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 What is your age and height?
i wanna know if a am tall or not

height: 5'9
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size 13 shoes bigger hands than my dad and everyone else i know... im supposed to be only 6...

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 i am 5'2'' and i weigh 90 pounds?
i am 5'2'' weigh 90 pounds and im 12. is that overweight underweight or average?...

im 13 and weigh 123 pounds, is this bad?
i feel fat and i am 5'7
all my friends say that im like a stick

Spike (I'm So Paid)
depends on how ur weight is distributed about ur body but it sounds like a reasonable BMI

grawr ♥
no! i'm 14, 5'7" and 118...my friend is 5'7" and 125 (14 as well).

heck no

no way! im 14 and way 120 on a good day

not relly because well your body is going to us that to get tall in a year or so

nooooo , not at all your not to skinney but your not fat .

your not fat.
maybe a little out of shape, i know it's not what you are wanting to hear, but according to your height and age, your weight should not be 123
it should range from 90-110 pounds

try going on daily runs, change your diet check out the food pyramid's website just type it in on google and they have easy tips and meal ideas that is easy for kids like you to follow up on

don't worry you are growing still and can get healthy in no time, all it takes is effort ;)

.to write love on her arms.
not at all. you are a stick.
135 is average for 5'7.

im 85 pounds and im 17
but im 5'2 (stil underweight but i cant put weight on, been trying for months)

you sound skinny
considering your 5'7 your fine
your BMI is 19.3 which is drifting to the underwight section (18.5 is underweight)

so your healthy

When people are taller than average, which you are, they seem to have more body weight than others. If it makes you feel uncomfortable there are so many things you can do about. But it doesn't sound like you are "fat" at all.

That sounds alright I'm 5'9" and 299 pounds and I feel skinny.

Really. Please go talk to your family about your self-esteem. Someone wasn't hugged enough.

hellz no! i weigh around the same as u and am only 5'3
and i wldnt call myself fat

You probably just weigh more than them. You are tall, and your weight is proportional. You're fine! =) I'm only 5'1 so I would trade you.

nope, its very good. i am the same height and a bit heavier. ideally you should be between 120-140, so you are fine. Don't worry about weight, its such a trivial thing to worry about, especially if you aren't obese :)

ashley (:
if your 5'7 and weight 123 pounds that should be normal. Trust me, you are not fat at all. Your just tall, and thats a cool thing! look at taylor swift. Shes tall. trust me, your not even a little fat!

check your bmi


from what I see you are on the low level of normal

don't worry its still normal weight

Dpn S
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This Guy Dave
No.But I am not going to lie if you keep doing what you are ,you will become over weight.You must know I am not trying to be mean,the hole world is not always in the best of shape.Try to walk more and you are 13 try drink more water and milk.I helps trust me.

that's almost aubry hepburn skinny. yeah you're not fat.

Mrs. Edward Cullen
Nope, I don't think so

kate k
yeah your definatley not fat! that is what my sister weights and she is about your height and she is skinny!

EccentricEmiiily. :]
With being that tall, you are fiiine.

Doctor D
no your 5' 7" 123 is not fat

omgg no!
you're just tall for your age

If you are 5'7" that weight seems normal to me =).

Cowgirl Up
That's completely normal, especially since your only 5'7

5'7 and 123? you are NOT fat by any stretch of the imagination

Erica H
completely skinnyh :D

dang youre tall for your age!

You're fine. Gah, teenagers and their self consciousness.

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