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doing the splits? is splits something you can either do or you cant?
or can you become more flexiable and then you can eventually do it, ive beign doing a lot of yogo latley thats why im intrested.

Ask & I might tell
It is all a matter of flexibility. I am assuming "yogo" is really "yoga" and yes, this will help you be able to eventually do the splits. HAVE FUN -- I know I do, lol!!

Special K
anyone can do the splits, and that is only if you practice
i am 13 and i do jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, and yoga
even if you are older than me you can do it
you need to keep strechting
try about every night and especially in the morniing when your muscels need to warm up
thats wat hurts alot
it might take you a few weeks if you stretch and try to strech and do the splits a least 4 times or 5 times a day

i see grandmas, people who 80 or 75 years old at my studio and they can do the splits
and you can do them
trust me
if you want any stretches for me to help u
email me @ [email protected]

♥ maggie ♥
If you stretch enough then over time you will be able to do them. It's not just like you wake-up one morning and tah-dah you have your splits. You have to work at it.

people do learn!

You have to do a lot of streaching and getting ready it takes a couple of weeks to do, streching and trying every second day!!


i thought i was never able to do a split, but theni got interested in cheerleading anf i kinda made myself do one by streching and stuff....so i guess everyone can do it as long as you are flexiable enough...

All people can do it, it just requires time and work, stretch more and increase your flexibility and after time you'll get there.

i thinik if you practice stretching a lot u can do it. i cant do it but...idk

there is a boy at my school who can do it. its a little frightening.


hope this helps

i wasnt very flexible but then i took a dance class and in a few weeks i could do the splits easily!

With enough stretching, you'll be able to do it. Just keep working on that yoga and stretch more often. Just don't hurt yourself.

I couldn't do them at first but everyday I would stretch out. Sitting with my legs as far as part as possible then I would lean side to side trying to touch me toes. Within a month I was able to do the splits.

i can still f***ing hurts

Cassandra Marie
you can get flexible and be able to do it. but i can't

If you stretch each day no matter who you are you can eventually be flexible enough t o do the splits. I learned this from expirence

yep i can do.......just tried xxx still flexible xx

it takes some time to be able to do the splits!!
ii am a Cheerleader so ii really do know!!
You just have to do a lot of stretches and eventually you will get there. But DO NOT stretch on a cold muscle!! You can tear something!! ii would suggest going jogging before so that all of your leg muscles are warmed up. ii am an Athlete so ii really do know what ii am talking about! ii am not one of those people who are just saying something just because it sounds smart! haha. SO please take my advice and GOOD LUCK with the splits!!!
OH, and yoga will be helpful so keep it up!! =]]

If u train the right muscle groups u ll be able to ex fitness instructor n hubby has gone bk to collage to do sports science

Some people really can't do the splits, but most can if you work at it. Just push yourself a little harder every day, and hold it for just like 30 seconds. Before you know it you will be impressing everyone with your flexibility!

does yogo make you flexible ??

I think if you stretch and practice anyone can do it.

i'm god
yeahh i didnt really get that

El Geeko
After a while you'll be able to do the splits, but keep in mind that you should be exercising the muscle as well that way it'll get easier to get there and it wont hurt so much after a while.

You learn to do a split, just stretch everyday, don't go to fast though. Go until it barely burns, hold it for three and then relax. Repeat a few times and then take a long rest and repeat if desired.

It took me about a year, but I wasn't trying very hard.

Justin H
By stretching and exercising, you can make yourself more flexible. But I have no idea whether you can ever get to the point of doing the splits if you can't already.

If yooh like stretch alot then ur legs become more flexible
hope this helps ♥

i was in your shoes a few years back....i could never do splits for the life of me...but as you stretch and do as far as you can in your splits...EVENTUALLY you will be able to reach the floor...it's just the matter of opening the muscles in the legs and groin area lol....that's all it takes!

you can definelty become more flexible the more you do. The more you work on it, the better you can become...I am sure there is a little bit of genetics in there, but for the most part you can become more flexible

Loves =]
well i couldnt do the splits 3 years ago..but since i started dancing and martial arts classes it got me more flexible and now i can do the splits =]

I think you can become more flexible, although that's harder when you're older. I did try very hard one summer to work on my flexibility, but I couldn't quite get to the point where I could do a split.

anyone can do the splits...you just have to do alot of streching and make sure you do every day and eventually u will be able to do them

its all flexibility. i'm a guy, and i used to be able to do the splits all the way down when i was in martial arts as a teen. now i cant go down halfway!!

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