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is 99 pounds too skinny for a 14 year old?
I am just wondering like my ribs stick out and hipbones is this like ugly or what????
Additional Details
ooh yes and i am a girl

*ciao bella*
no i don't believe so. my friend is 19 years old, 4' 10, and weighs that much. And I used to weight that much when i was 14 too. So you're probably fine

*Live Your Life*
you *****!!! i am 101 lbs and i'm 12 lbs. i wish i could be that skinny!!!! but yeah i think that's too skinny!!
I wish i could be 99 lbs.

Lexii babyyyyy☮
hun, we need to know your height.

now that we know your height... youre 1.5 points underweight accocding to this BMI calculator.


Tabitha C.
It sounds like you are slightly underweight, but then again, you are only 14. I think it would be a good idea to gain some weight. more muscle for sure. If your ribs are sticking out you need more meat on your bones. Eat more, but if that doesn't work it's not your fault you may have a super-metabolism. but at least try

im like 12-13 and im 118 (5'1).
but if your ribs stick out you are definately too skinny.

It depends on how tall you are if your short then no but if your tall like and average height then yes. =D

i don't think its too skinny, im also 14 and i weigh 72 pounds

Jaime R
Too skinny is dependent on how you look... and what percentage of your weight is muscle. Without a photograph if's impossible for us to give you an answer to that question. I had a friend who was 5"3 and she weight 90 pounds and did not look aneroxic by any means, she had well formed breasts, reasonably wide arms... and average looking legs.

Rachael L
Well, if your normal hight, 5' 4" or 5' 6", its not good. If your shorter, then its probably not that bad. This sounds crazy, but maybe if you get to 110 or 111 pounds your ribs wouldnt stick out, and your hips wouldnt look as boney. I'm 13 and im 120 pounds, and im not fat, im actually pretty thin, but still. Good Luck!

Holly C
well, it depends, how tall are you?

Well, that is kind of skinny. I am 13 and I am 100. If you havent gone through puberty than that is fine but if you have you need to eat more. Your body needs food to grow properly and maintain a healthy you! The average for you age is probably around 115-120

its on the really skinny side---- dont be concerned about your weight.

if u want a reall answer based on health- ask your doctor :)


Uhh, well I'm 117 pounds and I'm 14, so I don't think thats too good hun, unless you're like small boned. ^_^ But I am 117 pounds, and my backbone sticks out..So i dont know exactly. =D

ok one thing is right you are to skinny cause my sis is 13 and shes 114 pounds so you gotta gain but dont diet ok but please do not gain way over the top you wanna be fatter but you have to exercise daily so you aren't that fat. and eat the right food ok? dont like gooble down junk food you need to have the right foods like : wheat, meat, veggies, fruit, etc. and you are sopposed to drink at lest 4 cups of water a day at least.

Do you eat right?How tall are you?Hip bones are nice to see but ribs?You may need to be seen by a dr or you may be JUST right for your height.It could be that you have a high metabolism and you cant gain weight.

It depends on your height. But it sounds like you are too thin and might need some council on the subject

Quiero Mota
Yes, and I bet you're some skank who likes her bra sticking out too.

I'm 13 5"3' and I'm 98 pounds but I'm underweight so your probably underweight but its fine because being underweight is not really bad I'm also anorexia but whatever

depends on if you have a disease then it's just going to get worse. Can be ugly if REALLY slimming shirts and are full of yourself. You don't sound like you are :)

i♥u Michael Jackon♥ RIP
i dont think so, it just depends on your height and maybe its in your genes to be thin. and maybe you have a fast metabolism. its only unhealthy if you lost a dramatic amount of weight due to not eating and you ended up 90 lbs. but if you been thin all your life and if its normal of you being skinny, it shouldnt be a problem if your eating healthy foods =)

No I don't think that's to skinny) I was about the same weight when I was your age) you are to young to loose or gain any weight) you are steal growing so don't worried about it) and don't pay anny attention to the people that tell you that you are too skinny.

I'm about 115, but it really depends upon your body type.
If you can see your ribs, maybe you should eat a little more,
Have a cheese burger! :)

well the weight sounds good but maybe you got muscle because ribs sticking out means your to skinny and its not attractive. Just gain a little weight that's all =)

Rose S
Depends on how tall you are

Dianne B
Not at all there are older people weighing that, as long as your healthy you're okay.

uhm no, as long as your not one of those people trying to control your weight at that level.

but if your Petite, you cant help it :)

depends...how tall are you?

Hippie Chick
ribs=not cute

yes you should try to put on a bit of weight if your bones stick out

KoKoKiTTy is depressed
Yeah, just a tiny bit disgusting.

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