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 My sister has anorexia?!?
my sister has recently stopped eating. When she does eat, she has like, 1 granola bar every day. She is 15 and weighs 82 pounds. She refuses to eat and is very thin. What should I do? I don't ...

 I'm a 13 year old girl, i weigh 127 am I over weight?

Additional Details
My height is 5'2.........

 I'm fat and my sister is skinny!!?
We have like totally different metabolisms and its so not fair... right now she's eating animal crackers and sitting her butt watching mtv, she weighs like 105 pounds and I'm 180! she'...

 Don't eat after 6???
Anyone on here actually loose weight going by this? I am coaching my sons baseball team in May or June and I really need to loose some weight. Walking does nothing for me. Would this work though?

 I'm 5'1 , and i weigh 90lbs..is that overweight?

Additional Details
i'm 13 years ...

 I need to lose 10 pounds by the end of the summer?
I'm 13 and I'm 5' 3" or 5' 4", and I weigh 111 pounds. I need to lose like ten puonds this summer, and I'm looking for things I can do to exercise inside my house ...

 how do you stop eatin... =[?
mann i cant stop eatin! and i dont get fatter! ive tried diets! but i can do it anymore! i dont know what to do! plzz u guys help me!! with diets or idk!


 my sister is 111 lb and she is a 11 do you think she weighs to much?
she doesn't look fat
im asking this because im worried about her health
her height is 5ft 2...

 what's a healthy weight for a girl who's 5'4 and 14.5 years old?

 am i fat??? ): 176lb?????????
im a girl and im 13 and i weigh 176lb and i have no muscles and everyone makes fun of me am i fat? :( im 5 foot 6...

 Should I Make Myself Vomit?
I was following a strict way of eating for the past 2 weeks as well as cardio, it really took a lot to put up with it all. Basically just eating 6 really healthy small meals that are very bland and ...

 Is Eating Chalk Dangerous?
Hi Everyone.

I occasionally babysit a 10 year old girl for extra income and the other day, I noticed that some of the pieces of chalk in her playroom were disappearing.
When I went ...

 am i overweight?!?
I am 5 foot one. I'm eleven and I'll be twelve in august. I weigh 90.3 pounts.
Ugh I'm so fat....

 what can you eat to satisfy a sweet tooth in stead of chocolate?
looking for a healthy ...

 What's your favorite diet food?

 HELP! Fast food question!?
Okay, in a little less than a week, I am going on a school trip! And we will eat fast food for all meals! And i am just now happy with my body and i don't want to gain any weight! What should i ...

 How long will it take to lose weight if you dont eat?
I was wondering if you dont eat how long will it take you to lose 15 pounds?...

 Can I drink pills to loose weight at age 13?
I know on the bottle it says don't take until 18 but I cant seem to loose weight. And I honestly cant go on a diet. I think thats my only choice left.
Additional Details
am like 5�...

 Is the peanut butter unhealthy?
Yo okay alright word im at my high school and some stuffs popped in my mind. okay sooo this is the subject of the day...my motha still thinks penut butta is bad. she thinks there is salmenella dude. ...

 Am i fat for my age?
Ok im 11 yrs old and i weight 150 pounds. is that fat? if so give me some tips on how to lose weight exercises please and diet plan
Additional Details
im about 5 ...

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How much do you spend a month on your exercise program?
I mean, gym membership, classes, trainers etc... just curious

is 150 a month too much for yoga classes?... Read More


How long should i spend a day doing Pilates exercises to get flat toned abs?
For how long should i do Pilates exercises a day, and how many different exercises should i do, to get flat toned abs?... Read More


how can you lose 20 pounds?
I want to lose 20 pounds before school starts / before i get my new cloths for school. What exercises do you recommend to help me flatten my stomach and lose the fat in my thighs. Like exercises i can... Read More


Am I too skinny or normal? (for a guy)?
Ok so today at school they did that weight thing and it came up as 130 (exactly)


(or if you DONT think it's lying then do you think im too skinny or ... Read More


Is this true about multi-vitamins?
I asked a question about the health benefits of daily multi-vitamins, and some one gave me a long answer about how theyre not real. Here is part of the answer.

The typical multi-vitamins s... Read More


Summer...please come :(
Want to lose weight for vacation...?
I'm going to Florida at the end of March, and I weigh about 144 right now. I'm like 5'6. I know it's not fat but I want to drop inches before going on vacation in 28 days. I don&#... Read More


How much weight did you drop by Simply stopping all caffeine and carbonated drinks?
and how fast?

I've done this and am dropping weight like crazy. I am just wondering about other peoples experiences.

... Read More


Which is better? Yoga or Pilates?
This summer i would like to get into something such as pilates or yoga. Im trying to improve my flexability and tone my muscles. Which do you recommend. I've recently lost wieght and now im tryin... Read More


Is it possible to get abs after pregnancy?
How can I obtain that? What exercises? What type of eating, how many times a week should I do the exercises and how long should it take? Are there any of you who have abs Post-Pregnancy?... Read More


If you burn off 500 kcal, can you work out how much weight you would lose (roughly)?
... Read More


smile! becca ♥'s you!
How much weight will i lose this summer if.........?
I do,

(all per day)

50 situps

50 crunches

50 squats

50 pushups

30 minute walk (average speed)

20 minutes on stationary bike

and eat 1200 calories

I... Read More


what to drink to loss wight can you drink coffee?
to loss do you dirk let and it can out in your pea... Read More


How can I lose fat/muscle on my legs and thighs?
Any detailed exercises? I need help to lose them!... Read More


Danielle D
How to make yourself less hungry?
I eat so much & all the time.. How do i make my self less hungry??... Read More


summer bear
Are all addictions bad? Or is there a such thing?
as a Good addiction?

if so, can you give me an example of a good addiction

and tell me why it is good??... Read More


JH ♥ ASL * 愛万多
Is Goat Cheese healthier than cow cheese?
Goat cheese is so yummy and I'm having to use self control not to eat too much, is it any healthier than cow cheese? I heard goats milk is easier on the stomach at least... Read More


{{{soccer chick}}}
to lose 5 pounds a day how much do i have to run?
im am not fat i just want to get in shape for soccer this fall... Read More


♥вєαυтιƒυℓℓу т?αgι¢♥
Will running help me lose weight fast?
I found out that I'm going to Hawaii the last week of March and would love to lose about 20-30 pounds by then.

Would running two to three miles a day and cutting snacking help me lose weigh... Read More


how to get rid of excess water in your body?
... Read More


Smile :)
How to be model thin???
Please don't tell me that being model thin isn't healthy.

The thing I wanna know is HOW to be model thin, what exercises to do, what type of food to eat or any other ways.

If it ... Read More


Is it healthy to drink milk right after working out?
... Read More


Bill S
What form of chocolate will cause the least weight gain?
Brownies, cake, Hershey bars, M&Ms etc. etc.? If I'm bound and determined to eat chocolate, which is the least fattening?... Read More


Tamekii;; [says]
any pro ana buddies?
okay, well i was wondering if there were any pro ana's or just plain ana's that would want to be buddy's with me on here?

don't tell me that this is something bad or te... Read More


Do you think I have ruined my diet today?
I've eaten

2 smoothies

small bowl of wheat cereal

low fat sandwich without butter

chinese chicken on a stick

bag of low fat crisps

roast chicken low fat ready ... Read More


uncomfortable with heavy weight.. help?
i am 24, female, 160 lbs. I am really frustrated with my over weight.. all the time i feel tired and uncomfortable and unhealthy. i do not feel comfortable in exercising because of this heavy weight..... Read More


Summer toning my body?
So basically I had a really nice body but because of my depression I kinda ate a lot more with no excercise but now Im turning it around :). So I have nice everything except i need to tone my lower st... Read More


I want to reduce my tummy fat. any exercises? any particular foods to eat or avoid?
I'm a size 12. and i'm okay with that. But, I have got tummy fat. It looks bad when I wear tight tops. So, how can I reduce my tummy fat?

Thanks!... Read More


How many calories does doing 50 crunches burn??
please =]
Additional Details
I'm 105 pounds... Read More


how to get rid of cravings and hunger...?
without eating something???... Read More


how do i lose my tummy rolls?
im a 16 year old girl. i have been working out (soccer, basketball and track) for my whole life and i do ab workouts 4 times a week. but yet i still have a layer of flub resting on my midsection. i ca... Read More

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