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Mika C
i heard swimming is fattening...is that true?
i have been hearing rumors that swimming makes you fat.

i just want to know because i have to choose between swimming and track n field
i want to lose weight, but i want to have fun and most of my friends are doing swim.

is the rumor true?

Joking F
no swimming doesnt make u fat it makes u muscly and thin


It is an aerobic excersise, and it works out almost all muscles.

Maybe you gain weight from muscle mass, but you do not become fatter.

Catarina M
No. the problem is that people think that when you exercise you loose weight, and in fact you may loose, but you'll gain it if you continue, cause muscle is heavier than fat, but don't worry, those are healthy pounds, and your shape slims aside from the weight. Whatever you do, don't take pills, they kill the muscle cells and leave the fatty ones.
P.S.: Swimming has such a reputation because it's one of the sports that works almost all the muscles in your body, therefore you get in shape, therefore you gain weight.

no, swimming burns 660 calories an hour.


see, this is a classic example of why you should NOT listen to rumors. if you don't get the necessary proteins to build back the muscle that you have damaged while working out, then you won't build it back, which means you will loose muscle mass, which means you will need less calories to maintain your weight, and if you continue your normal diet, then i suppose you could gain weight, just after a swim, have some protein, meet, protein shake, protein bars, etc.

No, it isn't true.

BTW, I heard that eating makes you hungry. Is the rumor true?

Absolutely not. Does Michael Phelps look fat? It's one of the most physically demanding activities you can do. You will gain weight in the form of Muscle, but thats a very, very good thing.

Neophyte LOL!

If by "fat" you mean "muscle", you are correct.

Out of curiosity, where on Earth did you hear that?!

Lynn P

not at all... you lose wait

no, those clowns are trying to get u to jion track, swimming makes u much healthier than running kuz its way easier on ur joints/knees and stuff, besides makes ur chest and shoulders big and strong , running just makes u lean and thin all over, so jion swimming, its way better

Platinum xOx
How can it be fattening? It's a whole body workout! Use your brain!

ryan c
it is good for u i don't swim and im OVER 250 LBS :O lol

no...it burns calories...

Ross E
That Is Ridiculous

swimming is a very good workout

Very good cardio

fattening? why? why would it make you fatter?

i was a swimmer for 2 years , and it actually kept me fit.

I can understand how some might think it will add a pound or two to your weight, but I don't believe it. I'd pick swimming, just because it seems more fun than running to me. Besides, you'll be with your friends, so that will only make it more fun. ;D

Silly rumor. It's one of the best ways to exercise your body!

No. How could it possibly make you fat?

It does build some muscle, so it is possible someone could gain weight with swimming and they could mistake it for fat gain because they are an idiot and don't understand that a scale measures total body weight not just fat.

Choose whichever one you want. Swimming is great because it's cardio and strength. Track is good as well, just make sure you do some strength training, which you will probably do in practice.

No... that is definitely completely untrue.
Like any exercise, swimming keeps you fit... not fat. Where did you hear that?

Lizzie P
Ofcourse not thats stupid. Its great for you, cardio and strength

hellO broOklyn; hOw yOu dOiing?
what a false rumor. this is sooooo not true

Ryan D
who ever told u that deserves to get hit by a truck
no that is not true u lose weight by swimming

Winter Glory
Quite the opposite actually. It's a great total body workout..

WHO told you that? That is a lie swimming is actually a really good sport in which to loss weight because you use all of your body sort of like running.

lemon head
no, not unless youre eating mcdonalds cheeseburgers while you swim. nothing about exercise can make you gain weight. itll actually help you lose weight, nicely too.

Wutz it worth 2 ya?
No, not unless your swimming in a hot pot of lard!

?▀▀▼▀▀▌ ►Neophyte◄ ?▄▄▲▄▄▌
yes all forms of exercise makes you fat THATS why americans are fat because they exercise too much and dont eat mcdonalds.

A7x ftw

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