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if i only drink water for a week, no food!?
will i lose weight? and my love handles? thats all i want!!!

at least eat some bread, meat and vegetables too.

without proper nutrients that are not naturally in water you will start to get weak and possibly pass out.... Lots of protein and vitamins found in fruits, dairy, meats, and veggies is a very important part of your diet... unless you become a vegetarian. LoL

good luck

When you do not eat, you will get weaker..

When you don't eat you wont lose fat, but rather it'll mostly be muscle.

On top of that, when you start eating (BELIEVE ME, it wont be after a week, 3 days tops.) You will eat so much at once that you will gain all the weight back. (Maybe even gain a few lbs.)

Rule of thirds:
You can live for three weeks without food.
three days without water.
three minutes without air.

You would be about 1/3 away from your death which would most likely result in long lasting damage to your body.

That would be really stupid. Don't even think about doing that. All you need to do is work out a routine or something. Eat healthy (not junk food) and exercise regularly.

No!! Your just going to get sick. Protiens and other vitamins to keep you sane. Exercise is key to a healthier body. Cutting down on sugar foods will help. A carb diet is probably the best diet out there. You can eat carb but limit the percentage and work out just a little a day.

Your body will slow it's metabolism to account for lack of food. What you need to do is focus on abdominal exercises, stick to lean protein, little carbs other than fruits and veggies and you will lose weight in a healthy way.

You could pass out or even die. You can lose the weight by eating more healthy 5 to 6 times a day in small amounts.

you will probably lose weight...and consciousness. don't try it. crash diets are horrible. what i'd try is drinking alot of water (helps get all of the bladder and stomache moving) then eat about normally. but lay off the chocolate bars or cookies and stuff like that. and don't eat between meals eat during meals normally (without sweets). i tried that and i lost 22 lbs in 4 weeks

Diva Darling
NO NO NO NO NO! This will not work!

Love handles must be WORKED OFF! While you are watching tv or whatever you do just tip side to side...( like ima little tea pot ha ha) but really it will get rid off those.

IF your not going to eat.....then your missing out...

katie c
that is very unhealthy.
i can guarentee you'll pass out and make yourself very sick.
not a smart choice. if you wanna try a water diet, try drinking a bottle of water before every meal and i can guarentee you'll eat less, and i dont mean sip the water, drink it in gulps. Also another that i found works, is try toasted wheat bread and peanut butter or turkey as a snack, its filling and the fiber will hold you off untill your next meal.

You will pass out. You need to eat SOMETHING in that week, water may hold you for 2 days but, you need to eat.

Fatima A
um are u ok?
you will not be in a very good condidtion
trust me
just eat

u will die.........if you eat fruit and a lot of healthy stuff you'll lose some weight

yeah, you'll lose weight, if you can make it through a week without food. but even if you do, you'll gain all the weight back, if not more, once you start eating again. if you want to lose weight, you should just diet (eat healthy) and exercise :]

you have to weight train. some people say that it doesnt make you lose weight, but if you gain muscle, your metabolism speeds up, and you'll lose weight.

if you only drink water, you'll slow your metabolism and gain weight in the long run. plus, like the others said, you'll end up in the hospital!

David C
no, because your body will realize that you are not eating, and it will store any food you do eat. if you want to lose weight, eat smaller portions, cut out sugar (especially sodas), drink plain tea, skin milk. eat less red meat, more chicken and fish (baked, not fried) and walk a little more, or if you can jog.

i want to lose my love handles and have a flat stomache SOOOO bad and my health teacher told me to drink at least 6 full glasses of water a day and eat low fat food. just drinking water without eating doesnt do anything but make you sick.

That would be starving yourself and when you eat, you'll try to eat everything that's not nailed down. Learn portion control and exercise. Cut out fried foods, sodas and juice. Good Luck!

Emily M
You'll lose weight, but you'll also die. So if you want an emancipated corpse, go right ahead.

You will be in the hospital

eric e
you'll lose the weight, but you would be one dizzy Mofo. and Plus you would slow down your metabolism.

Don't. Way dangerous!! Just try to exercise more!!

you would pee away half of your life in one week and increase on the down side.

No, you'll end up passed out on the floor.
If you want to lose weight, eat lots of fruits and veggies, nuts, lean meat, and EXERCISE!!!

ned c
you probably would lose weight

but you couldnt function correctly without nutrients.

try excersising lots and cutting junk food out for healthy dieting

That's not how it works unfortunately

no, you will pass out and be too weak to do anything

you will die moron!!!!

you will faint. sorry, but it will happen.

Raw Truth w/ Vitamins
You might lose your life. Just eat healthy, how hard is that?!?!

You will get very ill, probably faint and end up with an expensive hospital visit.

Your body needs calories.

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