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I started the pill today any advice or sucess stories....

 Stomach exercise...? Just wondering..?
I do this exercise everyday. You lie flat on your back, knees bent, your hands on the top of your thighs. Then you raise your left arm to your right knee, and vice versa.

Altogether in ...

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I think that should be done EVERYWHERE! Wow, what a concept...reduce people's consumption of fats which, in turn, reduces weight, which ...

 What should I do about my girlfriend's weight gain?
We have been dating for about 7 moths now. She was super petite (but not at all scary skinny) when I first met her. She does theater (as do I), so I assumed keeping in shape was important to her. W...

 lose 10 POUNDS of FAT by MAY!?!?
I am an early teen, and i want to lose 10 pounds by the end of May 2008.
In summary, i want to lose about 3-4 pounds a MONTH.
To achieve my goal, how many sit ups/ push ups do i have to do ...

 Has anyone here tried the special k challenge?
Did you loose any weight and what did you eat for dinner?...

 I need a hug. Do you think I am fat?
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i need some help with my craving?
i have a bad craving for junk food and i don't know how to get it to stop.

i want to go on a diet to get rid of about 20 pounds so i'll be closer to avrage weight but really i have to lose around 50 to be there but i am tall for my age and i don't want to lose alot anyways

i know and tried the thing where you picture maggot on your food and stuff but i still eat it....i can't picture stuff like that it don't work for me

can anyone tell me how to stop the craving or about a good diet thats not that hard to follow??

Drink coffee with cream and sugar you'll be full all the time and won't want to eat much. Then cereal when you do get hungry. Eat good at supper though so you'll get your nutrition!

Tips to stop food cravings:
---Drink more water :Water suppresses the appetite naturally and helps the body to metabolize stored fat.
---Include more fiber in your meals:

---Eat slowly :It takes around 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that it is full . Chewing your food longer will help prevent you from over eating.
---Adequate sleep :
---Eat smaller, more frequent meals:

try this it really worked for me
i am a 17 year old female who weighs approximately 50 kilos and I am 168cm in height. I go to the gym three times a week for an hour of cardio (mainly on the cross trainer) and according to the machines i burn about 850-950 calories each time. ( i know the machines aren't that accurate).
My daily diet is ;
Breakfast: all bran with semi skimmed milk and 2 pieces of fruit ussually nectarines. (300 calories ish)
Snack: apple (50 calories)
Lunch; turkey sandwich (whole meal break and turkey slices no spread) (150 calories)
Snack; will bar (213 calories)
Dinner; varied but consists of 300 calories. tonight i had a fish cake, green beans and noodles.
Dessert; 250 calories..maybe and icecream or yohgurt and bar
Supper; cereal with semi skimmed milk (allbran or special k) with a piece of fruit (250-300 calories)

I drink two litres of water each day and i have about two diet drinks and two cups of green tea.
Whenever you feel a craving have some sugar free gum or a green tea, stay strong and good luck xxx

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