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soccer is life 8D
im 13 and need to lose 5 or 10 lbs!!!!!! PLEASE HELP PLEASE!!!!!?
okay so im 13 and 5 foot and about 102 i know it isnt i lot but my mom is petite and i am too so i have a tummy if you know what i mean! i need easy quick things that can help me besides the stuff im already doing. im eating healther and exercising! if you can help i would love to her your suggestions!! 8D

Sweetie... i am 15 and i am 108.. and i know people are going to be saying... "102 is SO skinny stop complaining"...
the truth is.. it is where that 102 pounds is that is obviously frustrating you. I was the same but now i am satisfied. I stayed the same weight but lost the bit of tummy fat... I suggest eating healthy of course which means.. salads for lunch.. oatmeal or healthy cereal for breakfast.. and then for dinner something like a salad... sauteed vegies and chicken.

For workout... i suggest starting with a quick lap around the block EVERY morning.. then a wall sit for 5 mins... then go into a plank..and work up the amount of time you can do it.. i can now hold a plank for 15 mins... (start with 3)... I would then strech and try to do 30 situps... this SIMPLE routine helped me lose my tummy :)

green tea is suppose to help speed the metabolism and just because you eat healthier doesnt mean you can eat more still portion your food and eat a variety

At your age it probably is still puppy fat so dont worry, you'll loose it

At 13, it's good you're thinking about staying in shape. What you shouldn't do is worry about numbers. Don't worry about your weight.... stop weighing yourself. It doesn't matter what the "number" is if you feel healthy.

At your age, your body is changing rapidly. If you try to diet or deprive your body of stuff it needs now, you may do damage to your overall health in the future.

Don't be pressured by other girls dieting, the ultra-skinny models in fashion magazines, and all the gossip magazines advertising diet plans. None of that is normal. Your height/weight is just fine. Concentrate on eating healthy and exercising.

Eat lots of fruits/vegetables. Boneless/skinless chicken is always a good protein source. Drink LOTS of water and avoid carbonated drinks. Don't starve yourself.... if you're hungry, then eat. Starving yourself makes your body rebel and it won't burn fat.... only muscle.

Best exercise is anything active that you like doing. Ride your bike. Rolerskate/rollerblade. Start learning a martial art like karate or kung fu. Dancing is fun.... by yourself or as part of an organized group. Go walking/hiking. Swimming is an excellent way to stay in shape. Find something fun to do.

I must emphasize again: Stop weighing yourself. And don't compare yourself to your mom or anyone else. You are unique.... don't try to be like anyone else. The best thing you can do now is start feeling good about your body and quit worrying what other people think.

Vanessa J
Diets will send you on a roller coaster. I've tried a lot of different things since the age of thirteen. Loosing weight is a slow process. Be careful what you eat. At your age your friends will influence you a lot to eat out or grab unhealthy snacks. Eat more meals at home. Also try eating 6 small meals a day instead of 3 large ones. I'm not saying to completely cut coke's out but drinking a lot of water will help you feel full and it is healthy for you. It should not be too difficult for you to loose weight if you are even over weight at all. Instead of doing rigorous exercises do something you enjoy, like swimming. If all else fails consult a doctor. Remember it's not about loosing weight, It's about being healthy and maintaining that health.

Michael Zachary
keep doing what you do and work out more

Its simple just burn more calories then you take in.

Well, try some anti oxydents of something..?
MORE exercise?
MORE healthy food?
Also please please remember..at that kinda age you will leap in height..and lose ALOT of weight.

if you need to lose 5 to 10 lbs then it's not worth the risk. maybe if you needed to lose like 20, then thats different.

answer mine plz!

A friend of mine went on weight watchers when she was a little over weight and lost 12 pounds and you could really tell. Also if you jump rope 10 minutes a day for one month straight you can loose 10 pounds. I hope this helps a little, good luck! =]

The Rave
You could try exercisng but I think its a really bad idea that your trying to lose weight, I mean, your 13. You are barely a teen. You are wasting your time trying to lose weight. Its the sad truth. Wait till your 16, 17, 18. Thats about the time you will be able to start losing weight.

Elena Marie
I'm looking for a Diet Plan for me too and I'm 13...But girl please, You do not need to lose weight if your 5"0 and 102 lbs.

ab roller-- you can get it at Target or walmart for about $25-30. Do 200-250 situp each night and with 2-3 you will see the different. South BEach diet is a great way to lose weight, I bet you willl lose at least 5 pounds in 2 week, if you follow the diet and exercise.

just keep doing what ur doing u'll lose the weight

Kylee Rae
omg u r the perfect wieght just keep doing what u r doing

kori h

melissa s
Your wight is fine for a 13 year old, just keep exercising and eating healthy foods, and there wont be a need to be worried about your wight.

Schlick nasty
dont worry so much your 13, if you are exercising and eating better thats all you can do. keep it up!

You should talk to your mom about it and see what she thinks.

keep doing what you do and work out more

your to young to think about stuff like that! but... eat health and exercise a lot! but don't over do it! you'll grow and then your tummy will fit better... i'm 18 and my body is just starting to take shape and even though i haven't lost any weight i still look like i have but anyways your just a kid so have fun and don't think about it!

longrod vonhugendong
It's called six inches.

You lay down and raise you feet 6 inches off the floor, and keep them there for 30 seconds, and you do different sets of these, along with crunches.

An ab workout.
Make your forearms touch the ground and straighten out your legs until you are on your toes. Hold for a minute or two.
Then be on one arm and turn to your side and your legs should be sraight, and be on one side of your foot. Hold. Just keep alternating different poses like this. You will lose your gut and get greaaat abs.

you dont need to loose weight. If anything, you can tone up. Excercising and eating right are great! also drinking a lot of water and not eating after about 7pm would help!!!

Liz S
Your body is fine but try this http://www.halls.md/ideal-weight/body.htm

Guess what? You don't need to do anything!

You're going to go through a growth spurt and will grow into your current weight.

thug nasty
how much are you exercising i run 4 miles at least 4 days a week

You are at the correct weight for your height. Just keep on eating a healthy diet and getting adequate exercise and you will have the shape that is normal for YOU at your age. You really need to accept your body as it is when you are healthy. Many people jeopardize their health trying to get their bodies to look some way other that their natural way. Don't do that, please! Take good care of your body. You need to live in it your whole life!

Cut one of your arms off? I'm joking, of course. Sweetie, if you are 102, five feet, and thirteen, you don't have to worry about your weight. :)

It doesn't sound like you need to loose weight at all. If you have a tummy then do crunches to tone up but don't loose any weight!!

bunnies{free palestine}
You are at a perfect weight.

It depends how healthy you are eating and how well you are exercising.

- If you like to eat when you are bored celery is the best but soup works as well. You can get some soup that you can make really quickly (in like 1-2 mins)

- For snacks try to have things like yogurt with fruit in it. You can buy the yogurt with the fruit in it already or you can put it in manually. Personally I like to buy it with it put in but that's my preference.

- Try to not eat at fast foods as much as possible. If you do go to fast foods try to get a low calorie meal. If you have to go to a fast food place please do not go to burger king especially since it has an item on the menu that gives you 2100 calories.

- Since you do not live on your own you do not have control over meals as much. So, if you can afford it (sorry it sounds a bit rude) it's great to buy the leanest meat possible. Also getting it organic is the best especially since you may get cancer from some of the food they feed the animals. This isn't always the case but it's best to take large precautions.

- Workout out daily but don't over-do it since this causes you to do more harm then good. If you over-do it you could permanently damage yourself for life mostly with weight lifting. Doing things such as crunches/sit-ups, push-ups and running/jogging shouldn't hurt. But I do suggest weight lifting but you should be very cautious.

- Do not skip meals since this makes you eat more later. You will probably end up eating more calories. The same goes with getting lots of sleep since you need more energy to keep you going so you need to eat more food.

- Try not to get to skinny as this could be hazardous to your health. Also be aware that if you seem to be gaining muscle really quickly and losing any flabbiness but seem to be gaining pounds it is most likely just because you have lots of muscle. I'm like that :). Muscle weighs more than flab.

Take Care and Good Luck :D

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