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Jackey Ramones
help im 13 and im short?
im 13 and im short and my whole school makes fun of me how do i make myself tall
Additional Details
im am a boy

|| Chanel ||
I'm sorry, but you can't make yourself taller than now; I think that the problem i that you donn't accept yourself, so when people talk about your height, you think that the make fun of you..
I am 16 and I am 1.58 meters tall, and i haven't problems; maybe you don't know that bouys prefer little girls!

Well since your 13 you still have some growing to do and if you feel that you still can't take being short wear things that will increase the your height like taller shoes with longer pants so they don't notice the difference.Your clothing can make you body taller (or shorter) depending how you dress

you cant change your DNA it predetermines your hight but smoking and working out a a young age can stunt your growth or your hormones that help you grow can be deficient but your young you may have a growth sperk your don't stop growing until your about 18 to about 21 i think so you have time

Sounds like a girls name and unless you need to be a model or something, i know a ton of guys that absolutely adore short girls. Once you get older the shorter you are the more its appreciated.

try riding ur bike but when you do, make the seat pretty high so you have to stretch ur legs when you pedal. you'll stretch your legs

Stilts, duh.

☮ ♡ ♪ :D=Life
im short for my age too! dont worry just because ur short doesnt mean u arent great! you'll get ur growth spurt!

I'm 21 and 5ft!!!everyone goes wow your short but people love me for it! I love been small and would never wanna be 6ft ever! although my dad is 6ft 1!!! U will grow trust me you will grow!...some people shoot up at 16/17 and even 18!! SO HANG ON!!!

Don't worry you will grow more. Don't let those kids get under your skin. If you weren't short they would find something else to tease you about. Kids are cruel. If you let them get to you, they have won. If they are teasing to the extent that you want to hurt yourself then they need to be reported, that's called bullying than is unacceptable. What ever you do don't exercise too much because that can stunt your growth.

um...you're 13 and short...what's the problem? that's normal, and for you to know your whole school you would have to know every single person that goes to your school, they do not all make fun of you, I'm sure you're just making assumptions and you shouldn't be making them, I wouldn't care if I saw someone who was shorter than me walking around, I would look at their personality and think "hey that might be a cool person to hang out with, but I'm too shy to go up to hem and find out...I hope they come up to me..."

first, how short are you?

Dexter D
How short are you??

Twin boys and baby girl!
well fors tarters you dn't stop growing until you're like 20 so drink a lot of milk and it will help.

you can wear heels.

also, i have these boots that don't look like they make me any taller but they make me about 1 1/2" taller! but it looks natural because there isn't a heel and they aren't platform.. they are just designed really well.

and just so you know being short means you can date pretty much any guy you want.. my options were limited because i prefer dating guys taller than me (as i'm sure they prefer dating girls shorter than them) which rules out a lot of guys! (i am 5'9).. not saying i wouldn't date a guy shorter than me (well i wouldn't date a guy shorter or taller besides my husband anymore because i am married now :p).

just be happy with who you are and embrace it because you can't always change these things.. i always hated my nose (esp when i was a teenager) and now i loooove it and it makes me unique and gives me a really nice edge and i' really happy! i even used to try to hide it with my hair (so ppl couldn't look at my profile) an di must've looked goofy and insecure. my husband looooves my profile btw so i guess we're both happy :D.

Don't be ashamed. I'm sorry they make fun of you but you don't wanna try to look how they want you to. If anything you'll look worse. Just wait and see if you grow.


I just think your gonna have to wait until you grow naturally, when you hit puberty you start growing quicker. So I think you're just gonna have to wait. And I would just ignore the people who make fun of you, they are obviously just very immature, and very insecure about themselves, some people can just be soo pathetic like that.

dont worry about it.
there are supplements, they only harm your body though,
you will grow eventually

A Bboy's Flow
if u a girl dnt worry bout it u will have the nickname shawty

Noota Oolah
Making yourself taller is expensive and painful and doctors likely won't accept you for it unless your height is debilitating. The EASY thing to change is your mind and personal acceptance.

Jennifer L
How Short are you?? I am 30 and only 5 foot. I kinda like being short. You can wear heels to help out a little. But for real just be happy with who you are. If they are picking on you over that then they are just jealous...

are you girl or boy?? if you are a girl stop worrying about being short don't you know that it is better clothes will fit you best even when you are older you could find great things to wear at some of the childrens clothes, also you are not short you are Petite, and it is a good thing imagine if you where tall!! you would have to change a lot of thing and not be able to wear much!! and clothes will look kind of like a tent

if you are a boy have you not heard that Tom Cruize is short, Jermain Dupri (or whatever his name is ) is short too can you say RICH and FAMOUS???? dude all those people make fun of you because they know you are sensitive about it you should ignore them or agree that yes you are short and WHAT? that is so ridiculous that kid would make fun of somone for being short...

you can't "make" yourself become taller.
your height is somewhat hereditary, meaning you get your height from your parents.
forget about what people say.
they'll continue to joke at you if they know it bothers you.
learn to laugh at yourself and be comfortable with yourself.
i know that's easier said than done.
one last thing.
your only 13 years old.
you still have a lot of growing to do.
so, don't sweat it.

Glitter on the Mattress
you cant
i'm small and was bullied in school, i'm now 20 and havent grown since i was 13. being small is awesome, i dont know if you're a boy or girl but if you're a girl then its extra awesome.
plus you're only 13, you still have time to grow.

wait, your 13 what do you expect, if you were tall you would be asking how to stunt your growth.

How short are you? You probably not that short. Maybe they're just tall?

Belinda E
wait until ur 18 and tall and hot

Love yourself,
Don't worry about what other people say about you.

just wait a bit

you cant make yourself tall, you haven't finished growing yet.

sweet kisses
awwwwiez itz okay to be shortt..short people have some advantagess tall people dontt. n if theyt make fun of u
they most like want to make to make themselves feel better... they most likely envy you.. dont worryy one dayy u will start growimg out of no where... it takes tiime..ur most likely a late delevoper...dont stress it at all...wen u do start growingg it will be liike whoaa like atleastt 3 inches in a yearr...
aww stay strong and make sure u dont let every1 get 2 u
ur special just the way you are

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