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hi, i love you :)
how can i motivate myself to run?
i'm SO lazy, like any teenager ;) haha, i go to school, work, then come home around ten pm and i'm exhausted! what should i do?

Just push yourself and say "I WANT THIS!!!" and also, if you do it for like 15 days, you're body will get used 2 it and then it will be easier for you.

you don't need to do running.
stuff like, riding a bike to school, or to work.
walking to school.

motivating yourself to run is easy,
like make your friend ride her car in front of you, and let her kep something valuable of yours, as if she's stealing it.
that'd prob make you motivated enough to run.
or, just jog to the mall, or the post office.
simple things.

midnight lyrics
Im always hyper and energetic.

Have sugar.

okay i used to be like you but now i run 4 miles a day! ive lost 10 pounds in one month so far...well anyways! all you gotta do is just think of how you will look after you run, or how you will feel. Get a ipod and put on good up to beat songs and run. Start off with 1 mile then work your way up. But you gota eat healthy to run, it will help a lot!
email me if you need any help!

RELAX when you get home for about 10 to 20 mins then tell yourself I"VE GOT TO GO TO WORK AGAIN this time on myself! You only need to workout for a mimimum of 30 mins after that you'd sleep like a baby ready for the next day.

It might work - try it!

Good Luck!

Just think about stuff as you run, with your music in your ears. I'm also a teenager but I push myself to do it. You can to.

What I would do would be to join a team (running) and/or friends and go on a light routine jog. Sooner or later it will become part of you and you'll be healthier.

as you said you come back around 10 pm then there is no possibilty of going for a run late night, moreover it is not adviced instead you can go for a little walk after dinner. laziness is just a state of mind. i too suffered from this many a times. i just don't like to leave my bed early morning. well i came out of it after reading a book named ' who will cry when you die '. i am not telling you that this book only helped me to get over my laziness.

what you can do is that you start waking up early. first at 6.00 then 5.30 then 5.00.. after you woke up jus go for a little walk. don't exhaust yourself in first week. just enjoy the morning weather then slowly you can start running after few days... crazihilary

Fluffington Cuddlebutts
Stop thinking about it and just do it. This can be applied to everything.

Give this program a shot, I know people who have done it and now love running. Not me mind you but others do. I have no interest in running myself. It's Couch to 5K.


We're doing cross country at school. What I do is I run really slow so that I can keep my energy for the rest of the distance. Don't try to beat others or be ahead of others, just think that its the tortoise who won the race. That's how I keep myself running for a long time without stopping, while others get tired and stop in the middle. Not sure if that answered your question or not

Make a deal with a friend or some you know that runs and work out a buddy system and schedule. And who ever does not meet he running schedule owes the other $10.00. Any exercise schedule is difficult to commit to by yourself. I always found to be more motivated when a friend(s) exercised with me.

Mornie Alantie
Listening to music really helps to keep your mind off things..

Honestly, if you can find a person/people to run with, it makes everything SO much easier. If you can find someone to run with, you'll be motivated to get up [assuming you'd be running in the morning because that's the easiest time of day for busy people :P] and have something maybe to look forward to.

Hope that helps :)

What got me to running was when I'd go to the track to walk, others were running laps around me..so I had to build my stamina to be able to start out running the curves and walking the straights. Then eventually I was able to run the whole lap and then 2 and so on...What motivated me was seeing other people running. Go to your local track first thing in the morning and just walk and build yourself up. Watch the others who run and it will motivate you to be there someday.

Your will can motivate you.


Forget running, try walking instead, it is much better for you and easier to do, also go dancing, that is an excellent exercise, as is swimming, don't become a couch potato, you will look and feel old very quickly, shopping is walking, as long as its brisk, get your friends together and come up with outings together, walking is free, so is dancing, swimming is to if you do it in the sea, you will get used to the cold water, you see exercise needn't be a chore. I hope this has helped you?

Be happy, from.


when you figure that out let me know and we'll get rich.

sounds like your only option is early morning. that's usually the best time anyway.

Pretend a serial killer is chasing you.

get up early in the morning. wear running clothes to bed (they make decent PJ's regardless).

once you force yourself out of bed, you put your shoes on and step outside.

after that its easy.

you stretch, and you run.

your entire day gets better from there. you feel good, you sleep better, you have more energy, and school is so much easier to deal with.

Put your running shoes on and crank up the music!

Kristy J
Ha me too :)
But i now have joined a gym to get me fitter, because i do competitive aerobics!

What you need to do is eat a healthy brekky :)
Like porridge/oats as it lowers cholesterol reabsorption.
and with running, maybe try running with a friend, and or iPod :)
It helps.
Also have something full of energy like an energy drink or fruit 20 minutes or so before you start running.
If your really exhausted after work, maybe change your hours? so your not working so late at night.

Hope this helps..

Ask someone to run in front off you with a steak

Don't think about it. Just do it. I find this is the only way I can get myself to do anything I don't want to do. Also, don't push yourself too hard. If you jog a mile on your first night, you are going to hate it and dread it more and more every day until you quit. If you only jog to the end of the block your first night, so what? It's a start and that's what matters.

Good luck. :)

Rafael Nadal
I don't think you are a lazy person
you have to work until 10 p.m
it would make you exhausted especially after you got back home
Like other replies, I recommend you to run early in the morning before you go to school.
You can take fresh air and get a better shape and healthier life
Plus you can feel like days get longer than before

I'm sure that it would make you feel great in many ways

Sonny B
Set yourself goals I Started of like that now I'm doing marathons, I Think the best way is to think of the long term benefits and then just force yourself to go out for a jog or whatever if your somewhat unfit then start off Running slowly and everyday just jog that little but further but yeah think of the long term effects like being healthy if you do any other exersise (I Do Parkour) then think about getting muscles ect hope this helps

michael m
Have you ever seen a group of girls speed walking? And your in your car and your like "Lols, girls and their groups, always doing everything together." That's where you smack yourself and wake up!

If you get a running partner that's insane per-say. And cares about you and being healthy and wants your dreams to come true. Along with their boundless amounts of energy, god knows i do. You will be running every day, i would suggest if you are just looking to do build Definition rather then how strong you are do some form of stretches. like yoga, or just Simply sitting down and holding your foot on the your fully extended leg. Now if your looking to get strong DO NOT DO stretches they lengthen the mussels do them after the workout to get rid of that build-up in them. Also take note you run less like a mile but push yourself, in weight training that would be called maxing out. Again if your looking just to define your mussels run more but at a more manageable speed.

Watch Rocky 4

You said you are lazy but you don't look like you are living a lazy life.
You need to make some time for yourself even just on weekends.
Running can be boring, so instead play sports you like, maybe basketball or tennis or swimming, etc.
Or find a good friend who can run with you.

Just Do It

Just pretend you're being followed or chased:):):) (Though it's easy to dust morons without even jogging:)) Good Morning.

Hell, I have trouble with this too. I only ran in boot camp because if I didn't run, I got pushups, and it's somehow easier to run with a bunch of people about to run you over if you stop.

On my own, now that I'm out (and not in much better shape for it), I try to focus on one 'step' at a time (more like one telephone pole at a time). I crank up the music and try to forget I'm running at all.

It doesn't really work too well. D:

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