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 Do you think its sad that there are 12 year olds on here asking for diet tips?
it really makes me sad.
you know that kids cant just be kids. they should just think about having fun.. not be worried about how they look....

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 Am I fat ? I feel so fat ... ?


 ok, I'm not overweight, but do you think i'm fat?
My BMI is 23.0, but i just want to know if a look fat.



 Should I lose some weight?
I'm about 5'4 and 108-110lbs.
Should I lose some weight? ):

I have some extra fat, usually it doesn't bother me but it's starting to at the moment....

am going to have my quincenera in november and i weigh 215 i want to weigh 160. i really want to look nice i want to become a healthier person. any tips on loosing weight i want to do it the safe way ...

 Am I fat or skinny??
I'm 5'1 AND 105 POUNDS....

i am 5'2'' and i weigh 90 pounds?
i am 5'2'' weigh 90 pounds and im 12. is that overweight underweight or average?

i am ten and i am 73 and 4.7 so i think ur average

u r skinny gurl. u r deffinately not over weight.

yourr pretty good for your agee . u mightt jus be a lil skinnyy,

sounds about right

J.L. W
u still pretty who care what the next person thinks
- peace n love-

Average, im 5'2 or 5'4 havnt measure lately but around there weighing 100 pounds =P

Your 12? don't worry about your weight unless you feel ill, then go to your doctors. otherwise concentrate on enjoying your life. your far too young to be worrying about your weight and I am sure your parents would know if you were the wrong weight and keep an eye on you.

♥♥ jumping bean♥♥
a little underweight but really close to average.

average size of a woman is 5'4", 125 pounds, so I think that you are just a bit under

Personally, I think you are average

At 12- you won't gain much more weight but you are still growing so keep eating healthy!

me, too! i think it is average, b/c i'm not fat.

you are underweight.
So am I though
I'm 12 and I am 5'1 and I was 85 pounds
but on average,
we're both underweight

Thats average .

A bit light, but you will probably add some weight as you get older. Eat well, exercise, and don't worry about it.

average. When i was 12 yrs old I weight 120 lbs. and was 5`5 a lil bit overweight. you can check at
in case of any doubt. GL

that sounds about right

♥ Nichole[never gives up]♥
Your body is still growing. In a few days you could be 100 pounds. Some people are naturally skinny and can't gain weight. I think your fine as long as your eating!

i just turned 14 and i weigh 103 pounds. but i am really skinny! so i have no idea how i could weigh that but whatever, my mom thinks that its muscle & stuff but i don't thiink soo. so your probably about average or a bit underweight.

why do you care your only 12 years old

That is underweight by my thoughts though I am not a doctor. that is not healthy, you can be healthy and still look good in clothes. Be safe don't hurt yourself to look good.

sarah w
My dear you far from over weight. I listed a site below and you can check for yourself what the average weight is for a child your age. One word of advice your to young to worry about weight right now. Enjoy your childhood..

u need 2 gain about 10 pounds

i think its underweight.....ur skinny none-the-less


your underweight! eat some more

Katie E
You are technically underweight. You are probably very thin and you absolutely should NOT diet unless it is under the care of a licensed physician. According to Weight Watchers, a 5'2" person should weigh between 109 and 125 pounds.

Another chart I found also puts you underweight - http://www.cita.uiuc.edu/courses/2006-09-rehab711/review2/slide4.html

Leggo My Eggo
your underweight. gain about 10 pounds

Lets put it this way; If I wasn't happily married, and was around your age, I would want your phone number.

I think you may be considered underweight, but because you probably haven't hit puberty, it's iffy.

check this out.


90 isn't even on there, so you might need to up it to 100 to be healthy.

underweight but you will live

im 5'3" and weigh ard 100 pounds. Im average.. of petite frame.. but im 25..
Sometime the number on the scale doesnt matter much its how u look and feel.. if u feel strong and good and enough body fat to keep u warm theres nothing wrong with u...
90 for 5'2 is abit on the thin side but its alright for 12 yr olds since ur still growing.. in the next few years during puberty ur weight is going to come on faster as u fill out so don worry abt it.. But do watch ur nutrition and diet during puberty.. its most common for kids to become overweight or underdeveloped in this crucial period...

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