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 whats the easiest way to loose weight?

 Do you think I'm fat?
I'm 13 years old, 132 pounds, and 5'3.5.
Additional Details
I excercise A LOT but I look really fat still. I used to be 115 but then started recovery from bulimia and so when I ...

 Im trying to lose weight so i want to start drinking a lot of water during the day but i really hate the taste?
of just plain water so i was wondering what mixes i can use to give it some flavor but that also do not have Aspartame, much calories, and fat in them....Any ideas?...

 I feel so huge. I am 5'8 and 143 pounds. I know I am fat. What can I do to loose weight?
Please dont tell me I dont need to loose weight because I wont be happy until I reach 130 pounds. Any good pills or tips?
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Im a girl, 18 years ...

 are my love handles bad?
I can't tell (teenagers have distorted body images).
If they are bad, how much weight should I lose?

 am i over weight or underweight?
im 15 114 lbs and 5'7 ? just wondering lol hahah just for fun ...

 Does drinking a gallon of water help you get built body wise?
i remember in high school id see guys with gallons of water cause supposedly it helped them get bigger and i was wondering if that was true. I want to get bigger cause im pretty skinny and i havent ...

 What do you think is the leading cause of obesity among children in today's world?

 What is the best diet drink?
I love my coke. But since I have started dieting, I had to cut down on it. Right now, I love drinking diet Dr. Pepper and water with lemon....

 How long can you last without eating?
. . .
Additional Details
In general and I ask because I'm curious. (Not cause i wanna try)...

 How much do I look like I weigh now?
I lost some weight.
I'm 5' 7" and 19 yrs old.
How much do you think I weigh (just curious) ?
And how much more weight should I lose?
Thanks ahead of time <3

 wots the longest time u've gone without eating?

 Why do people want to be skinny?
I remember in school one day, I walked inside this class room, and this girl was like come over here, and she grabbed my waist. and then she started talking about how she is jealous of me, and she ...

 Do guys just like skinny girls?
I'm not fat but I'm not skinny either I'm 13 and I'm worried that guys only like skinny girls because in mags they say that is it true?...

 HELP! I binged today! What should I do?
i usually eat around 700 calories. i don't eat that much
today i had 7 pancakes with eggs lots of syrup i also had 12 chocolate cookies. i drank 7 bottles of water. im trying to lose 16 ...

 did i eat too much today?
So here is what i ate today: Brekfast: fiber one with honey clusters and a banana

lunch: Turkey Sandwich and a yogurt
snack: Turkey sandwich
Dinner: 3 ultra thin boneless ...

 I am 5'6" and weigh 95 lbs and I feel flabby and fat....should I? help!?

Additional Details
WHY do some of you have to be so rude?...

 how can i gain weight?

 what type of food make you fat, and how?

 do yu think i am fat?
okay im 5ft. and 105 pounds.
i kinda think i am..
but my friends think its coz of muscle
since i play alot of sports,
but i need yur ...

im fat. :[?
i am 15 years old and i weigh 104!
im so tired of hearing all the nasty things people say!
i cry myself to sleep every night and i hate how i look in a bathing suit.
help me.
wats a good diet for me??

stephanie m
I don't think you are fat at all. You failed to say how tall you are. You may be a little underweight, but not overweight at all. High school can be tough. Just ignore all those mean people. Chances are they are just jealous!

oh my god...you're not fat...don't listen to what other people say...be happy with your own body...if you're not satisfied..check this site and it'll tell you if you're healthy or not...but then again, i'm pretty sure you are.


btw...drinking lots of water can always be good for you...makes you feel less hungry, and cleans your body...

Unless you're only 3 feet tall, you are nowhere near fat...

The average weight for an adult female who is 5' is 110 lbs. Add 5 lbs for each inch over 5' to find an average weight.

im thirteen and 103... is it because ur tiny? im 5'5''... maybe thats y idk but i think thats an ok weight. if your self consious about the way you look in a bathing suit, where a cover up or a one piece or a tee over the bathing suit. When people make fun, dont listen. im sure they have problems they dont want anyone to know about. the only one you have is the one thats showing. DONT LISTEN TO THEM! they are stupid and have no right to treat you that way. eat right and exercise more =]] good luck =]]
plz answer mine!!!

[email protected]
im fat
ur fat
we're all fat

but ur not fat 104 is normal idk y ppl are sayin those NASTY things

stope cryin ur slef to sleep

but if u wnna lose wait try a low carb diet wif moderate excersice

When I was your age I weighed 130 pounds. If anything you are on the skinny side.

It sounds like you don't have a problem more than you want attention, like everyone else who poses these kinds of questions on this site. So, I'm not going to tell you what you already know.

Ally E
bet ur brewing

u aint fat ur 104
unless ur lyk 4ft

why would this be fat??? Ridiculous.

Mecha Jebus
Your avatar doesnt look "fat"?

Maybe they mean fat with a capital "P" ^.-

Most females believe that they are over weight. I found this great calculator online that asks you a couple of questions and then will tell you what your "happy weight" should be. It was an eye opener for me and for my teen daughter. I hope it will help you feel better about yourself also.


be quiet!!!!!! im 14 and weigh 128! so STOP complaining. people do have it worse in this world. kids in 3rd world countries go to bed hungry every night and dont have time to worry about if their too fat or too skinny, they worry about getting aids before they worry about where their next meal is coming from. your just mad because your not exactly the skinniest person in your school. if your worried about your weight DO something about it. crunches, anything healthy, just stop complaining, when you have nothing worth complaining ABOUT!!!!!

I agree... YOU ARE NOT FAT!
There is no need to diet just drink plenty of water and eat a lot of fruits and veggies.

at fifteen i weighed 115 and i dont think i was fat at all. What the **** is wrong with girls these days? they want to be carried away with the wind. lol

Jessica C
I think you are saying this so everyone says your skinny.
I think you know you are skinny.
I think that you are probably super skinny(unless your like, 3 feet tall)

I know you are skinny and like to here you are pretty and skinny.

You are not fat if you only weigh 104. Don't listen to other people. You don't need to diet you need to get your self esteem up. Work on you and don't worry about everyone else.

♥ n.i.k.k.i ♥
Do you seriously think you're fat? Well, you're not. In fact, you sound really skinny! It depends on your height and how much muscle you are. Even for someone short, that's still thin. If people say you're fat, they are lying! You're probably skinny and pretty. People will say anything to lower self confidence. Don't let it get to you! Just make sure you eat in moderation and exercise about thirty minutes a day and you'll be fine.

Ignore the a**holes. 104 is a fine weight for someone of average height, which you probably are if you're 15.

Remember that when somebody insults you, they are not reacting to you, but to something within themselves that they are not happy with. Just be at peace with yourself. If you really are worried about your weight, start going for walks - go ten minutes out and ten minutes back, and eventually you'll build up to where you can jog, run, etc. Start healthy habits now and it will be very easy to continue them for the rest of your life.

whoops :)
uuhhhhh how tall are you? cuz 104 might not be fat at all

but basically:
only drink water
only eat whole grain, no white bread
don't eat anything fried
no junk (chips and what not)
limit the amount of red meat you eat
eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
eat grilled chicken and fish

okay, youre soooo
NOT fat. lol. youre faaaar
from it!! i would kill to be
104. lol instead my fat ***
is like...15 POUNDS HEAVIER!
lol. be happy!!

well, what's your height?
I think with your age, you should be around 1.60m (5"3"ft)
So with your age, height and weight your BMI (Body Mass Index) is 18.4 and that is very healty and even closer to underweight than overweight.
So please, do not diet, you are healty and NOT overweight. Just keep eating your vegetables and meat/fish. Your weight is perfect.

You shouldn't listen to what other people say, they are probably just jealous!! And don't look to models to much, most of the models nowadays are very underweight and not healty. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with yourself. I think you are not comfortable with yourself and I see no reason why you are, but just tell yourself you are pretty everyday. Because I think you are pretty, even though I don't know you (:

ok first of all, YOUR NOT FAT!!!
your normal if not below normal for your age.
im 15 too but im underweight. im only in the high 90s and i get nasty comments abotu being too skinny.
your fine dont worry about it. your weight is like perfect. those people just dont know what there talking about. if anything, there jealous. you dont need to diet but if you really want, maybe just work out to tone your body.

Carry outt ♥
actually she could be fat if she's short. anyway, it's kind of sad that ppl care so much, i guess u think that i can say that since I'M probably skinny, well ur right i'm 5 5" and 98 lbs, BUT SERIOUSLY! DON'T DIET, EXERCISE IS SO MUCH BETTER! AND I THINK FAT PPL COULD BE PRETTY AND NICE TOO!!!

Amy Jonas
just eat right and exersise daily

Please speak to your parents because if this is a serious question, then you need counseling. You are not fat.

Mrs. Answers!
aaahh!! no way!!! im younger and i weigh more!

Trevor Z
okay first off how tall are you? unless your super short, 104 is probably a heathy weight or perhaps even under weight. I doubt your realy need to loose weight. Perhaps doing some weight lifing and toning up would get your the body you want. Weight and fat % doesnt seem to be an issue imo, unless of corse your like 4 feet tall.

Internets Is Serious Business
Being fat is a disease. Dieting won't help.

your not fat!!!how short r u...mayb if ur short u look fatter.

uhhh..... your not fat at all!!

15 and 104, sweetie that doesn't mean anything, I am 28 and 104....the difference is height, look up your BMI, I am sure you will see you are not fat.... and if you want to take care of you and be happy, just eat your fruits and veggies, and if you are like me and hate to run, go for walks and just be outside and enjoy life... People will be mean no matter what, your are too fat, too thin, too pretty....too nice...just be happy with you...

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