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dont you hate it when some skinny girls complain about fat they think they are??
when they arnt...only making you feel bad about your self image?
what do you think

alex s
I agree. They very well know that they arent and still complain. Alot of them i think just need attention and thats how they get it.

Megan M
i think they try to make us feel better by saying yeah" i hear ya im not happy with myself either" when it really just does the opposite.

LOL yeah.. its kinda weird cuz if the thin girls arent happy with their bodies and the overweight ones arent happy either.. then who is?? I guess its just a girl thing. Girls should appreciate their bodies whether they are fat, average, or thin. But to answer your question yeah i do hate that and i also hate hearing overweight girls saying "I want to lose weight" too! oh well.. :)

Honestly - for the most part - its much more attractive for a girl to be comfortable with her body and confident in her looks (regardless of her body type or build) instead of having a specific body type.

A slender girl who's insecure about her weight is annoying and unattractive. All I ask is that a girl be healthy and comfortable with herself. THAT'S attractive.

Small Town Gal
UGH! I HATE IT!! And they will look you right in the eye, knowing you weigh like a TON more than them, and they'll say it any way!! I just want to poke them in the eye! EAT A [email protected] CHICKEN LEG SKINNY B!TCHES!!

I agree with u they should be thinking about school and passing their classes girls that think they r fat just end up dieing because their body is not getting what it needs.

Yes, specially the ones with anorexia

it can be annoying but also reassuring that they are body and health conscious

they are keeping themselves in check... something most girls fail to do..

Yeah, it's especially bad if the people complaining about how "bad" they look are absolutely gorgeous, in my opinion. Then, I think to myself, then what the heck do you think when you look at me? Do I make you wanna puke?

But I guess if you're comfortable enough with yourself, this won't affect you as much. :o

chris f
i don't like it either!!!

I feel sorry for the people that complain about having a flat butt. 20-25 yrs. down the road, all that work they put in NOW to have it rounder will become a reality. They'll almost kill to have the flat butt that they can't stand now! Aaah, we hard to please creatures!

Yes, I have to admit that is quite irritating. What they really need is for someone to tell them to stop worring about three pounds of fat and get an education. Besides, skinny girls are unattractive. It's better to have some kind of muscle tone.

i have a friend that does that all the time; shes tiny and STILL doesnt make weight for the traveling dance team that she wants to be on, and her mother tells her that shes fat! we're both 5 feet 2 inches. i weigh 145; she weighs 105..tell the next girl that says that how she must make girls that weigh more than her feel, for me, could ya?

Kristina C.
Omg I HATE IT. Like I'm not fat but I got a little meat on me. I have around 23 bmi and I hate when girls that are like 100lbs or less and are like 5'5 are like I'm so fat. Then I feel like I'm a COW!

Un-Happy Gilmore
yes i a little to much and these girls that are 100 lbs are always complaing im fat im overweight

Kelsey Joy
I agree....

Alot of my friends are very thin cheerleaders. I play basketball and my body is built like an athelete. THick, long legs, wide shoulders, etc... It gets really annoying. They are just showing off how skinny they are to bigger people. Well, I hope that helps...


billy jack lol
i think they r stupid.. they make u feel bad about urself and u thin if they say there fat wat am i? it drives me nuts when ppl do that

i find that annoying

Lazy G
I just feel sorry for them because they can't see what's good about themselves and have such a warped self image.

Dr. Cain, Esq.
I think it is horrible! Could anything be more annoying? I say the next time someone does it you pop them in the face and knock a tooth out. Then they will have some thing to complain about!

Well, heres the catch 22 about that one.... How many times have we, ourselves complained about being fat, someone next to us is bigger and thinks the same thing about us?
I have a large frame. I am not considered fat and definately not skinny. I myself think that i am over weight but my friends dont. (gained weight over the last year)
Personally i think, there are not too many of us that are truely happy with our weight.

Well, when anyone complains it gets annoying. Some people just seem to need to complain all that time.

Many times, the girls aren't that skinny, and just want some complements. They will get really mad when you say, "oh, you're not THAT skinny."

It's actually worse the other way around, when fat people complain about skinny people, society, and all that stuff. Especially, when they are just mad at themselves for getting fat.

It's always nicer to have jokes and fun stories, than complaining.

What is considered skinny to you may not be skinny to themself. They probably just have low self esteem. I admit that I think I'm fat all the time, even when my friends tell me I'm skinny.

Yes I dont like it when skinny girls complain they are fat....our society has done it...

No I don't. These girls say that because they really think they are, it's really sad and they need to get help. These problems can get really serious, sure it can start as I don't like my body I'm to fat, to binge and purging, to completely stop eating, to death.

I feel really bad for these girls, they NEED help.

A Random Point in Space and Time
Some of them think they are actually fat. So what?

Some of them do it for attention. Ignore it.

If it makes you feel bad, then you need to work on why it makes you feel bad about yourself. I'm sure they feel bad about themselves, too. Everyone has something about themselves that they hate.

It doesn't bother me. I think they do it because they have low self esteem and want to hear someone say "Your not fat - you look good"..... Although, I say nothing at all.

Miss T
I agree with you. It is annoying but they do it because they crave attention and want someone to say "OMG! you are like SOO not fat! Your soo skinny!" lol... sorry.. got carried away. They have low self esteem.. proves having a skinny body isn't the key to happiness. =0)

I think they have a problem with THEIR self image, and nobody can "make" you feel anything. If someone complains about their body, and you feel bad about yours, that's your choice.

I know when I'm fat, and when I'm not...other people complaining about their weight doesn't change the fact that I'm fat or not fat, nor does it cause me to want to feel bad about myself. I know I'm a kewl person inside, and when the outside doesn't look as I desire, then I work on changing that. ☺

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