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cheez♥it <3
do yu think i am fat?
okay im 5ft. and 105 pounds.
i kinda think i am..
but my friends think its coz of muscle
since i play alot of sports,
but i need yur opinion

No, you are not fat. You're BMI (body mass index) is average.

If you are "fat" or "fat looking" its because your breasts are small and you have a large stomach and big thighs and big ***. But your dimensions are fine.

I highly doubt it. Stop being paranoid!

chika chik
wow we are exactly the same weight and height.
i play soccer
so it's mostly from muscle
i don't think you are fat

johny c
U are so far from fat u would need a rocket ship to get there-remember Muscle weighs more than fat! Keep up the sports!

Annie May
i dont think thats too fat. Especially if you are doing sports, its very likely your muscle. just remamber that if you get on a wii fit it doesn't count for muscle weight and it will say u r fat. no biggy.

I would suggest that you take a look at your BMI and see what it says you can go to a number of websites to find it. I also suggest that you look at the fact that muscle weighs more then fat. If you are into alot of sports you want to be sure that you are providing your body with enough protein and that you are keeping yourself hydrated. I wish you a lot of luck figureing this one out, personally no I do not think you are fat.

No, you're perfect for your age.

If you want to see you're BMI to check if you're healthy or overweight this si great site: http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/

But trust me doing sports and weighing that much is really good. You should proud not thinking that fat, ignore what people say.

♥ Jenna ♥
No need to worry, that's normal.

uhh NO.

i'm "5'4" and i weigh 108
that's because we are growing and i too play 3 sports.

and if I told you that you were are you going to become anorexic?

try not to let other people dictate how you choose to live.

your fine

Mr. Irresistible
start doing sprints.. run as fast as u can for 1 minute then rest 2-3 minutes... and keep reapeating for 6+ times.. this burns blubber and raises metabolism like there no tomorrow..

Xaga K
Hell no, your just fine ^_^.

That's like the perfect weight for 5'

no im heavier than you but a little taller than u

mrs. Joe Jonas
no thats normal. and its probly because you play sports.

♣ CuteBitch ♣
You've got issues if you think you're fat.

Ta-Zu (&Miku)
Hell no. D:
Why do girls always think they're fat if they're not in the double digits!?

Double digits usually means you're underweight. @[email protected];


No Way! you're the perfct weight for your height. I'm not ever 5ft. yet and I weigh 110. Don't think you're fat, have confidence. ♥☺

Steph G
no thats how i am toooo

Jonathon D
no cuz normal girls are about that weight, especially if u play sports... thats good... cuz uts muscle

no way your perfect
im 5.1ft and i am 120pounds i do lots of sport but as long as you have a fit healthy diet and you are not feeling ill, you are perfect in every single way! LOL,
but if you are still worried go and see you local doctor
they will give you free expert advice.
i hope i have helped,

♥ Jodes ♥
No, you're perfect, plus you're weight is probably mostly muscle as you play a lot of sports. I play sports too. I'm 5'5 and 120lbs. most of my weight is muscle/

im not even just saying that. your not fat

no not at all

No, your fine the way you are. Happiness comes from the inside.

nawwwww thats not fat

B2B Oct. 2010!
I want to slap you.

fat is just a word!

i wouldnt worry, even if you think you are?

everybody should stay healthy, and eat healthy - at least 3-5 fruit or veg a day, if your doing that already your fine, but if your not, at least try too,

maybe you are muscley - but remember muscle weighs more than fat, 105 pounds sounds the ideal weight for a young woman/ man.

just live your life and not to worry! - be happy :)

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