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Lisa M
is 137 pounds for a 14 year old girl with height 5''7' normal or is it overwweight?

Of course.

Im a guy whos 14 years old, I weigh 155 pounds (I got big bones) but im still skinny and athletic and im 5'8.

If you go to http://www.information-entertainment.com/Fitness/fitweight.html then you will see that you are in the normal weght level.

as long as shes not starving herself

overweight?? here is a percentile chart that I found on the net for teens.
Age Range Height Weight Percentile
12-13 years 60 – 63 inches 95 – 105 lbs 50%
14-15 years 63 – 64 inches 105 – 115 lbs 50%
16-17 years 64 inches 115 – 120 lbs 50%
18-20 years 64 inches 125 – 130 lbs 50%

You would fall somewhere between the 70-75% for your age. The is great you are in the normal zone!! You sound like a healthy weight to me.

very normal

It depends. If it's muscle, then for sure not. I'm 13 and 120 lbs. I'm all muscle though so I'm not fat. Now, If I didn't have the muscle and I would prob be fat. My twin sis weighs about the same as me, but she isn't muscle. She looks...rounder than me. lol. BTW: I'm a bit shorter than you. I'm like 5' 6"

You have a BMI of 21.5 and you're at the 73rd percentile of the girls the same height as you. So you're normal. The normal range is from 5th to 80th percentile. So you're fine. But you can also google "chidren bmi" and go to the one that says cdc.gov or whatever and that's where I found it if you want to check back with it from time to time :D

I think its perfect! And screw any guy that says otherwise!!

niceguys 1st
Not at all. I'm scared for you if you're worrying about your weight.

Well it sounds about right. If every thing is where it belongs.

It's fine.. You shouldn't be focused on the numbers. You should be focused on how you feel about yourself. Then go from there.

no that is perfectness. seriously.... very average (i hate this word.. it is mean)

Laura B
It's normal. You don't want to be too skinny if your taller. It'll make you look sickly.

that's normal, there's no way your overweight

soon you will be comfortable with yourself and you will realize that you are healthy and beautiful. as long as you are not eating unhealthy you are just fine

Thats normal, you I just checked on a BMI calculator and your in the middle of your normal range. Your perfect, definitely not overweight!

-whitney ☮<3 =]
this is gettin ridiculous!!
14 yr olds that are 140 lbs that think they are fat.
u r NORMAL weight
body image shouldnt even matter that much
yes, u should take care of your body but don't become obsessive about how it looks

Paris Hilton
Calcukate your BMI (Body Mass Index)
Here some site who provides that :


I hope it will help :)


I calculated your BMI. You are at a healthy weight.


Christine M
you are not overweight


Based on the height and weight entered, the BMI is 21.5, placing the BMI-for-age at the 73rd percentile for girls aged 14 years 0 months. This teen has a healthy weight.

your bmi is normal...your heathly as long as your eating right and exercising

Courtney <3 Josiah
it's normal. you are deff. not fat...if that's what you are thinking.

thats kinda weird because im 14 138 and 5 7

Alison W

Its a normal weight


omg..totally normal!! trust me..u dont have to lose any weight at all!!


i think its normal.. i mena look in the mirror if you are really fat then well you've answered your own question.

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