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 My sister has anorexia?!?
my sister has recently stopped eating. When she does eat, she has like, 1 granola bar every day. She is 15 and weighs 82 pounds. She refuses to eat and is very thin. What should I do? I don't ...

 I'm a 13 year old girl, i weigh 127 am I over weight?

Additional Details
My height is 5'2.........

 I'm fat and my sister is skinny!!?
We have like totally different metabolisms and its so not fair... right now she's eating animal crackers and sitting her butt watching mtv, she weighs like 105 pounds and I'm 180! she'...

 Don't eat after 6???
Anyone on here actually loose weight going by this? I am coaching my sons baseball team in May or June and I really need to loose some weight. Walking does nothing for me. Would this work though?

 I'm 5'1 , and i weigh 90lbs..is that overweight?

Additional Details
i'm 13 years ...

 I need to lose 10 pounds by the end of the summer?
I'm 13 and I'm 5' 3" or 5' 4", and I weigh 111 pounds. I need to lose like ten puonds this summer, and I'm looking for things I can do to exercise inside my house ...

 how do you stop eatin... =[?
mann i cant stop eatin! and i dont get fatter! ive tried diets! but i can do it anymore! i dont know what to do! plzz u guys help me!! with diets or idk!


 my sister is 111 lb and she is a 11 do you think she weighs to much?
she doesn't look fat
im asking this because im worried about her health
her height is 5ft 2...

 what's a healthy weight for a girl who's 5'4 and 14.5 years old?

 am i fat??? ): 176lb?????????
im a girl and im 13 and i weigh 176lb and i have no muscles and everyone makes fun of me am i fat? :( im 5 foot 6...

 Should I Make Myself Vomit?
I was following a strict way of eating for the past 2 weeks as well as cardio, it really took a lot to put up with it all. Basically just eating 6 really healthy small meals that are very bland and ...

 Is Eating Chalk Dangerous?
Hi Everyone.

I occasionally babysit a 10 year old girl for extra income and the other day, I noticed that some of the pieces of chalk in her playroom were disappearing.
When I went ...

 am i overweight?!?
I am 5 foot one. I'm eleven and I'll be twelve in august. I weigh 90.3 pounts.
Ugh I'm so fat....

 what can you eat to satisfy a sweet tooth in stead of chocolate?
looking for a healthy ...

 What's your favorite diet food?

 HELP! Fast food question!?
Okay, in a little less than a week, I am going on a school trip! And we will eat fast food for all meals! And i am just now happy with my body and i don't want to gain any weight! What should i ...

 How long will it take to lose weight if you dont eat?
I was wondering if you dont eat how long will it take you to lose 15 pounds?...

 Can I drink pills to loose weight at age 13?
I know on the bottle it says don't take until 18 but I cant seem to loose weight. And I honestly cant go on a diet. I think thats my only choice left.
Additional Details
am like 5�...

 Is the peanut butter unhealthy?
Yo okay alright word im at my high school and some stuffs popped in my mind. okay sooo this is the subject of the day...my motha still thinks penut butta is bad. she thinks there is salmenella dude. ...

 Am i fat for my age?
Ok im 11 yrs old and i weight 150 pounds. is that fat? if so give me some tips on how to lose weight exercises please and diet plan
Additional Details
im about 5 ...

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How do I lose the small belly fat covering up my abs?
How do I lose the small little piece of fat covering up my six-pack? I have tried exercising, but found out you need to lose the small piece of belly fat over your abdominal muscles, whether you be sk... Read More


What's the best fitness game on the Wii for weightloss?
... Read More


Al Capone
What is actually happening to your stomach when it growls?
why is it that when your hungry, your stomach grows? whats happening in your stomach when it growls?... Read More


i feel like becoming anorexic to get back at all the things people said to me! helllllpp!?
so when i was 8 years old my grama told me my stomach was going to blow up if i eat anymore!

my uncle said oh will you get her a whole plate of hamburgers

my brother reminded me of how fat a... Read More


Do guys find women with 6 packs attractive?
... Read More


Oscar C
What are the 7 Don't that you should follow to maintain good health, after eating a meal?
... Read More


What is the best work-out for a 14 year old girl wanting to lose 10-15 pounds?
Also, I do understand by working out, you lose weight and gain at the same time.I just want to slim down you know? Thanks.
Additional Details


what kind of stretches can i do to get my back flexable?
i wanna be able to do a standing backbend and roundoff toetouch. any suggestions?... Read More


♥ Beautiful Disaster ♥
I'm 5"3.5 and 139 pounds. Am I overweight ?
Waist - 25.5 inches

Hips - 36 inches

Bust - 35 inches

18 % body fat.

Go to the gym for 1 - 2 hours a day.( except Friday and Saturday )

2200 calories a day.

I'm a ... Read More


is it possible to lose 2 pounds per day?
if you're not balemic or anorexic. just wondering.... Read More


Are there no profits in preventing ill health?
Our health care system is making huge profits right now. George Carlin said: "There's no profits in curing people."

What if we had a truly clean environment free of food toxi... Read More


[email protected]
how can i keep up with my diet?
im on a diet i eat wheat bread and egg whites in the morning some fruit in afternoon and turkey sandwhich for supper but i get tempted to eat bad food how can i break this habit?... Read More


Ellen P
What's a really good crash diet that has worked for you?
I have a big event coming up in 2 months, I already exercise everyday and eat pretty healthy, but would like to lose 15 -20 lbs. What's your best secrets for cutting back on food intake? Thanks... Read More


Ryan Giggs
How to get fast in running?
Coz when we play football in school i always have to be the Goalkeeper bcoz i am slow I always every day run around my society very fast for half and hour but still i cant get fast in running and at t... Read More


lookin for the golden light
what would happen if you were totally ripped and then just stopped working out?
what would happen if you were even a bit muscular and then just cold turkey stopped working out, what would happen to all that muscle?
Additional Details
go away? like it just gets smalle... Read More


Does turning the shower on cold really burn off 100 calories?
I read somewhere that if you stand in the shower with it on cold for 20 seconds, it burns off at least a 100 calories, is that true?... Read More


How many waist inches is a size 0 ???
If you are a size 0...how small (in inches) would your waist be????

...and your hips and thighs too if possible.???

Thankyou...x... Read More


Are Kinoki Foot Pads a scam product?
www.buykinoki.com, supposedly these things remove toxins from the body... if you've seen the commercials the stuff is actually visible on the pads after you wear them overnight and as you wear th... Read More


im thinking of starting on hoodia. i wanna shed a few pounds and diet and exercise is working a bit, but not enough. would hoodia pills be better than water pills?? any help on hoodia and/or water pil... Read More


*SUGAR* Mikey's Wife
How can I get my hair shiny again ? Which vitamins help ?
... Read More


why does your stomach get cold after you work out?
some people say its cuzur burning calories...

but idk why its cold!!! ive always been curious!... Read More


what are the best workouts for college students?
i am going to be a freshman in college this year and want to make sure i keep off the freshman fifteen. ideally i would also like to lose a little weight. any suggestions?... Read More


How to lose 50 pounds fast?
I need to lose at least 50 pounds, is there any kind of diet pill or special foods I can eat to help me lose this excess fat. I'm DESPRATE!! PLZ HELP ME... If this will help i'm 5'5 at... Read More


☻Pinky The Chimp☻
Will I lose weight??
I'm 5 feet 5 inch & I weigh 142 pounds. Average cal intake per day is 1400. Is this ok or should I reduce? And if I do exercise to burn around 500 cal per day, will I lose weight?

Also, ... Read More


Bieber Baby<3
How can i lose 3 lbs every week? Im 15?
so i'm 15 5'7 and i now weigh 133

how can i lose 3 lbs every week??

i wanna be 110 :D Dont tell me thats too skinny... Read More


How can i lose 10 pounds in one month ?
Im 5 '6 and 150... Read More


Is this a good day of eating!?
I am 17, 5'4.5", and 92-93 lbs. (I know I am underweight. I am recovering from anorexia, and I had gained about 20 lbs, then I lost a few, now I am trying to not lose weight, just maintain.)... Read More


Bay Area Babe
Does smoking marijuana slow down your metabolism?
I am trying to lose weight and this is my only vice (besides food!). I am wondering if this is holding me back?... Read More


Wolf Spirit
is it true that the new finding that carrots make you go blind true?
i have recovered anorexia and now for the past 6 months i have been eating a minimum of 1 kg of carrots a day. and lately ever since seeing that new finding about carrots on the news i have noticed ho... Read More


I <3 my sweetie
how to tone my thighs and arms and get a flat stomach?
a little over a month ago i got a bone bruise (contusion) in my left foot and my doctor says it will take a long time to heal and that swimming is a good excersice and i wanted to know of a good diet ... Read More

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