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how to make them stop calling me anoreixc?
i've always been skinny my whole life but now some unpopular girls keep telling me that im anorexic and bulimic. it dosent make me feel bad, its not like im being called fat but it's getting really annoying. everytime they say it, i tell them 'NO IM NOT" and then do a little UGHH at the end. i've have serious anger problems and sometimes i just want to punch them, because i always have to get the last word in everything. they are unpopular so they dont no who there messing with (im a cheerleader so im higher than them,popular wise). anyway, do you think im too skinny? i'm 4'11; 13 years old; and i weigh about 78-80 pounds. ive never been anoreixc or bulimic in my life, i just have a high metabolism. i do cheerleading, and gymnastics. how do i get those nerdy- robotic bit*hes to stop?

~little miss sunshine!
well it seems as if you sound a little... stuck up? they prolly are saying this cuz ..ur mean to them ...or they have nothing else better to do with their lives.

karmas a ***** isnt it??

read this again, the question u asked, and THEN think about y they could POSSABLY be saying these things.... hmmm i wonder??

first of all for your height age and weight you are fine and yes you could stand to gain a little but I have seen what cheerleaders and gymnists can do and even though people don't think it is hard the stuff you can do is rigorous and takes a heck of a lot of work to perfect let alone accomplish so you should be proud of that. over all though I could just tell you to ignore them, but hard evidence wise you can show them a body mass index calculation ( they have calculators on the internet) if it bothers you that much.

three times a lady™
Next time they do that, say "Well, at least I have a better body than you do," and whatever you do DON'T let them push you around any more! Weight comments can lead to nasty comments on your hair, grades, clothes, friends, etc. While you talk to them, give them humongous glares and NEVER back down. Trust me. Make them be afraid of you.

well im 13, weigh 85 pounds, and am 5'1 and im alwayss called anerexic...
i cud care less at least im not a fattt butt

Cap'n One-Aye
Who is the cheerleader and who is the nerd? If you lower yourself to their standards, they win.

I had the same problem. I'm really active too(cheerleading, dance, & volleyball). You are not too skinny, they are probably just fat and jealous. Next time they bother you, just roll it off and ignore them, don't act defensive and eventually they'll get a life of they're own and stop annoying you.

Its most likely there jealous of you, so you shouldn't bother with them, just ignore because the matter of the fact is they will never be a cheerleader, and them shooting you down, boost there self esteem so don't worry, keep what u keep doing, and just ignore.

Because you are so active and have such a high metabolism, you need to make sure that you're actually eating enough for your body. At your height, you should actually be more like 90-100 lbs. So you really are underweight, which is probably why they think you're anorexic.

Gaining weight doesn't necessarily mean gaining fat. So take a look at your diet and see how you can gain enough to get to a healthy weight.

Also, by responding to their negativity, you're giving them power. Ignore them and they'll stop. Their negativity is infecting you too. I don't want to be mean, but I am sad for you. Reading over your question again -- I get a very shallow image of you, especially from, "they are unpopular so they dont no who there messing with (im a cheerleader so im higher than them,popular wise)."

I'm hoping you can eventually get off your pedestal because just being the popular cheerleader isn't going to get you very far in the world. You're young, so you have a long time to figure out what life is about. So when you get older, I hope you learn to live your life with purpose.

aren't you special. get over it, if they're so unpopular why do you care. you're the one who sounds like a robotic *****. no offense.

Déjà Vu
i understand your anger, but its only going to make them call you those names if you're calling them names too.

People used to call me skinny when I was in middle school too, and I used to believe it until I took a second look and realized everyone calling me that was fat. We have a high obesity rate in my town, so of course I was going to get made fun of because I wasn't big like everyone else.

You can't help the fact that you may be underweight...especially since you're athletic. All they can do is call you anorexic, nothing else. Next time they say that, don't deny it, embrace it. Say "yes, I'm skinny, i know that." then there would be no point in them making fun of you. It worked for me.

You are underweight but your still young and you obviously have an active lifestyle. Some of these girls may be jealous but others of them may actually be worried about you, so try to look at it from there point of you before biting their heads off. It's not fair for them to hassle you about it and maybe if you talk to them in private with none of your friends around you can get it through to them that you are not ill.

One more thing; try not to be so nasty about "unpopular" people, you'll make people think your a bully.

Good luck xx

The truth is that you just can't control other people, you can control your reactions to what they say.

You know that you are not anorexic or bulimic. Ignoring them is going to be difficult but you have to tell yourself that you are better than that and not react to their name calling. And by not reacting to them, these people are more likely to quit calling you names. They will then go and find someone else to tease because you don't give them a reaction, which is the reason they are saying these things in the first place. It's no fun to tease someone who won't react. So don't react and they will gradually go away.

Mardy Bum
That's a bit rude saying you're "higher" than them. There are more nerds than "popular people," so you should probably start watching the way you treat them. They'll be your coworkers, probably bosses, and if you ever get nominated for HC/Prom court, they make up the majority of voters. Someday you'll need a favor from them, and they won't be willing to help. Kindness goes a long way.

Anyway, sorry for the ultimatum.

As someone who also dealt with people saying I'm anorexic, I was always just very calm about it. I'm not anorexic, so why should I feel the need to prove that to anyone?

I honestly would just ignore it when they say that. The fact you're giving them an angry response will just encourage them to say it even more, because they know they're getting to you. And maybe you should start being nice to them.

Amanda C
seriously, just ignore them. they are jealous of you. if anything you should pitty them because they have such low self-esteem.

Gaspar C.
ignore them
theyll eventually stop

You sound very normal. Dont dwell on but as you are asking us. Why dont you be a little bit grown up about and just sk your doctor. If you are OK you have nothing to fear.

Little Lucy
Eat. And stop dwelling on popularity, it means nothing.

♥Live Laugh Love to Shop♥
try just ignoring them, it works best, they r probably insurce if the r saying that to yur face, thats just rude! ignore them

Just be honest and say "No, I'm not," and just turn around and walk away. They'll get bored if you don't get mad and they'll lay off it.

Just ignore them, everyone has a different figure. As long as you are eating healthy and still maintaining a low weight then there is nothing wrong it's just your metabolism. ;)

punch them...... or you can pull one of them aside and actually.... *GASP!* talk to them...... no, no- better to punch first and ask questions later...

okay. hummmmmmm

do this:

1-find em (bring a lot of snacks high calories) or at the cafe.
2-eat in their face and be like, ohh do u want some? miss. perfect weight
3- eat healthy, and who cares, since some ppl cant even get skinny even if they wanted to. its their body structure. some ppl dont get fat even if they eat like hell.

soo screw them. be confindent :)

um, no I dnt think ur 2 skinny, b/c ur petite being 4'11, just ignore them n tone them out if u rlly get pissed just remind them of sumthin they would h8 2 be reminded of lol that way they'll stop n if u have more friends u can get all of them 2 say things 2 lol

eat a cake

b rad
They are making fun of you because they don't like you, not because they think your anorexic. If you are mean to them then they will return the favor, if you are nice, they will be nice.

Even at 80 pounds you are severely underweight, at least in regards to your BMI (which is 16.2- anything under 18.5 is underweight). To be in a normal range you would have to gain a little over 10 pounds.

The real reason those girls say things like that to you is because 1. they are immature and 2. you sound very full of yourself:

"they are unpopular so they dont no who there messing with (im a cheerleader so im higher than them,popular wise)"

Get over yourself and ignore people who bother you.

You are too full of yourself "i am a cheerleader, so i am popular" PLEASE. get over it.

Kristina L
They are probably jealous of you because you are so skinny and popular. Maybe they are also saying that because you are mean to them. Please don't take offense, its just when you called them nerdy-robotic bit*hes I thought that sounded really harsh. And just because you are a cheerleader it doesn't mean that you are better than them.
Other than that, I would say tell them to shut the hell up.

Well if they're 'un popular' and your sooo popular;why do you care?

nerdy-robotic bit*hes! LOL!!!! Listen, if your doctor says that you are healthy for your age/height/weight then don't worry about it. They are likely just jealous. OR they admire you and want some excuse to talk to you. Say something to make them feel ridiculous for even mentioning it. Like "I'm sorry you don't have any friends to talk to and resort to talking to people who hate you...like me"
In all seriousness, just let it roll off your back and enjoy being thin and cute and young!

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