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do i sound fat to you?
am i over weight?

age: 16
weight: 118 lbs
waist: 27 inch
hip area:31 inch

im a teen girl, ok so i just realy want to know please be honest?

Hell No
you sound skinny


One Love
No your perfect weight for your height and age.

no way! ur where u r suppose to be. just to say im 11 and im 120 but im mostly muscle i have a bigger waist but im not fat. i think im like 32- 35 inches for my waist but i sware im not fat. oh! and im 5 and a half an inch so im a little over wait. i have like a 34 inch waist and im 5'1" but i was chubby when i was a baby but now im going out of that and becoming skinnier

Sounds perfect to me.

not rly im 14 and weigh 105

no im the same size lol

Kaitlin C
Girl-not @ all!
Lol..u sound perfecttt!
dont let anyone tell u ur fat bc u DEFF arent

^ Reckon ^
you sound delicious

The best way to find out would be to check your BMI (body mass index)
and this would show you around 21 on the scale which is within your normal weight range (18.5 to 24.9) for your height.

One thing you don't want to do is get yourself so painfully thin like so many girls do these days. You're in a healthy range.

No...you are the perfect weight for your height. You dont need to gain or lose weight.



Karl L
No your not fat

umm no you actaully sound skinny to me

Seriously..like c'mon.

kenna 4 life
No! You sound skinny to me. But definitely not fat!

Valya S

TOTALLY honest, not at all :)

the guy who is awesome

The CARTOON Superman
16 - 17 years old
64 inches
115 – 120 lbs.

So no, you are not fat.

you aren't over weight, sweetie! D:

you're very much normal :D

you can even check it if you don't believe me :P

you're BMI's 20.9 and that's like, great, since the BMI for normal weight is 18.5-24.9 =D

trust me, most girls would want to have your weight xD

hope this helps ^-^

no not at all

no you aren't fat at all

Little Miss Nobody
You are not overweight. 118 for a 5ft3 girl is perfectly normal.

xBiHxMaMi O
hell nooo i mean if you wanna kno what fat is jus look at me haha no hun ur fine :]

ur 16? NO WAY! ur skinny!

no u sound annoying

Your weight for your height is completely healthy.

No your BMI is 20.9 which is normal

if you have to ask.......

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