lose the 14 lbs, is it just a case of will power?...

 (pic) how can i make my abs bigger?
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3124660455/ thanks!...

 Am I fat? 10 points...pics included..?
I am 20...5ft1 and I weigh 132lb. I really want to loose weight...I have some love handles and pudgy tummy....I want to do yoga..I have a yoga dvd,mat and a yoga square. Do you think yoga is good for ...

 does this scare anyone else on here?
there are soo many young girls on here asking how to lose weight when they are tall and clearly underweight already.

why do you people consistently tell them how to lose weight to you ...

 How do I GAIN weight?
I'm about 140 pounds I try eating more carbs and all that crap i eat 4 big meals a day with plenty of snacks in between, but I never gain ANY weight. Sometimes I'll even lose weight usually ...

 If I eat a CANDY-BAR instead of LUNCH I won't gain weight right?

Additional Details
Well, I got the idea from here. I asked a question before and they told me if I eat a 200-300 calorie lunch then ate a candy bar that was 200 calories I'd gain ...

 how does not eating affect you?
ok so i started not eating and like i am really hungry but i started to chew gum and i found the hunger went away. i have done this for 2 days now. (yes i know not a long time) but i am still trying ...

 What is the best possible way that i can get dat Beyonce booty?
What do i do? Diet? Exercise? Lunges tell a girl cause i do want to "work it out" Thank ...

 I'm really upset!!! weight question?
I've always been naturally skinny and some people saw my photos on Myspace and said I look anorexic and unhealthy. I eat normally and I don't think i'm unhealthy because I had to get a ...

 What is your age and height?
i wanna know if a am tall or not

height: 5'9
Additional Details
size 13 shoes bigger hands than my dad and everyone else i know... im supposed to be only 6...

 i haven't eaten anything in 3 days...?
i havent eaten a bite in 3 days, other than those little tubes of frozen water with the artificial sweetener in them, and i've lost weight, but i'm just not hungry anymore. its like even ...

 Am I overweight? Honestly?
I'm 13 years old, 169 cm tall and weigh just over 8 1/2 stone. Honest answers please....

 I want to take a picture of myself naked...?
I want to take a picture of myself naked so that when i lose more weight and i get to my goal, i can take another picture of myself naked and see the progress and that will keep me motivated.

 What is the amount of calories you should consume each day?

 How can I gain weight?
I'm not so much worried about being toned, although I do workout occasionally, I just want to put on some weight so I'm no longer underweight. I'm 18, 5'7" and weigh 110 ...

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i need help losing 15 pounds?
every day i go walking for a 2 and a half mile walk. now i started biking as well for a little over 2 and a half miles. i need some help figuring out what kind of diet i should have. i know that you s... Read More


How can a fourteen year old girl get fit in two weeks?
hey i'm fourteen and i wanted to get thin over this two week end of term holiday. not dramatically thin or anything just i want to be rid of all the fat on my thighs or tone down my muscles on th... Read More


Prodigal Son
Should I drink more milk or water?
I currently drink about two litres of Evian water per day,

A friend suggested that I should drink milk instead as that's healthy too.

Thank you for your help :)... Read More


how to get rid of back fat???and arm fat?
can anyone let me know what is the fastest way to get rid of fat on ur back arms tummy without losing your but and legs??... Read More


Does a gallon of milk weight the same as a gallon of water?
Also curious about other liquids, for example high pulp orange juice. and what about a gallon of molasses?... Read More


Ashley A
cold bath.............
does a cold bath (not ice cold, but just from a normal bath tape as cold as you can make it) burn calories? and how much for lets say, 10 min. ? or any amount of time... Read More


how long should you walk for to lose 1000 calories and 20 carbs?
... Read More


Matt H
When trying to get 6 pack abs, should I do the same exercises EVERY day?
Or should I do say 3 ab exercises one day and 3 different ab exercises the next day, and alternate days. or the same exercises every day? By doing the same exercises every day does it allow time for ... Read More


Sarah R
Jenny Craig?
Just wondering about how much a week does it cost for the Jenny Craig food?... Read More


Comic geek
Working out when sore?
So I Know that people can hurt themselves if they work out when sore and are supposed to work out differenct muscles at a time. But I don't understand why soldiers in boot camp work out everyday... Read More


What's the best sports bra available for large breasts?
I want to spend under $50 if possible and I live in Canada so I need to be able to find it at places like The Bay or Sears.

Thanks... Read More


How much do you think a 13 year-old, 5'4'' girl should weigh?
How much should girl weigh at 13 years-old, AND how much should a 13 year-old, 5'4'' girl weigh?... Read More


Just Call Me Chicken M
How many pounds do you have to lose to drop an inch?
And how can I drop the pounds?

I have a deadline for 6 inches by June.

HELP!... Read More


If I want to lose 30-40 lbs how much exercise should I do and what kinds?
I am 5 ft 4 in and 160 lbs.... Read More


cutie pie
Does anyone know where I can buy lipotrim either online or at health shop?
I've read several reviews all saying that lipotrim is pretty great and that even though it was gruelling at first, they've lost the weight and have managed to keep it off so i've decide... Read More


Will using a rowing machine tone up my stomach muscles?
What muscles does a rowing machine exercise? I want to tone up my stomach, thighs and bum so is it worth buying a rowing machine?... Read More


I think my friend has an eating disorder, what should I do?
My friend is pretty thin but not skinny and is alsways counting calories and just obsessive. She constantly goes to the gym and is now taking hydroxicut pills! She said she knows she shouldn't bu... Read More


The man with no name
I need a definitive answer.....whey protein before or after a workout....and why?
... Read More


śмоотн сяιмιлаl ♥
Does eating lots of chicken make your breasts bigger?
... Read More


How should you breathe when running?
In through your nose, out through your mouth? Or in through your nose out through your nose? Or something else?

I run out of breathe within 5 minutes of running. Any tips on how I can run longer,... Read More


when I eat less in attempt to lose some weight all I think and crave about is food how do I stop?
I'm cutting down portion

eating healthier foods

but when I do this I constantly think about food and craze it

I hate this I really want to lose weight

because I can't ... Read More


Atomic Lemon
Can someone offer alternative foods to lead a healthier life style?
As it stands i eat alot of foods that have ALOT of salt in as well as alot of fat. Things such as cashews, cheese, chili's salty crisps, cheese twists, and i usually add salt to meals. Is there a... Read More


how do i get a flat stomach?
I want to loose weight Im 135 pounds 5"6 16 years old but i feel I need to loose weight but it has to be at home workouts okay... Read More


Love handles question?
Has anyone lost and burned his/her love handles? And how?... Read More


What are the dangers of drinking diet soda with aspartame or splenda?
Is one safer than the other? Can I drink one diet soda a day and be safe??... Read More


Are "fat calories" in addition to the regular calories, or do they tell how many of them are from fat
Does a 100 calorie food with 10 fat calories really have 110 calories, or is it simply that 10 of the food's calories come from fat?... Read More


Wucking Fasted
how can i get a body like this?
I want to devote my summer to working out, i want to look like this guy, what diet and what excercises should i do to be like him? http://img132.imageshack.us/i/me8f9d8d96772498cab1893.jpg/][IMG]http:... Read More


How do obese people use toilet paper effectively?
Surely they are so obese they have neithe the energy or cannot reach around to their behind? Do they have assistance? Please someone explain.
Additional Details
What's a "dag&qu...; Read More


Love Is The Answer
How can I cut my pill in half without crushing it?
Will a razor work, or will that crush it too? I have a good exacto knife.

I cut my pill in half with a kitchen knife, and it sort of worked, but it sort of crushed it. I had to get the litt... Read More


how much should a sixteen year old 5ft 3" girl weigh?
im feeling quite insecure about my weight now and i'd just like to know how much i should weigh...help plz? =]... Read More

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