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do you think i am fat or overweight?
i am 4 feet 11 inches 114 pounds and i am 12 years old. how could i loose some weigt

Kendell =]
if ur only 12, i think that's a little over weight.
maybe u can try exercising.
hope this helps! =)

exercise, don't eat as much junk, and find something physical that you enjoy doing. AND DON"T PROCRASTINATE BECAUSE YOU CAN CHANGE!!!

Danny H
You are a bit over your recommended BMI (Body Mass Index) so all you need to do is EXERCISE! Don't bother with diets, they will be no use to you as you are still young and have a very high metabolism rate.

it doesnt matter if you are fat, you just have to make sure you are healthy! stop eating unecessary junk food too much fatty foods can clog your arteries and give you major problems, excesise and eat right, you dont have to be skinny. =)

No, you are not fat, but if you are interested in loosing some weight, diets do not work. Just eat less when you eat a meal. Some people try to starve themselves, and gain twice as much when they start eating again, so just walk and eat less if you want to loose some weight. At your age, I weighed over two hundred pounds. Not anymore just from watching what I eat.

Personally, it something you shouldn't be taking seriously. Just try healthier foods like chicken, rice, vegetables, some fruit, whole grains, milk, lots of water, eggs. etc! avoid saturated fat, like butter, ice cream, whole milk. and maybe work out for an hour, 2 days every week. don't starve yourself; because really your body will have to either eat your muscle tissue or when you eat again you will gain lots more weight because its getting ready for that starvation mode again.
its not a big thing, its only because your short! but don't bother until your older! it will be more affective then. thanks(:

No, you just need to lose like 5 pounds :)

try switching from soda to water.
and dont eat any satly foods. you'll lose 6-7 pounds in less then a month!

wow theres a ton of as*h**** on here
but anyways just be happy
you might be a little chubby/overweight
but dont let it ruin your life
when your older youll look back on bad times stressing on your weight
when you could be living up to the fullest
just join a sport itll fall right off trust me
dont listen to the haters
there just trying to get attention and there insecure about themselves

I Am Frickin Sick Of People On Yahoo Answers Asking If They Are Fat When They Aren't... Srsly Why Do You Even Care If You Are Fat Or Thin Be Happy With Yourself. Just Eat Healthy, Exercise, And Don't Ask People If They Think Your Fat, Because Its Not Up To Me Or These Other People Who Answered This Question To Say Your Thin Or Fat.
If You Think You Need To Loose Weight Then Get Off The Dang Computer And Get To The Gym And If You Don't Think You Need To Then Keep Doing What Your Doing. Its Not Up To Me Or Any Of These People What You Do.

You may have a few extra pounds but you are still growing and your body is going to change a great deal over the next few years. Eat healthy food, get plenty of exercise, don't obsess about weight, and enjoy life.


Just go to a site or search in BMI that's the body mass index this tells you if you re normal, under weight or over... that should help you..

~Caught in the life~
ur not fat there are alot of people who way alot more than you do 114 pounds is nothing

Mandy Hills
You're not overweight, but maybe you could try to shed a few pounds :)
Here are some good tips on losing some extra weight:
1. Drink lots of water!
2. Eat more fruits and veggies (the ones that you like!)
3. Exercise by doing something fun with your friends like soccer or an activity all of you enjoy (just move around a lot and have fun!)
4. Stay away from fat foods such as fast foods, candies, and others. If you're having trouble controlling your temptations, ask your family and friends to help.

I was like this at 12 as well, but a little taller than you. I thinned out eventually thought, as I grew. I would just suggest cutting down on food portions, cutting back on soda, or candy, and sticking with lots of fruits, whole grain foods, lean meats (such as turkey)... but on wheat bread.. If none of this works, summer is coming up pretty soon, and swimming works WONDERS. It burns more calories than most sports out there and it's fun. It tones muscles, helps you drop pounds, and just makes you feel good in general.
Good luck :)

you shud excercise

start running.. girls tend to lose weight after repeated long distance running.. so like three miles a day and you should be good and run it at a fast pace like thiry minutes at the most. plus do ab workouts.. 100 crunches a day is easy and do leg lifts where you put your hands under your but and while laying flat on the floor hold your legs up off the ground about 5 inches..

thats more than me... i am a couple years older than you. some people are overweight and just can't help it. dont pay attention to other people being mean and calling you fat. some people cant help it and the best thing to do is just exercise and eat healthy foods. a potato chip or two are ok every now and then, but just cut back and exercise! Good luck!

Britani R
eat right and exercise

don't worry about weight when you are 12. there is plenty of time for that later. just go outside more often and eat healthier. don't stress or listen to thoose above me ^ because you are 12! puttimgn that kind of thing on here is only setting yourself up for dissappointment.


Steve C
Don't go on numbers, its how good of shape you are in. Include a picture, it is better than a 1000 words. I have been fasting one day per week, and it really helps me lose weight.
PS: some of the answers here are very rude.

can't tell you could be really muscular

You're still young and still going through puberty so just wait a few years you might just get taller. But its never a bad idea to exercise. [=

Zayed S.
your weight is perfect for your height! trust me, in about a year you'll learn to accept yourself and you'll start worrying about more important things. stop worrying about your appearance! and to that guy that called you a fatty, f*ck him!

also, i calculated your BMI (body mass index), and you are about 23, which is a normal weight.

Capt. SavAhoe
wait for puberty.

running, situps, moving

Diet and exercise couldn't hurt, but you're young and will probably grow into your weight.

Wounded at the Core
lol. Your fine.. that's healthy. If it drives you nuts, then exercise and eat right. That's still the only diet that has never failed.lol

All that matters is that you eat healthy and exercise!!


I think you are just right, it seems like from your name you are a swimmer. Stick with that, you know muscle ways more then fat so if you are concerned about your weight its probably just because you are strong. That is a great thing to have, I myself wish I had more muscles. You are probably just fine, and you are 12, don't worry about it.

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