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 I need to lose 10 pounds by the end of the summer?
I'm 13 and I'm 5' 3" or 5' 4", and I weigh 111 pounds. I need to lose like ten puonds this summer, and I'm looking for things I can do to exercise inside my house ...

 how do you stop eatin... =[?
mann i cant stop eatin! and i dont get fatter! ive tried diets! but i can do it anymore! i dont know what to do! plzz u guys help me!! with diets or idk!


 my sister is 111 lb and she is a 11 do you think she weighs to much?
she doesn't look fat
im asking this because im worried about her health
her height is 5ft 2...

 what's a healthy weight for a girl who's 5'4 and 14.5 years old?

 am i fat??? ): 176lb?????????
im a girl and im 13 and i weigh 176lb and i have no muscles and everyone makes fun of me am i fat? :( im 5 foot 6...

 Should I Make Myself Vomit?
I was following a strict way of eating for the past 2 weeks as well as cardio, it really took a lot to put up with it all. Basically just eating 6 really healthy small meals that are very bland and ...

 Is Eating Chalk Dangerous?
Hi Everyone.

I occasionally babysit a 10 year old girl for extra income and the other day, I noticed that some of the pieces of chalk in her playroom were disappearing.
When I went ...

 am i overweight?!?
I am 5 foot one. I'm eleven and I'll be twelve in august. I weigh 90.3 pounts.
Ugh I'm so fat....

 what can you eat to satisfy a sweet tooth in stead of chocolate?
looking for a healthy ...

 What's your favorite diet food?

 HELP! Fast food question!?
Okay, in a little less than a week, I am going on a school trip! And we will eat fast food for all meals! And i am just now happy with my body and i don't want to gain any weight! What should i ...

 How long will it take to lose weight if you dont eat?
I was wondering if you dont eat how long will it take you to lose 15 pounds?...

 Can I drink pills to loose weight at age 13?
I know on the bottle it says don't take until 18 but I cant seem to loose weight. And I honestly cant go on a diet. I think thats my only choice left.
Additional Details
am like 5�...

 Is the peanut butter unhealthy?
Yo okay alright word im at my high school and some stuffs popped in my mind. okay sooo this is the subject of the day...my motha still thinks penut butta is bad. she thinks there is salmenella dude. ...

 Am i fat for my age?
Ok im 11 yrs old and i weight 150 pounds. is that fat? if so give me some tips on how to lose weight exercises please and diet plan
Additional Details
im about 5 ...

 GUYS: What do you think about a girl w/a six pack?
Not looking like a guy w/a six pack at all, but just that the muscles are clearly visible.
Additional Details
nuthin crazy, just a little definition - a bit past flat stomach ...

 am i fat????????????
i weigh 145 and im 5'4
Additional Details
im ...

 I've been doing the atkins diet for 1 week. I'm feeling really tired. Anyone know if this diet causes this??

 What is your most invaluable weight loss tip ever? The more individual the better!?

 Do you thing I'm fat?
Just want opinions. I'm happy with my weight.
I'm 5 feet 4.5 inches tall
117 pounds
15 years old.

Voila. Answer away. :D
Additional Details
I ...

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♥emily is nice
Can I still lose weight if I eat whatever I want?
I know the question sounds retarded but I love two things: exercising and eating. I totally enjoy hiking, mountain biking, running, swimming, etc. and I am definitely not fat but I want to know if its... Read More


need suggestions to take right decision?
hi. i am 24, female, 162 lbs, 5'-3''. i need to lose my weight.. the best gym of my city is 'South Avenue Gym', its very close to my home.. other gyms are far distanced from m... Read More


Danielle ♥
I'm pretty young, and getting serious about fitness and health. But I'm embarrassed?
For several months I kept on telling myself to exercise. And only since last week have I been working out my legs and stomach abs. I'm younger than 15 to say at the least. However the workouts I&... Read More


100 push-ups and 200 sit-ups program?
So I'm going to do the afrotc program when I transfer to university next fall and I need to be able to pass the pft right off. Are these programs really good in the long run?

Because they te... Read More


The best way to loose about 8 pounds?
I'm 115 pounds and I want to lose SOME weight but not alot.

Give me some advice(:

Maybe some about,

eating habits.

types of exercise I should do.

and so on.. thanks :D... Read More


What happen if you eat the same thing everyday?
Let me know guys because I have been eating the same thing for a week.

Thanks in advance for answering my question, I appreciated it.... Read More


What's a good cardio routine for at home?
I dont have enough money for a gym membership, but i would really like to start exercising. I'm interested in cardio, and improving my cardio.

What are some good routines i can do at h... Read More


Eating right after a lifetime of bad food habits?
I'm 30, very overweight, and at the point where I know I have to change to stay mobile, and possibly alive. I've been healthy so far, but can already see that I have less energy that I used... Read More


Kid-friendly meals when on diet?
I am trying to lose weight but it's hard to find things to make that my children will like. I have a 2 year old that is special needs and a 7 year old that's just a picky eater. Does anyon... Read More


luzi_darling <3
im 4,11 and weigh about 120 i NEED to loose at least 15 pounds???
im starting to eat right and i exercise a little bit i jog for like 15 min. but i hate jogging i need to know if theres anything that can replace that. and if anyone knows any eating secrets or anythi... Read More


how do you get your abs to be visible without tightening up?
like not just visible but to have the ripped look without tightening up? does it take a while. i have a 6pack but i have to tighten up.... Read More


Healthy eating habits?
I am good about a healthy breakfast and lunch but once I get home I have a hard time eating healthy. In order to avoid gaining weight I eat ice cream for dinner ( weird I know but it works) I'm g... Read More


♥ chris ♥
Losing weight???
i am 5'7" and weigh 10 stone (also im 19 yr old female) i want to get down to 8 stone..... a few questions:

will 8 stone be too skinny? im slim now but want to lose some weight


Chest workouts : How to work out the middle chest muscles?
Which exercises are good for the middle chests?

--> The portion of the left and right chests next to the sternum.

Also appreciate it, if you could tell me how many reps and what&#... Read More


What should I eat for an energy boost and to keep me full?
Option 1) Porridge with strawberries, raspberries and almonds

Option 2) Wholewheat toast with marmalade, a banana and a small pot of yogurt.

Option 3) Weetabix with yogurt, almonds and straw... Read More


Ab exercises?
Does anyone know any good ab exercises that can strenghten abdominals?... Read More


bow-chicka-wow-wowww :)
how do i get nice visible abs?
i am 13 years old (almost 14) so i have a tiny pudg but not much.

i would like to get rid of that and have a nice flat stomach with visible Abdominal muscles. any answers? *please do not say die... Read More


Praire Crone
I am 30 pounds from my goal and having problems with family and friends?
I have lost 120 pounds since last January. I am 30 pounds away from my goal. My family and friends seem h**l bent on messing me up and have gone very cold on support for my task. They have begun to... Read More


Wild @ ♥
If Being Fat was Stylish, would you WANT to be??
If instead of 90 pound runway models, we saw women with curves. Not fat in an unhealthy way, but round-figured. With breasts and thieghs and booty... if that looks was EVERYWHERE the way skinny is E... Read More


What can I do to get fit for Field Hockey?
I really want to try out forf Field Hockey next school year, but I am so out of shape. Try-outs are in August,. What can I do to get fit by then? I will need to to run 2 miles in like 25 min.
Ad... Read More


Holiday Magic
Do you think that many children are overweight simply due to fast foods, OR...?
...do you think the fact that many schools no longer have gym/PE every day has something to do with it? Also, are too many kids getting heavy due to video games, the internet, and digital cable?... Read More


Healthy eating on a budget?
About a year ago i quit drinking anything but water and lost 50 pounds. Well recently ive gained it all back and then some and so now im trying to lose weight again. The problem is it seems the health... Read More


glowing ,fair skin within 15days?
hi buddies,how we can get a glowing and fair skin with in 15days,but remember i m on dieting so tell me abt a best routine that works a lot for me within 15days.the routine should be abt weight reduci... Read More


amy r
I wanna lose 5 kgs (11lbs) I know healthy eating and excersize will assist me but Im confused with carbs!!!! Should I not eat them or should I only eat certain carbs??? Isd it ibetter if I eat ca... Read More


Weight Watchers Point Finder Slider?
anyone know where I can get a Weight Watchers Point Finder Slider. I think a few years ago I found one online I was able to print out but I cant seem to find it maybe im using the wrong key words &quo...; Read More


how do you get curves??
how do you get curves are there any excersises to make them?? or are you born with them?? as many answers as pos. plz. thnx!!... Read More


Why is salt bad for you?
What does it do to you? I know you need some salt in your diet..but what happens if you eat too much of it? How do you know if your eating too much? (does that mean I have to stop eating pickles?...I ... Read More


I'm too embarrassed to jog?
I really wanna go out for a jog right now. I'm 15 and 195 lbs. [Huge, I know, but I really don't look or feel that huge. I'm small boned with a lot of fat, haha. -_-]

But I d... Read More


Wolf Spirit
what are some good, free online weight loss sites to go to?
... Read More


Under the age of 18 using hydroxycut?
I am 16 years old and 170 pounds. I recently was 180 and have lost ten pounds. I am dieting and exercising every day but am having trouble controling my appetite which I herd it helps with. I was wond... Read More

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