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how do I avoid da munchies??
am 16 ND AM ABOUT 20 PNDS OVERWEIGHT, I really wanna lose them nd i do good, but i blazeit to much nd than of course i get da munchies. Does anyone kno wat or how i can stop smokin bud or at least stop gettin da munchies????

BORED d(-_-)b
keep DA mouth shut to the $hit

quit smokin

Stop smoking cause the bud will always bring on the munchies.

Stuck in the middle of nowhere
Eat healthy snacks. Try stopping the "bud" it will only make you a total loser in life.

Just quit smoking it and you won't get the munchies. Pretty simple.

chew gum and learn how to type.

"da" does not replace "the"

"pnds" does not replace "pounds"; "lbs" does.

"i do good" should be "i do well"

no idea what "blazeit" means

"to" does not replace "too"

"kno" does not replace "know"

"wat" does not replace "what"

"gettin" does not replace "getting"

Miss Austen
i can help you wiht the munchies part. your body is made to eat to gain calories that transfer into energy. you only gain weight when you are taking more calories than you need. eat only when you r hungry, sometimes the munchies are sincere hunger and you shouldnt deprive but sometimes itws not sincere and picking up those fries is self abuse.

well most of the time when you feel hungry, its mor liley tht ur dehydrated always drink water before you go snacking - also chewing gum helps - thts wat i do anyway.
If you want to stop smoking, go to your gp, and they're b able 2 advise you wat best type of treatment there is whether its the patch, gum etc.
Hope this helps! XD

put down the reefer, chica! It screws with more than your appetite!

Take about two bites of a cereal bar or something...thne follow up with 1-2 glasses of water. It will trick your body into thinking you have eaten for at least a fewe hours at a time. (Just be sure you only do this between light well-proportioned meals, otherwhise it is unhealthy.)

To avoid the munchies quit smoking weed.

Daron M.
keep super-low calorie items around your home, like celery, apples, grapes etc. Vegetables are perfect. Or even pasta. Pasta has a low G.I. level, which basically means it takes your body longer to break it down, so therefore you feel more full for longer. For instance, fruit, which has a high G.I. level, can take sometimes an hour to pass through your system. But meat, which has the lowest G.I. level, takes 1-2 days. Try meat as well!

i used to smoke alot and always got the munchies. U can easily stop its not addictive ( i did) it will be hard to work off the weight when ur always lit right??

control yourself, and you should have a huge picture of a fat man and i think you could get the motivation there. if u really want to lose weight, you must change your diet and exercise.

after you smoke, go somewhere like to a friends house or somewhere that you wont have food, maybe a park or something, or smoke at night and go straight to sleep. I gained a lot of weight from smoking weed because I would always eat. I stopped last week and already lost 6 lbs‚ô•

i am tryin to lose weight too...i been chuggin a glass of milk when i'm hungry..then if you get way hungry...eat bananas and peanut butter...it satisfies for a long time and it's super low cal and healthy =]

Stop smoking weed....go to an acupuncturist

Drink lots of water through out the day. Most of the time people don't realize it, but when you think your hungry your really just thirsty. So after you feel up on water wait 15 min. then if your still hungry, then your just really hungry and grab a hand full of nuts and then go for a fruit. But make sure you have protein with every meal or you will feel hungry again. Oh and don't take in any sugar free stuff, such as soda, gum or sweeteners, because your taste buds think sugar is coming, prepare the body and when it doesn't have energy to burn it expects food and so you get even more hungry.

So, drink water, keep protein bars on hand and skip the sugar fee stuff. Believe me it works, I've already lost 6 pound in only 5 days.

drink a bunch of water and fill up on it instead of food....as for the weed, just puff less and not as much....GL to you

stay away from food

Old Metz
Try smoking more bud seriously... You will never meet a fat drug addict ever !

Get up off your F.A. and go for a walk--that's what helps me!

if you're really determined to lose weight, then you'll do anything to make yourself stop with the bud, and obviously thatll help ya a bit....

Rebecca K
not possible unless you quit smoking

Jane R
Quit smoking weed!! It's not hard, its not like quitting cigarettes or heroine or any other drug... all you need is to keep yourself busy so you don't do it... Or... continue to smoke weed and munch out on vegetables and fruits and healthy low fat stuff.

Ok, first off, you need to stop smoking. The best way to do this is to start exercising. When you exercise, your brain releases a substance similar to morphine, and it gives you a way better high than any drug. Plus, it's perfectly safe, makes you feel better about yourself, and will help you to control your weight.

Just think of the money you'll save by not smoking any more. Quitting alone may be enough for you to afford a car *AND* put gas into it! That's crazy!

So, back to the basics: exercise six days a week. Three days of bodyweight exercises and three days of cardio (jogging, swimming, etc).

As to food, the best way to control hunger and cravings is to eat all day long... Five to six small meals a day will never let your body get hungry, but there's a catch to what I just said.

You need to eat the right stuff. Get lots of fiber from fruits and vegetables. Get lots of lean protein from fish, chicken (no skin), turkey, and lean cuts of beef. Beans are a great way to get both fiber and protein, but canned beans have a lot of salt (which you should avoid) and soaking beans yourself and changing the water often is the best way to avoid the embarrassing moments they can cause. Plus, it's fun to cook stuff like that yourself and is great to learn before you're stuck in college only knowing how to make Ramen noodles and open a bag of chips.

Back to the diet... Fat in your diet should be from cold water fish (tuna, Salmon, etc), nuts and nut butters (peanuts, peanut butter, etc... But watch the sugar and salt in nut butters), seeds and seed oils (watch the added salt in the seeds), and olive oil (which you should learn to cook with).

maybe you should just not go in your kitchen.

smoke lo-fat chronic

summer monkkey 95
You need some help!!! go toa doctor and they will give you a pill for both or ideas and tips!!!

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