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im really overweight ?
im 14 and 11 months. i weigh 195 pounds. i joined my schools indoor and out door track. we will run 4 days a week for about 45 minutes. will i lose a lot of weight.

Adam L
You may lose weight, it all depends how much you eat. If you change your diet and also start running there is not reason why you wouldn't lose weight

Yes. As long as you eat healthy foods, too.

no one
you will defenitly loose weight but if you really wanna get skinny then you are going to have to change your eating style also.

Yes. as long as your eating right. And running a lot! by the way make sure you stretch out before you run every day! good luck losing weight! it most likely will be tuff but if you set your heart and mind 2 it ik it can be done! GOOD LUCK!

Katie Reikofski
That's great that you're taking the initiative to lose weight. Not only should you exercise, you should eat healthy too. Replace unhealthy habits, with healthier ones. But to answer your question, yes, you will lose weight. It may take a while to lose the amount that you want, but if you have the determination, it will happen faster. You'll not just look great, but you will have more energy, and will want to exercise more in your spare time.

That sounds like a great idea, running is an excellent way to lose weight. What you consume is important too. You could lose 10 to 20 lbs in a few months by dropping pop and sticking to water. Also try 5 to 7 servings of raw fruits and veggies. Enzymes in raw foods boost your metabolism and heal your body of sickness. Other things are important too like cutting out white and prosessed foods, but start off with that and you'll be laughing your way to health.

Check out the Renegade Health Show he has short 5 - 10 video feeds daily of health info.

seeing as though the recommended average is AT LEAST 30 minutes exercise PER DAY that would make a weeks total an average of 3hrs 30mins. u r doing 45 mins 4 days a week which totals only 3 hrs which is thus 1hr 30mins short of the LOWEST AVERAGE therefore i would say that the only way 2 lose weight would be to cut down on the fatty foods, drink water only & do more running or other exercise at least an hr EVERY DAY.

<3miezul noptii<3
Yes! you ttly CAN lose a lot of weight- eat healthy and do more than just track. Do any kind of exercise at home. To lose weight permanently, it takes a long time, so be patient and your outcome will be great.

- but no, you need to do a lot more than just that to see results at all really (unless ur gonna do this for about 10 years...)

As long as you eat the right things. Excercise is important but not the only factor. You should eat less starches and carbs, and stick to protein, vegetables, and low-sugar fruits. You are not SERIOUSLY overweight. Losing 40 pounds would put you at normal. But how tall are you? That is also a factor. You don't want to push yourself to hard on excercise but do a combination of hard and light excercise, coupled with eating right.
I would recommend getting WiiFit if you have or are thinking of getting a Wii. It really is a good workout. So is dance dance revolution.
It will happen slowly but you will lose weight. Just hang in there and try to figure out what your present problem is a fix it. You may have a low metabolism, or maybe even diabetes. But anyone can lose weight, you just have to make the decision to do so.
Hope I could help. :)

Britt M
Yes, If you are adding exercise you will lose weight. Just don't start eating more calories than you are now. Good Luck!

Well how long does the track team go on for?
A month or what?

But eat right and don't eat too much and you'll loose weight.
And make sure to stretch!

Good luck! :)

Mary O
You will lose weight with this exercise, but you also have to eat healthy. Lay off junk food and soda and go for the meat, veggies and realistic amount of starchy food, like potatoes or noodles. Losing weight takes time. Be patient with yourself.

ok, this is what u do...

1.running is the best thing for loosing fat.
2.diet diet diet, dont starve yourself, just stay away from un needed sugars and fats. eat more protein.
3.stay with it! its hard at first but you will see results, promise

interested party
i just told someone else, ask your doctor about topamax. It is a migraine medication, but the FDA is considering putting this medication on the market for weight loss. I am currently taking this medication now for nerves. About 6 years ago, i ruptured my disc in my back diving in a swimming pool, I have damaged nerves in my legs. I have been taking this for 3-4 months now and have lost 35 lbs. I do not have any side effects. I also take hydrocycutt along with it in the morning (two capsules) just to wake me up. ( by the way my doctor also knows about the hydrocycutt) and I do not have any side effects. You may want to ask your Doctor since you are younger and see if you can take this. It has worked for me.

Good Luck

Yes bur you also must maintain a healthy dies and limit sweets and carbs you consume in your body.

I find that when I eat less carbs I lose weight faster.

JJs Mummy
It depends how your body is built.

Circuit training is good, it mixes a lot of different types of exercise to help all over your body. When I was at school I lost a lot of weight playing basketball and doing circuit training.

All you really need to do is be careful with your diet, and i don't mean go on a diet....eat what you're normally eating but with slightly smaller portions. Little and often is better. Always eat breakfast or your body will go into 'starvation' mode and store more fat. And do at least 30 mins of exercise a day (a brisk walk would suffice) I believe that is what is recommended. Try to burn more calories than you're consuming, but not by a large amount or you could make yourself ill.

hell yes! but make sure u actually run.. NEVER WALK... even if ur jogging as slow as walking, just don't do it.
i dropped from 137 lbs to 105 by doing cross country.

Gordon Q Hinkley
no, but you should lose weight doing what you are doing

u will lose weight but u must keep a healthy diet and have lots of energy and water in ur body. You r aloud to eat junk every full moon though...then you'll lose the wait.

yes if you try!

Meagan T
Not if you don't eat right at the same time...
If you can't eat right try Slim Fast i've tried it it's REALLY good tastes like chocolate milk :)

If your doctor said you are than you probably are. It really just depends on your BMI or Body Mass Index. Look it up on google or yahoo. You need to know your height and weight.

Marvellous U
well if you look fat than u might be. But let me say something you say you have been running track. Well you gain muscle when you exercie and fat weighs more than muscle

Unless you are 6' you are over weight. Running might not be the wisest choice for you to lose weight because with that amount of weight you can damage you knees. You might consider joining the swim team instead. Stay away from sodas and chips and diet foods especially those with aspartame. Aspartame is what they feed to lab rats to MAKE THEM OBESE. Stay away from Splenda as well. Start taking a good quality iodine supplement like Iodoral (over the counter). Most people are deficient and it can cause thyroid problems which can cause weight problems. It will also clean excess fluoride and bromide from your body as well. You might have a yeast problem too, so stay away from sugars and yeast breads. If you do have a yeast problem then you will need help to stay away from sweets until you can recover. Get some probiotics and stay away from sweetened yogurts. Drink purified water and stay away from sports drinks because many of them are brominated. I hope this is of help. Good luck to you!

Of course you'll lose quite a bit of weight, as long as you're eating healthier and not just shoving junk in your mouth. Any amount of exercise will help you lose weight if you eat healthy and running is one of the best exercises!

Some .
You also need to change your diet .
Eat healthy.

most likely, if you keep a healthy diet too.

Polar B
you gotta eat less...
elephants run around all day but eat alot and they are still huge as fk.

As long as you are burning more calories than you consume, then yes, you will lose weight.

Yes, if you change your eating habits too.

Try to run on other days too

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