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 how do I avoid da munchies??
am 16 ND AM ABOUT 20 PNDS OVERWEIGHT, I really wanna lose them nd i do good, but i blazeit to much nd than of course i get da munchies. Does anyone kno wat or how i can stop smokin bud or at least ...

 am i overweight?
I'm 5'7, maybe a bit over but not quite 5'8, I weigh around 140 pounds, maybe a bit more? Am I overweight?
Additional Details
thanks, appreciated ...

 what have you eaten today that has the highest calorie content?
I don't look at calories. but perhaps I should....

 Why am i still so fat?
I hardly ever eat. At the most i eat 200 calories a day. I exercise twice a day for an hour. I do 1000 crunches a day, plus a bunch of cardio.

Why am i still so fat? I am 5'7, and i ...

 What is the best thing to eat after working out to lose weight?

 how can i grow taller within a few days? im 13 , 95lbs and 4'11?
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 how is it possible to weigh less in the morning, when nothing left your body?
so whenever i compare my wieght from at night to the morning its usually like a 2-4 pound diffrence! how is it possible to weigh less and look skinnier in the morning when nothing has left your body ...

 I'm 13 and weigh 144 lbs. Am I fat?
Is it ok to weigh 144 lbs and be 5' 6"?

i'm scared that i'm fat! I'm almost 14. Is this normal?

Please be honest! And if u think i'm fat, give me ...

 eating before or after exercise?
i am going to start going running with a friend, she works until late so we will be going running at around 8pm.
i get home around 5pm, so would it be a better idea for me to eat when i get home ...

 Am i over weight???????????????
Im 13 yrs old and 5' 6" and i weigh 150 pounds. Am i over weight? plz be truthful!...

 how can I lose 10 pounds with out taking pills?
Right now i weigh 130 and would like to weigh 120 and lose it as fast as possible without taking any pills ir doing anything that can harm me. So whats the easiest and quickest way to lose it?...

 I'm a male, 5'91/2" tall and 150 lbs. Am I fat?
I feel like a giant piece of lard. I have a little belly that I can't seem to get rid of. People say I need to be 160 lbs! but that is crazy for me. I already have high blood pressure. Is ...

 Am I Too Fat Or What?
Im 14
And Aroud 108 pounds
Should I Lose Weight
If So How much??

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 will i lose my curves if i starve??
hi i want to go on a detox (starvation)but wondered what will happen to my body.it will be for 5days with less then 500 calories or just water.my biggest worry is am i going to lose my curves and is ...

 How do i loose weight if i am 200 pounds male and a 13 year old?
plz help!...

 Is htis a normal wieght?
5 foot 7
14 year old girl
123 pounds.
I wanna loose mroe and for track we do about 1-2 miles a day and I do shot put. Will doing this work, or will I just end up building muscle?...

 Do you think i'm fat? Honest opinions please..?
I'm 5'4''
i weigh 123..
i think i'm really fat..
i want to lose atleast like 15 pounds..
what do you think?
i want honest opinions on the two pics &...

 do you think I can lose weight by not going to the gym but to walk in town?
I'm trying to lose weight but I can't go to gym cause i'm paying for my driving lessions, so do you think walking for about 30 to a hour would lose my ...

 how to get a six pack??? 10 points?
whats the quickst way to get a 6 pack (i aint fat) lol pllllzzzz help?????...

 Do Fruits have any caloriess ???
title explains itself lol.

and if so, how many ??...

Sara M
im 13 and 5'8 and 140 lbs. am i overweight?
i think im really fat. i wear a size 4 in pants. and medium in shirts. (this is another perosn using my accout to answer) do u think im overweight? be honest.
Additional Details
im in track and very muscualer and oh ima girl.

Yeah Sarah cuz u are only 13 u shouldnt be weighing 140 lbs, u should weigh some 125 the most..

Hugo M
yes u are HUGE, shut the hell up u KNOW your not fat, your just asking a pointless question, oh and thanks for the 2 points

Sorry yea. You should weigh around 125 at most. Well actuallly no nevermind. I didnt look at the height. For that height that is fine you pobably are beautiful.

no!!! r u kidding?! size 4 is tiny!

no way if anything ur underweight

gloria glamourâ„¢
not at all.
im sure your pretty and your just having your period and you feel fat.

The Infinite

considering the fact that you're in a size 4...
its probably mostly muscle...
and gosh you're tall.
im 14
and 140...
i know what you're thinking...
"gosh she's fat!"
but actually im very toned...
its a sh!tload of muscle...
so you're probably just a very toned and most likely athletic person if you're like me.

UM NO im 5'7 and 190 pounds..what do you think?

Cheat Sum
Im 5'6 and weigh 155 lbs.

And I dont look like I have any fat on my body.

so I dont think you're fat.

Noo, not at all.

NO!!! Size 4 is SKINNY!!!!

im 13, 5'8, and 140 lbs. when i saw this question i freaked out.
but im a guy and am in basketball. i dont think your overweight cuz im not. just big bone. :)

Not really, if you want to check, look up your BMI (body mass index). you are fat if your BMI is over 25, if your BMI is over 30... sign up for the biggest loser.

Micheal Jackson
No. You're underweight if anything.

Noel P
Dosn't matter how much you weight man.

girl you just fine your not over weight

Bird Girl
im 17 and 5'8 and i weigh 125. but i dont have muscle so if i weighed 140 it would look bad. since you do have muscle you probaly look great. and i wear a size 6

no u r okay for 13 years old

kyle s
your height has a lot to do with the weight, of course if your taller you will weigh more. i wouldnt worry about it you sound normal sized

Jeff d
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Vanessa :)
You are of a normal weight!

no you are not overweight!!!

No way im older then you and im the same height and weight have been for years and for years my doctor has told me that im grossly UNDER weight and need to gain like 10 pounds

and ive been 5'8 seince i was like 9

No. Your height and weight are compatible.

solo sam
try calcuating your BMI (body mass index). if you get a number between 18.5 and 24, you're at a healthy weight. try searching it up on google. but I don't think wearing a size 4 at your height is considered overweight.

Roxtar Shan
no not at all!!!

yure fine

Elle Kay
You are most definitely not overweight. You are a very good weight for your height and age.

Search your BMI (Body Mass Index)

Your BMI is 21.3

And you are a normal healthy weight.

Sunday Morning (Your The Best)
no, i only think your a little bit overweight, so lets get started!
-Buy the game dance dance revolution and start dancing to music!
-Eat more veggies and fruits and eat less meat, overall don't eat too much!
-Hip hop dancing and other videos is helpful, is also really fun
-Toys like HullaHoop and Jump Rope really helps, and addicting too!

Good day! Merry Christmas

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