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i'm 15 and am 5ft 2" do you think i'm gonna grow anymore? is there anyway to?...?

Additional Details
sorry i ment i'm 5ft3"

I stopped growing at your age.... never can tell

im the same age and just a little taller... the doctor said that typically we continue to grow untill junior year until the body starts developing more into the "child bearing mode" when we typically start to put on a little bit of weight

Annabel N

Princess Buttercup
It's completely possible. I grew a small amount until I was 19 or 20. But, if your parents are short, then you may be done.

you might wanna get some advice from your pediatrician and see what he or she says but I'm almost sure you will not grow any more

I'm 5'2" and I'm 24. I stopeed growing about that age. But nothing you can do about your height so might as well accept it. I like being short.

eat healthy don't drink alcohol or smoke anything and never use drugs, and you will grow!

Most women stop growing by 15.

Yeah, You've grown as much as your going to. But sugar comes in small packages.

most people do not reach there full adult height until there 17 or 18. Eat healthy and exercise. good luck!

Depends. If you are a girl, then it's normal to stop growing. I stopped growing when I was fifteen. But if you are a guy, it's also normal to grow really tall.

i know a guy whos 15 and hes like 5 feet tall u'll probably have a bunch of growth spurts in the next 3-4 years

and if u wanan get taller go through the taffy puller liek on willy wonka:)

See, you grew a whole inch !

Seriously I am still growing.

Neil G
yes you will probably grow at least two more inches

Becky F
you are lucky. i am 30 and at age 12 i was 4 feet 10.5 inches and have never gotten taller

I'm 18 and still haven't stopped growing. Two inches a year since freshmen year. Though, all of my friends have stopped growing. Drink milk!

girls are short..

hunter p
if you work out your body stops growing and you get more musculer

yahoooo reject
Look at your Mom's feet....If they look like she is wearing fisherman's boots, Your done. If they look like bunny feet, you have time to grow....Besides, girl, smaller women seem to be the most beautiful.....Barbra Mandrel, Dolly Patron, and that little girl that I knew next door in Baltimore, named Toni....Never forgot her.


If you keep on asking such silly questions, you'll never grow! You might start growing less & less tall.

Hope for the Best & Be Prepared for the Worst! In any case, you'll be 5'2" plus! Some work hard to shed weight & reduce inches! But you....?

Women stop at 17, men at 23.

There is nothing wrong with being short, in fact, my bf is 5'5" tall and I am 5'9 " tall. I love short men. It's not the size of a person which matters, it's what is on the inside of a person which is important.

You may grow some more but I can't say you will. You're only a couple of inches shorter than what is considered average for a women your age. Are you troubled by your height? You shouldn't be. Celebrate the fact you are who you are.

As a man, I tend to be on the short side of average but I don't obsess over my stature. I recognize that whatever my height versus other men or women, there are things that I can do better than they can.

I imagine you have talents and skills that set you apart from your peers, whether it's an ability to run fast, solve equations quickly or some other attribute you possess. Refine whatever abilities you have through practice. If someone is giving you a hard time about your height, that's his problem not yours and it says more about him than it does you.

Keep your chin up. The worst thing you can do is dwell on your limitations or aspects of your person that you can't change (without radical surgery).

chris`s wifey
girl fell privlaged.. i`m 18 and i`m 5'1 and i think i aint growing anymore... this is it.. lol

c g
You can grow up till you are 19 -21 years of age. But I wouldnt think youd grow too much more. Ive been ft tall since I was about that age. Wish I was taller but ya know its in the genes

shawn s
you will grow. I'm a male and I really starting growing when I was 17. So don't worry. Look at your parents and see how tall they are and you will more than likely taller than your tallest parent

Maybe if you drinlk some breast milk.....

actually girls usually reach their full height at 18.....your weight and height are almost always inherited

it depends on how tall mom and dad are

U will a little bit more.
Sports ill play a roll in reforming ur body shape

sOuL dOcToR
The following Prescription of Homeopathic Remedies will help any youngster in gaining height: -
Three drops each in a sip of water just once a week.

Follow it up with these Tissue Salts: -
Four tablets each all together 3 times a day half hour before meals on an empty stomach. After finishing the whole bottles of these salts (30 Days).
If you feel that they are not making a positive difference just raise the potency of these three salts and get them in 30 instead of 6X and keep taking them till they start showing positive results.
Keep me posted about your progress.
Take Care and Godd Bless you

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