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 How can I gain weight?!!?
So,,,, I am 20
I am only 95 lb
i am 5 feet and 2 inch
my bra size is 34B..
I am NOT anorexic for sure... I actually eat a lot of bagels, pizza,and i drink milk ... but D...

 What dress size do you consider to be fat for a woman?

Additional Details
Please say if you are talking about UK or American sizes otherwise it is just confusing....

 is a 130 pound 5'2" 30year old average woman skini or fat? what you think!?

 how can i loose weight without any exercise?
how can i loose weight without any exercise,by eating good food....

 Is a PB and J sandwich a good substitute for fatty school food?
I remember a teacher told me that a PB and J sandwich is a good substitute since it had many on the nutrients a meal needs. Do you think it would be a better sub for all the nasty fatty cafeteria ...

 Am i overweight???????
i am a 15 years old girl 5'7 i weigh 143 pounds.
am i overweight?
please no mean answers thanks!...

 How do you sustain the will power to lose weight?
I want to lose some weight but seem to have no will power to keep it up, even though I do have the motivation.
What advice/ tips can you give me for how to keep the will power to get the weight ...

 5'4'', 126 lbs, size 6. is this fat?
i feel fat, but i dont know if this is fat.
i'm 14, by the way.
please, be honest.
i know bmi calculators say that it's healthy or normal or whatever, but is it fat?...

 whats the easiest way to loose weight?

 Do you think I'm fat?
I'm 13 years old, 132 pounds, and 5'3.5.
Additional Details
I excercise A LOT but I look really fat still. I used to be 115 but then started recovery from bulimia and so when I ...

 Im trying to lose weight so i want to start drinking a lot of water during the day but i really hate the taste?
of just plain water so i was wondering what mixes i can use to give it some flavor but that also do not have Aspartame, much calories, and fat in them....Any ideas?...

 I feel so huge. I am 5'8 and 143 pounds. I know I am fat. What can I do to loose weight?
Please dont tell me I dont need to loose weight because I wont be happy until I reach 130 pounds. Any good pills or tips?
Additional Details
Im a girl, 18 years ...

 are my love handles bad?
I can't tell (teenagers have distorted body images).
If they are bad, how much weight should I lose?

 am i over weight or underweight?
im 15 114 lbs and 5'7 ? just wondering lol hahah just for fun ...

 Does drinking a gallon of water help you get built body wise?
i remember in high school id see guys with gallons of water cause supposedly it helped them get bigger and i was wondering if that was true. I want to get bigger cause im pretty skinny and i havent ...

 What do you think is the leading cause of obesity among children in today's world?

 What is the best diet drink?
I love my coke. But since I have started dieting, I had to cut down on it. Right now, I love drinking diet Dr. Pepper and water with lemon....

 How long can you last without eating?
. . .
Additional Details
In general and I ask because I'm curious. (Not cause i wanna try)...

 How much do I look like I weigh now?
I lost some weight.
I'm 5' 7" and 19 yrs old.
How much do you think I weigh (just curious) ?
And how much more weight should I lose?
Thanks ahead of time <3

 wots the longest time u've gone without eating?

Hippo P
im 5'3 and 117 lbs am i fat?

i weigh the same but i am 5 ft 1, i feel really fat, ur prolly more toned then i am, i wanna be 98 pounds so badly

Jonny Dangerously
depends is your weight proportioned or are you carrying it all in your ****?

nope ur just fine as u are :D

Yes! Dude, My mom is 5'4, she is 113 pounds. And she's 42.. I weigh like 72 pounds with clothes on I think.

No, that's pretty much healthy.

mj s
id have to see you completely nude to give you an accurate answer; ) just kidding you are in average with your height

A Misfit Chick 4ever!!!
not at all =)

noooo way, thats just about perfect

your BMI is 20.3, 18-24 is normal weight

no, that weight is great for your height

Jose H
Not at all,you're normal.

nope :)

Wally Phillip Sanchez
Not enough info. Body fat percentage is a better metric. Yours should be 25-35%

Samuel S
No way

You sound thin! I am 5' 4.5" and normally I'm around 125 but I've gained more muscle weight recently due to intensive rock climbing. I can say for sure that I am still skinny!

You can check your fat to muscle ratio too to see if you're proportioned. There are impedance scales that can measure your fat to water ratio in your body. You can also use BMI calculators (just google that) and they can tell you definitely if your height to weight ratio is healthy.

Unless you have some skewed fat to muscle ratio, you sound pretty thin and healthy. I wouldn't worry about it. If you want to look more toned, just be more active but as a weight number overall, you're great!

Sound okay to me but if you really think you have a problem you are best to speak with your doctor for a correct answer. Not the people on Yahoo...they are just strangers.

Hell no.

No not at all.

This is a healthy weight for a women your height.

amanda a




if u have fluffy fat

ღ♫♪♥•*´`*•♥ Rebecca ♥•*´`*•♥ღஜღ

No way! not at all.

No your normal

ur fine

that's actually the avg. for your height and weight so don't worry! :)

Ta-Zu (&Miku)
hell no.
you're just fine. ^_^

nope.. great size.. don't change it

It is strange how this question is usually asked by asked by women or girls. They could make life better for all of us if the would consult the height and weight charts that can be found on the web and stop worrying about the weight factor.

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