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did i eat too much today?
So here is what i ate today: Brekfast: fiber one with honey clusters and a banana

lunch: Turkey Sandwich and a yogurt
snack: Turkey sandwich
Dinner: 3 ultra thin boneless skinless chicken breast with bbq shake and bake..and an apple

so that is all i ate but i want more to eat what should i do. im trying to lose weight so far i went from 237 to 224 but i want to be 150.. thanks!
Additional Details
and i did do 20 minutes of cardio and a half hour of weights!

yeah... and u had to have eaten breakfast too, so u shouldn't eat. chew some gum, or eat some fruits or vegtables to keep u till bed

Nope, your doing great! good luck :)

not really ..

eat fruit!
or gum,,
or brush your teeth.
that should take away you wanting to eat.

im serious about the brushing your teeth part though,
have you ever aten after brushing your teeth,, like in the morning?
geeeh, not the best taste i would say.

hope i helped(:

Tanner S
yes! but that stuff wasnt fatting so...you may lost .1 or .2

you ate no too much u ate too less

you are consuming too much carbohydrates because of the sandwiches so try to just eat bread once a day better during the day. Fruits only during the day not after 3pm and include vegetables and fish in your diet, also eat lots of pineapple and actually pineapple is the only fruit you can eat even at night because its digested quick giving it no time to turn into fructose which is pure sugar. :)

to me that is nothing, but if you are trying to loose weight i wouldnt eat two turkey sandwhiches just because bread has alot of carbs...maybe a salad with olive oil would be a better snack or soup?

you had 2 many sandwiches bread isnt good when ur trying to lose weight
good luck on reaching your goal!

Bow Down To King James
Yes, but for me what ever I eat I dont share it with others.

Work out to lose weights. Extra weight.

Mista Blah
Every metabolism is different. I'd say your best bet is to eat till you're not hungry but not till you're so stuffed that you can't move. Starving yourself will just make your body hold on to calories later on.

I've been told that losing more than 3 lbs a week isn't healthy anyways.

Just eat good and exercise. Remember. Exercise and staying active is the key for weight lose. Not starving yourself.

SF kid
good job so far, that's a huge difference. that's good, make sure your other days include, whole grains, nonfat dairy, lean meats, vegies, and fruit.

best food i've found for breakfast
shredded wheat w/ nonfat milk

and at trader joes, they have a special trader joes raisin bran that is goodf or you.. regular raisin bran is bad for you. and make sure your yogurt is low in fat, the best kind is from trader joes..

good job so far, you're doing great.

no not at all i tihinkyouron the right track to being healty good hting your ot starving yurself

Devin Kyle 23/m
you have to count calories, you should only eat 2000 calories a day. and to lose weight you workout more then that amount. the best and most correct way to lose weight.

ツ яαѕ¢αℓ ƒℓαттѕ !¡
no thats good eating ! :)

Yes.You did eat to much but try to do sit ups for 10 minutes it really does burn calories and drink water. But if you don't like water you can get some crystal light mix it with a bottle of water.
It is only two for five at Wal Mart.

u need too eat more eating healthy means u can eat more just do little exsercise

Bree Chan ♥
Don't starve yourself in hope of weight loss. Instead, try a diet plan such as Weight Watchers. If you can't make the meetings go on weight watchers online. It's very helpful, and it works! Also, it has some awesome (But Healthy!!) Recipes! (:
And if you'd like to eat more, how about a fruit shake? Or a little piece of candy, or a cookie? Considering you had barely any sugar today. Just remember, don't starve yourself just to lose weight. ):

damn! you're good! that's soooo healthy. very good for you, and very filling and if you've just started it's normal to feel extra hungry but just try chewing some peppermint gum or tic tacs or something (it'll make everything taste bad and make you less focused on eating) or you can always just make a nice healthy fruit smoothie

it's not a lot, but definitely try to cut out the snacks. especially if you are having three full meals a day, you don't want a sandwich for a snack. you're also eating a lot of carbs, not necessarily in large amounts, but if you want to lose weight you have to eat proteins/vegetables more often. try making your meals more green! and substitute all that chicken for some veggie burgers! they are way more nutritious, humane towards animals, and better for the environment. and good job losing the 13 pounds! :D

my question is what exercise have you done today, you have to burn what you eat so if you eat more ya definately should have done some kind of rigorous activity.

Compared to me, heck no!
But yes, u kind of did.

its good that your eating three meals a day, not starving youself.
no! you didnt eat too much, not at all.

fruits and veggies are good.
:) maybe have a salad or even a little bowl of ice cream with strawberries in it :)

a fiew times a week, if you've been eating good and you wanna reward yourself with a fiew extra calories, go ahead!
:) good luck !

yes...only eat turkey sandwich for all 3 meals per day...and throw in the aple twice...thats the best

ana c
try eating something with lots of fiber like brocoli or pretty much any vegeable. fiber makes u feel full. good luck

no you didn't eat too much.

You'll lose weight as long as you don't go over 1,200 calories, and don't eat after 6 or atleast 4 hours before you go to sleep. It's proven that later on in the day your body stores calories different and eating as much as you eat during the day could be as bad as eating a thanksgiving dinner if you eat it before you go to sleep!

So as long as this wasn't over 1,200 calories it's not a lot.
Next time, try eating more veggies and more fruit.

Good luck ;)

Marco L
well a good way to lose weight is eat a large brekfast normal lunch and a small dinner 8 glasses of water.

if you want to lose weight, eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day. Make breakfast the biggest and dinner the smallest! You don't need to eat much at dinner because its usually the last meal of the day and you are on the way to bed where you don't need so much energy.

Diet is only one half of the weight loss formula, you really need to combine it with exercise as well - mostly cardio. You'll find once you start exercising and build muscle, you'll be able to eat more of the foods you like because muscle burns calories faster than fat does.

build your metabolism and also try this method..

eat 5 times a day, smaller portions..
this will help the metab build up some.

my wife lost 20 pounds quick using this method..


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