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why do you people consistently tell them how to lose weight to you ...

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 how does not eating affect you?
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 What is your age and height?
i wanna know if a am tall or not

height: 5'9
Additional Details
size 13 shoes bigger hands than my dad and everyone else i know... im supposed to be only 6...

 i haven't eaten anything in 3 days...?
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 Am I overweight? Honestly?
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 I want to take a picture of myself naked...?
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 What is the amount of calories you should consume each day?

 How can I gain weight?
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 15 years old, am I over weight?
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 How can I gain tons of weight?
Im 13. ABout 5-4. and i weight 100 ibs....

 I'm kinda scared, is this serious? (its gross)?
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One day i ate a ...

 i am 5'2'' and i weigh 90 pounds?
i am 5'2'' weigh 90 pounds and im 12. is that overweight underweight or average?...

well im 305 pounds nad 14 i really wanna loose 200 pounds b4 school starts in 3-5 weeks plz help :(
Additional Details
and ive tried EVERYTHING ive ran about 6 miles (i have energetic ...

do you think i am fat?
i am 5'9 and i weigh 126.5 pounds. i am active with volleyball && basketball but the other day i had a guy tell me i was fat so now i am really freaking out i always thought i was at a good weight now i am freaking out should i work harder to lose the weight or just forget him. (i am a freshman in high school if that helps at all)
Additional Details
he isant really skinny but he IS a jock and is also always telling me that girls are not althetic

*sorry for the spelling errors

Peter N
i don't think you even have any fat.

you're not fat at all

do you listen to everybody you talk to?

thats VERY skinny.

person with lotsa questions
muscle weighs more than fat.
im 5'7 and weigh 122 and im a junior and have played sports since i was little. you should just forget him. guys arent worth freaking out over stuff like that and the guy thats worth listening to wont make you freak out ^_^

dude...im 5'0 and i weigh 105! ;)
every day people tell me how skinny and small i am!
no worrys your NOT FAT!!
i promise ...jeesh 9 more inchhes and only 21 pounds more that's like 2 pounds per inch,..
your NOT fat!
lol. (=

‚ô•my name goes here‚ô•
no ur not fat. muscle weighs more than fat actually and if r in sports, u probably have a lot of muscle.
also, don't believe what guys say cause they just want you to freak out.

you exercise regularly so thats good. eat healthy and screw that guys opinion: he obviously isnt worth it

dude , i bet that guy who called you fat has mental issues or is just a jock or is a little skinny boy.If you belive whole world then your going to go insane don't belive him don't and if says it again call him what he really is a self absorbed *** hole thats just jealous

Well, I'm skinny and I am 100 pounds and 5 feet tall and in grade ten, your only about 20 pounds heavier than me and almost a foot taller and you sound healthy so i'd say you're fine.

Pedro Man
Probably 126 pounds of pure fat, .5 for bones skin, 0 for brain.


just kidding... if you play sports often you should be in good shape. he's probably just teasing u or trying to annoy u just dont pay attention to him

I'm 5'3" and weigh between 105 and 110 (it's been about a month since I last weighed) I have a friend who's 5'5" and weighs almost 130 lbs. In reality, she looks insanely skinny. It all depends on personal habits an such. If you're active in sports, some of that weight is most likely some muscle.

Being called fat: Guys are idiots. Don't listen to them until they're forty, at which point they might possibly get some smart brain cells.

There is no way you are fat. The guy is either jealous or has low self esteem and has to try to make others feel bad about themselves

Maggie T
im 5'3 and at 104. I'm in 7th grade and i've have people tell me i was anerexic.

Forget him, definitely. You sound at a pretty perfect weight range, and its great that you play sports. And, like some person above me said, never listen to anyone seriously during high school :)

boys are dumb

you arent fat

no u dont sound fat at all im like 6' and 150 and skinny.

no at all unless your lying or something thats skinny.

Hall of Fame Most Suspensions
5'9" 126 is awesome girl...if you were a super model they'd only want you to lose like 10 or 12 lbs, so being that close you def are not fat at all...for sports and just being an allaround good lookin girl the weight sounds perfect to me...i mean it's not like you are 5'2" or anything....that guy is stupid or needs glasses.

do not listen to that guy he's just insecure with himself.you are doing good so do not worry about your weight.you do not have a weight problem.like i said that guy is just insecure with himself.

No way! Forget him!

You sound way healthy, and you ARE at a good weight!

no, you aren't fat. They guy was just intentionally being mean

oh wow...your a perfect weight!

I joked around with my gf once and called her a fatty when she is perfect weight and I thought she knew that but she freaked out and not once have I said that again.. guys tend to joke alot and girls tend to freak out about things they shouldn't. If he said that to a fit girl then he probably didn't mean to hurt your feelings.. so don't think of him as a ******.

NO your not fat just a tool by the sounds of things:-)

im a freshman too. && i dont think you are.. just dnt listen to them.. be positive.. if you feel healthy you are... if your docotor says you are.. then dont worry bout it..

Just A Small Town Girl
Forget him!
You're a freshman?
That explains it.
Heres a helpful thing that will get you through high school:
I'm a sophmore :]

Nope just forget him, at your height and weight you are definately on the far thin end of the scale! Any thinner and you'd be medically underweight. Guys can be idiots and say stupid things they don't even mean, he probably thought you were hot or something and has a wierd way of trying to express it.

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