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how much weight should i lose? pics included?
How much weight should I lose?Pictures included?

I want to look like them or atleast close


also what can I do look like that by August 14
I'm 5'5, she's 5'2

I know my arms are huge, but please no rude comments

I already started run/jog/ walk for an hour for about a week now, drink 10 glasses of water a day, and drink 3 mugs of green tea, eat 1400 calories. I don't diet though, i eat whatever i want just portions I know thats bad but I can't diet or I'll binge later on

and don't tell me these girls are too skinny and that I'm fine, because I don't like how I look
Additional Details
Seriously, just tell me how much weight i should lose

Normal/Fine=slightly chubby to me

I want to look like those girls

ok your not going to only lose weight. do some strength training to to get more definition in your abs, skinny vs fit is too different thing. follow the rule i layed down for you. but answering i say do about 2 moths of what i said on my page and you will be fine. just do the thing i stated

you look fine, just work out some

About 10 to 20 pounds to look like them

answer me?
10 pounds at the most.

you can see what you'll look like here:


Ali S
I honestly don't think that you need to lose weight. If you feel like you do, then keep running a couple times a week and your body will tighten up. You will not notice it at first but if you don't work out a lot now, the inches will start coming off and staying off soon. Also, it won't hurt to do short sessions of calisthenics before/after your run, like push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, squats, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, sprints, etc..Don't do anything severely different such as your diet, but try to cut your bread intake in half, don't eat after 7 or 8 PM, and cut out the junk food. If you get hungry in between meals, eat a piece of fruit or some rice cakes or Ritz crackers (always seem to fill me up). With the pictures that you have posted of what you want to look like, a lot of that has to do with their genetics. Not many people can have that "model" look and if they end up getting to that point, its from a lot of hard work of not eating the right way. Again, the best things that you can do for yourself are to eat healthier and work out a couple times a week (probably what everyone has to say). Good luck !


You're really cute, but I know how you feel about wanting to trim up to look like that. (And I know that, as a girl, my opinion on your appearance is worthless.)

My suggestion is to keep your calories pretty darn low and work out from time to time. I used to work out religiously but I've slimmed up well by reducing the cals more when I can't muster the will to get on the StairMaster.

wtf? you're perfectly fine! jeez

Hi....you look very young...I'm thinking early teens???
You still might have baby fat which disappears when you get older.
I don't think you need to lose weight, I think you should try to tone up.
Your midsection looks very petite, although it could use some toning up. You definitely have potential to achieve great results in short period of time because you are not overweight.
In my opinion, you are just right, but consider toning your muscles for physical and health reasons.

You arms are very normal, but if you want to make them look thinner and sleeker. try doing pilates. This exercise wont bulk you up, it will tone you, burn off excess fat, and you will still maintain your feminine figure.

Walking or jogging will improve your cardiovascular fitness and it will help you lose weight in the long run.
What I can tell you is resistance training has been proven to burn far more fat, because your muscles are burning fat hours after you stop working out. Basically, your metabolism will remain high hours after resistance training, whereas it will slow down almost immediately after a cardio workout.
Do pilates or yoga, its very effective and woman-figure friendly.

On a separate note, please don't compare yourself to girls in magazines or those you posted photos of. Those girls are photographed over and over, they're wearing ton of body make up, and best of all, they are air brushed to the point where they don't even look like themselves.
If you look at the Shape and Fitness magazines, isn't it interesting how every single girl on each cover has the exact same body shape and size? Look at their stomachs, thighs and upper body. They're identical to each other. I remember when I used to collect these for the articles, and it just caught my eye how similar all these girls look like.
You know why????????? Because the computer gave each one the same body. They don't look like that in real life. Nobody and I mean NO BODY is that flawless. It just doesn't happen in real life.

Kudos on not dieting, binging is usually in order when someone diets. Binging is never a good thing. You'll just end up eating more calories that you would've initially.
You should adopt a healthier life style. Choose better foods and cut out junk food including sodas and soft drinks. Portion control and moderation is the key.

Please embrace what you have, think of it in terms of "yes those girls may have _______, but I have ______!
Nobody has what you have so embrace that fact. We all come in different shapes and sizes, therefore the only logical thing to do is embrace and celebrate your individuality.

You are a very good looking girl, you've already got the body, just improve on it and love it!

Good luck.

Well, you have a BMI at around 20. You could lose about 10 pounds to get a BMI of 18.5 or so, but going below that will start to cause health problems.

You can use this tool to calculate a bit more:

You look fine otherwise, as everyone is saying. You can also try toning, though that isn't going to get your arms thinner.
as for the water and tea, that is pretty good, just don't over-do it, some people drink to much and drown in their own tissue! Please be careful everyone.

Good luck with your goals. Plan and stay healthy.

(Also, btw, I don't know what your goal is with this, but as a guy I prefer to date girls that have your current look than those really thin girls, and I think most guys would agree. Just my 2 cents though...)

your too skinny if anything gain 5 pounds

Alana Class of 2011
you look fine and your very beauiful too. i love you body my brother thinks you hot

You don't want to hear this, but you look fine. If you really want to lose weight, please don't lose anything more that 3-5 pounds. You'll look too thin.

What I think you're looking for is more muscle definition if you don't like your arms. Strength train! This will really tone you up and after you see your results, you probably won't even feel like you need to lose weight!

♥ αℓεx Ðяεαмš ™
Its mostly about toning your muscles... I have a lot of muscle on me so it weighs up. Honestly, i think you look fine, and i think your doing all the good things.

i would say like 10 pounds

Honestly, you're in perfect shape already. Just do exercises to gain arm muscle if your worried about that.

i would love to look the way you do. i weigh 253 lbs. if you want to look like those girls i would say 10 lbs but if you try to lose more than that you will look like a skeleton. please be careful and dont let your weight take over your life. you look great. please take care of your self.

************READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… ************

you seriously look absolutely healthy! and your arms are NOT huge at ALLLLL! but if you want to loose weight... your goal weight should be 115 pounds. no less. realllllly. ( and what you're doing now is FINE! is good! alright?! keep it up! :D )

sekret account
you look closeish to hanna beth, i think she is normal/healthy thin
maybe try eating healthy? there are some really yummy healthy foods,
like: bigelow green tea with pomegranite sweetened with two packets of stevia, iced
www.kashi.com (the cereals)
www.enjoylifefoods.com/ (the cookies)
www.tastethedream.com (milk and icecreams)
fruits are actually really good too, and vegetables if you use the right dressings and sauces
try making fruit smoothies if you want
www.zevia.com (natural diet soda)

some of them aren't as healthy as others

You want to be dangerously anorexic?

you look beautiful the way u r im much bigger than tht if i was in your possision i would be on top of the world i get stressed if i look in the mirror at myself

first of all you look very healthy to me and the way your trying to lose weight is very smart and will be very effective in the long run.
i think that to look like that other girl you'll have to weigh about maybe 110-115 pounds.

<3 cows
ok that girl in the orange tank top... U R AS SMALL AS HER. i mean there is no freakin difference.

oh but one thing... i no ppl say ur supposed to have 10 glasses of water a day. but there was actually a news report saying that 10 glasses is WAY too much. like 6 or 5 is better :)

well i guess it depends how small ur glasses are

but seriously ur FINE if you want to lose more weight keep up the jogging drink water but not too much and do crunches/pushups

You look very normal to me what are you worried about?

Honestly, you don't need to lose any weight at all. You have a great body, be thankful for what you have. :)

Indiana Jones
some of those girls are just down right nasty. if you want to look like that go for it but you won't be getting comments on how good you look instead people will be saying you look nasty! and the only way you're getting to be that gross is to become anorexic so good luck with that.
and you want a number so freakin bad ok i'll give you one. if you want to look like that you'll have to weigh about 85 pounds. you didn't say how much you do weigh already so i can tell you how much to loose but just do the subtraction yourself and be on your way to damaging your body so bad that by the time you are 18 you'll look like you are 50 and your organs will barely be keeping you alive.

u r not fat at all

omg ur fine the way u are trust mee....
its not about loosing weight...maybe u just wanna get toned

OK, honestly, you are already skinny. You don't need to loose weight.

Oh my girl...you are just fine the way you are!! You have a nice body already...i think the only thing you could do is lift weights and do sit ups to improve your muscles

I think you look ok, but no one is ever satisfied with them selves, you look like your bone structure will stop you from getting that slim.
I would say 5kg, Your family/friends will say you look very underweight though, which you will.

I think you have the ideal hourglass figure, my friends is rather jealous.

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