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Chubby Butter
i just turnd 13 and im 246 and 5'3 work out tips and ways to deal with the bullying????????

honestly i dont think you should be dieting if your 13 because your just a kid and you should enjoy not careing about looks .... but you should try eating lots of vegetables and fruits and try lifting weights,running,or swimming and dont care so much about what people say none of it will matter in the long run.

At 246 lbs. and you are still bullied? They must be giants. Seriously, if you know other boys who are chubby get them to back you up when you face these bullies. Strength in numbers.

James G
Well im 13 also im 162 and im 5'5 or 5'6 i havent checked in a while but go to the gym and bench press for a half an hour and then run on the tread mill for 20-30 mins. also swimming is good too, and as for the bully thing stand up to them and they should stand down it works for me all the time, but if it doesnt work the fite him because last week a kidd waz in my face and i owned him.

as far as working out- you definitely need to start cardio. Running is the best but you have to build up gradually- go to coolrunnings.com and look at their couch to 5k program. If running is not your thing there's biking, walking, dancing, aerobics. ANything that gets your heart rate up and that you enjoy. You're kind of at a point where you need to start somewhere- anywhere so just pick something you think you'll stick to.
Then you really need to look at what you're eating. Are you getting enough veggies? Fruits? Cut out soda and potato chips- etc

The bullying- that's a tough one- everyone will tell you to ignore it but that's easier said than done. Just try not to take it personally- usually the rude comments say a lot more about the person making them than about the person they're aimed at. If anyone gets physical with you in any way you need to tell an adult. that's just unacceptable.
And pedro is absolutely right- the most important thing here is that you learn to love yourself. Too many people out there think that constantly pointing out how fat you are is helpful- that couldn't be farther from the truth- the better you feel about yourself right now today the more naturally you'll come to taking better care of yourself.

here are some workout tips and it works a lot of different muscles.
20 toe touches
20 power jumping jacks or 40 regular ones
10 or 20 candle stick straight jumps
20 sit ups
20sec hollow body hold
20sec arch hold
20 push ups
20 piked push ups.
to deal with the bully is to ignore them and just walk away

Wake up people. You should not be telling this kid to bully back. That is not the answer. The answer should be to find a diet plan that would work for you. Weight Watchers is by far the best and easiest to follow. I have just lost 41 lbs on it. Talk to you parents and your doctor (you need a doctor's note to start Weight Watchers) about joining. Do it for yourself, no one else. Gradually work in some sort of exercise. Walk, do aerobics, etc. Good luck! You can do anything you set your mind to! Remember, you're a winner!!!!

try doing 10 pushups with hands abit wider then your shoulders, then 10 with hands abit narrower then your shoulders, then 10 with hands forming a diamond shapy thing with your thumbs+index fingers. and running and swimming are the best ways to lose weight.

Elizabeth J
just say screw. they're idiots. trust me, i had a friend who had that problem, and she completely went anarexic and now she has no friends. all she does is drink diet coke even though we tell her that its bad for her. and she always does this weird stuff like pushing down on her stomach to try and make herself look smaller. its really not good. just trust me on this one, your weight isnt the most important thing. im 13 too, and i know from experiance from watching others in my class that if you just act fine with it, and you have a good attitude at all times, people wouldnt dare say anything. although just because you have a good attitude, doesnt mean you have to take that kind of crap. just tell them that they have issues if the only way they can make themselves feel better is by putting others down. and just say something like, "wow, im so glad im not you, you must have had some bad childhood experiances or something..." it'll work. maybe not till highschool, but it'll work if you start now.

by the way, this might sound kind of weird and i wouldnt blame you if you didnt want to try, but i like pilates. but the lady on the screen can be so annoying!!! but i promise it works and you feel better about yourself and its really not that hard its an effective way of losing weight. jogging is also good, but i've always hated that. i really wouldnt know that much, im not really htat big, but my mom calls me 'thick', but i just laugh cause i wont let it bother me. and its also cuz i'v always been pretty muscular and it might look kinda good but its really no help at all.

I take it you are 5'-3" tall and weigh 246 lbs and 13 years old.
Well if you are working out as well you will keep fit. Don't worry, they may be bullying you now but it the not too distant future you will be 18 years old and probably at least 6' and if you keep working out and eat a balanced diet you will probably weigh about 200 lbs and you will also have learned by then never to bully anyone else. These others will not only be looking up to you, they will admire you. Some kids bully because they have been bullied themselves, sometimes at home. They will grow out of it or eventually spend time in prison.

In the meantime, work out, eat right and get the very best education you can.

Pie Crust
Your mom, or Your face. Those are my favorite. No matter what anyone says that comeback never gets old.

Badger Fan
Work out: Set a goal, gradually work your way there and don't give up.

Eating: start doing small meals during the day (5 meals).

Bullying: Let the school administrator (principal/dean) know that you are taking measures to work towards a more healthy you but, meanwhile, you will, if necessary, physically defend yourself against bullies. No one wants a fight. No one wants to hurt others. But, if you don't stand up to the bullies, they will keep on coming. Like the terrorists, bullies don't care about the target. They just want people to fear them. So, what advantages do you have? You could try to outwit them and, at the same time, you could learn to use your current weight and low center of gravity to your advantage. Think about the biggest and baddest football player you know and think about whether or not you want to handle this dude if he is charging, at full speed, straight to your heart! What if the dude can also change any directions at a dime! Power, speed, quickness and precision. You already know what the bullies are about. You know what you are made of. Combine these factors with power, speed, quickness and precision and see which bully dares to stand against you. Heck, if you like football, the coach may just notice you and make you a star.

sam bam
stay working out ndd soon it will pay off. as for the bullying dont let them get into yur head. stick uo for yourself and show them that even though yur big yu can still fight.

unlike the first comment, do not get into a fight. this will not help in your weight loss and you will just get in trouble.

your BMI is 43.6, which is obese but you don't have to stay this way.

30 minutes a day walking/jogging/running is VERY good cardiac exercise. if you want weight training, YMCA or any local gym will have a lot of really good trainers that will be very enthusiastic to help you get in shape. the gym will most likely have a good diet program for you. if they don't, your local hospital most definitely will.

good luck!

paul simon
change your user name from chubby because thats just asking for it! im 5"2 and have been called shorty or short **** for most of my life- the more you hear it the less it hurts and as for the weight you need to do something about that, your bmi must be off the scale! im 18 and 9s5! go to the doctors and get a health plan- the rate you are going you are just going to give yourself health problems! im not being harsh im being straight! and if all else fails say " at least i can lose weight, your stuck with that face for the rest of your life!!"

Obesity is a medical condition that in time it leads to heart conditions, joint and bone problems, hormonal irregularities and many things. There can be many thing that cause obesity. Sometimes hereditary, sometimes very bad eating habits. Motivation is the key in loosing weight but I really suggest you see a doctor and dont be discouraged by other people. I am pretty sure a doctor with the help of a nutritionist can really help you.
I wish you the best and good luck.

gym, healty foods, use this link: http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=how+to+get+abs+fast&fr=yfp-t-501-s&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8

good luck!

Ignore them. Lose some weight but see your doctor first. You are too large. It's very unhealthy. You are setting yourself up for some big time medical problems. Please start taking better care of yourself. Find the motivation from within. What do you want to do with your life? What are your goals? Focus on that. Be a nice person. Smile.

You need to inform your parents and your teachers. Bullying should NEVER be "tolerated." Also, don't get emotional. That's why bullies do what they do - to get a response. Act as though it has no meaning, sluff it off, and soon they will tire of their little games. Or when they say something, simply respond with something like, "Why are you so rude and ill-mannered?" That ought to help put them in their place. Then the focus will be on THEIR bad behavior(!), not on you. Remember, bullies are essentially very insecure people. They pick on others, usually the sick or weak, in order to make themselves feel bigger, stronger. It's the only way they have of making themselves feel as though they make a difference in the world. The truly strong, powerful person needs no one else to validate them, and are strong enough to be kind and gentle to those less fortunate than themselves.

Walking is, of course, the best exercise in the world because it's free and can be sustained longer than jogging. Exercise in water is also good since impact on the joints is nullified by the buoyancy of the water, yet the water resistance is good for your muscles. Try to find something you ENJOY; that's most of the battle whether it's dancing, swimming, walking with a friend, horseback riding, etc.

Helene W
Feel good about yourself to start with. Remember no one else is like you; you are unique. And you are lovable just as you are!

I take it by 246 you mean you weigh 246 lbs. Is that correct? If it is, then you might consider doing something constructive about getting off some of the fat, eg drinking 123 ozs of water daily, ie half your body weight in ounces of water. It works, though it make take time, but you must not cheat.

Cut fast foods down to the minimum and go for fresh vegetable salads.instead, even if you are unaccustomed to them.

Feeling better about yourself in general will help change the attitude of others towards you.

well i wish i could give you some work out tips but i need some myself but the main thing i do is watch my eating, jog every once and a while, and lift weights and about the bullying i was bullied to not so much anymore and all i did was block it out becuase once your out of school you dont need to worry about it anymore

Samantha Thompson
Just tell the principal or your parents about this and see what they say. If they don't give you a straight answer than just e-mail me and I'll help you through this.

Prove to them you can loose weight if you want to and be just like them.....it will take abt 6-8 months.

Go to defense classes!!! Good exercise and you will kick butt too! Good luck! And happy holidays!

I say you should try running. It is an awesome way to slim down.

The bullying is not something you should have to deal with for the rest of your life. At 13, you're going to need to take a hard look at what kind of life you want for yourself, and then make the decision to lose the weight.

It's going to be tough, but it will only get harder as you get older.


Gina P
Start by walking. Take a walk around the block. See how far you can walk. When you can walk at a fairly fast pace for an hour and not feel tired, you have made a good start. At the same time, try doing basic exercises. Do some sit up and push ups. Jump rope. Either use weights or just books or something else that is little heavy to do curls and other weight exercises.

As far as the bullying, you can only try to ignore them. I know that it is hard. Try to ignore them and work out the frustration you feel when you are walking and working out. When you feel bad, go for a walk or jump rope. In time, the you will look and feel better and the bullies won't bother you any more.

pedro s
walk eat less fat and sugar but first you need to love yourself

Cletus's Cat
You could totally whup anyone's butt who talked smack to you.
Work out tips...try keeping your mouth closed.

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