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i starve myself, and then purge when i do eat.. but i have a question...?
if i ate healthy like 3 meals a day would it help me lose weight faster?
ever since i have been doing this i have lost weight..
but i think if i changed what i was doing i would gain not lose..
am i correct?
Additional Details
thankyou everyone,
i do excersize too,
pretty much everyday.

Snerp Snerp

No, if you will eat healthy, you will lose, but you need to eat more vegy drink more woter do not eat sweet and do exurs.Good luck!

well I don't mean to criticize but purging and starving you self is very unhealthy. if you start eating three healthy meals a day at first you will gain weight because your metabolism slows down as a result of starving yourself. if you continue eating 3 healthy meals a day then your metabolism will return to normal and you should start gradually and healthily losing weight

well actually, when you eat good solid meals, you will be healthier and especially if its balanced, u could still lose weight.
Remember breakfast kick starts your metabolism.
I hope you know that starving and purging is very bad for your overall health.
plus, when u don't get enough nutrition, u may gain weight.

i recovered from an eating disorder. but the truth is, u never recover, u live with it everyday. eating healthy and working out does help u lose weight. it helps alot actually. as soon as i satopped my bad eating habits, and started eating healthy, and working out. i lost weight faster. and i promise u that its hard work... but it pays off. my body is damaged because of my eating disorder. i purged and took ex-lax. and it tore the lining of my stomach. i dont want anyone to do thru that.

If you do it with exercise, you will lose weight. You won't lose as much as quickly, but you'll be saving yourself from a lot of potential problems such as losing your teeth, getting ulcers, ruining your stomach and esophagus, or even getting caught. Eventually, you won't be able to hold down food at all.

I'm not lecturing you. I know it won't do any good because I have battled those demons. You will lose weight eating about 1,200 calories or so a day and exercise. It will just be a slow journey. If you have the patience and will power to starve and purge, you should be able to diet properly.

Good luck :P

thats prob the worst thing you can do. it is better to eat alot of diffeernt times then all at once

well i think its not a good idea to starve yourself and than eat at other times.. because when you go back to eating from starvation you will gain more weight. So the best way to loose weight is control your diet, increase water, vegetables and fruits and i think almonds is another good snacking. And start exercising regularly and don't give up this routine it takes a while to see some results.
hope it helps!

please stop doing that to yourself. I had a friend who almost died because she did almost exectly what you are doing.

Eat healthy meals, and a light snack; such as an apple or something healthy. Make sure and drink lots of fluids so that you dont dehydrate yourself. And also; try taking a walk once in a while..its WAY healthier than what you are doing now. It will kill you. Take it from someone who has seen it..

Also; if you excercise make sure and eat something light and healthy before you exercise or you will make yourself sick.


starving yourself isnt gonna help ur body will start getting nutrients from your organs eating a balanced diet and exercising will help you lose a ton of weight no ones gonna like you if you smell like puke

Purging what you eat is really really dangerous. The acid from forcing yourself throw up rips up your esophagus and causes serious, sometimes irreversible, damage to your body. Also, when you eat and then vomit, you are not getting necessary nutrients to keep your body healthy. Starving yourself causes hugh drops in blood sugar and can cause you to pass out or make things like driving dangerous. There are better ways to lose weight! Healthier ways! Eating smaller portions, but of healthy, good vitamin/nutrient rich food is the way to go! Ask your doctor about different things that can help you manage your size. Right now you are exhibiting symptoms of Bulimia, a very serious, possibly life-threatening eating disorder. If you find that you cannot stop yourself, then you should see a psychiatrist or your doctor. Please, ask a healthcare professional and lose weight the healthy way. You will feel better if you do it safely and will have much better results!

ya its better to eat healthily each day

good luckk

You may gain some weight BUT it will not be significant also with starving your self and purging.... you can shut down some vital organs and it may cause long term damage so be careful your weight is not as important as your heart

to be healthy you have to eat...don't make yourself sick

Julie J
Doctors will tell you that the best way to lose weight is to actually eat four to eight SMALL meals a day. What it does is the more continuous flow of food keeps your metabolism running so it eventually gets faster. You might gain a little weight at first but you will lose it and even more soon after.

Ryan J
possibly, if you monitored ur calorie count u wouldnt gain tho, eat 4 small meals and workoput ull be all good

Kay Krunk
Ducky, you're quackers. The best way to lose weight AND be healthy is diet and exercise. Don't starve yourself and don't throw up.. you'll regret that in the long run. DIET AND EXERCISE.

yo Ducky you need to get some help. my sister is now recovering after being a bulimic for 15 years. she almost died twice because her potassium levels bottomed out, she had to get all new teeth from all the damage done from the binging and purging and not to mention the mental illness that comes with this disease. please get help now.

love xoxo
OMG dont do that u poor thing exersise is the key

Youre heading down a dangerous road
Please get some help
Starving yourself and purging when you do eat will only make you sick and develope health problems
Im forty pounds overweight myself and Im not happy about it
excersize and drink lots of water and cut out all junk foods and you should lose

Miss Mouse
If you ate a healthy diet, yes, you would still lose weight. As far as your eating disorder is concerned, your ideas about how it works are disordered. I have been dieting since September, and have lost (as of today) 49 pounds so far. And I do that eating 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. That is an average of more than 1 pound a week.

With the bulimic behavior you have, a few things are certain. What will certainly eventually happen, is that, if you are vomiting, you will destroy the enamel on your teeth, which will either rot away or discolor. You will also become ill. Your hair will begin to fall out, and, if you are female, you will stop menstruating. You will also lose muscle mass and become skeletal and weak. Once this has happened, repeated binging and purging will begin to affect your organs, particularly your heart. If you do not stop this and get help, heart failure will carry you off at a terribly young age.

serene e
You would gain weight NOW because you've put your body into starvation mode- it's saving every single calorie you're taking in right now .
But, eating 1200-1500 calories a day is correct, plus 1 hour exercise. Walking, jump rope, etc. Exercise is half of the equation.

PLUS after you lose the weight, you have to keep up the eating right and exercising or you'll just gain it back.

smiley =)
I think you should definitely change your diet. Starving yourself is bad for your body and could relate to complications later in life. Try eating a healthy, balanced meal each of the three meals and try chewing gum when the urge to snack is in the air. Of course, exercising helps a lot when losing wait.

Honey Bear :)
well you should eat 3 meals but you can exercise a little and then you will loose weight, Just watch what you eat!

Eat! Eat! Eat! It doesnt have to be much but please eat something and keep it in your stomach. You will kill yourself if you continue to live this way

Paulie Walnuts
Dont starve tourself. First off from purging your teeth and esophogus are going to rot from the acid in vomit. Also you are going to grow more hair on your body to try to make up for a loss in body temp.

The Undertaker's Wife
No. Because of Your unhealthy diet your body will go into starvation mode and store whatever you do eat as fat.

Eating disorders might help you lose weight in the short run, but they can eventually kill you.

I'm sorry, but you need help.

Um zu Zerstören
it deends on your metabolism, i lost, and are still losing, 13 lbs by sliming my porportions and working out, even walking for a while helps

why suffer for shallow people? Love yourself, because no matter how skinny you are, if you don't love yourself, no one will

eating 3 healthy meals a day is far better than what you've been doing.

Cunning Temptation
Eat healthy in small portions through out the day. It will keep your metabolism up so you burn off the calories your taking in. Each light meats like tuna, chicken, or turkey. Eat light carbs like potatoes, oatmeal or rice. These carbs are far better for you than noodles, bread or complex carbs. Vegetables are great for you, and so are most fruits. Grapefruits are excellent for dieting. Blueberries are also extremely healthy fruits.

What you're doing now leads to serious health problems. It's not worth risking your life to try to lose weight.

Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day for 3-4 days a week. Each little meals about ever 2 hours to keep your metabolism up. If you exercise give yourself a little more prior to your exercise session or you risk not having enough sugars in your body.

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