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 Is it true that Vomiting makes you lose weight?
My friend told me that if you vomit 3 times a week the food that you eat it makes you lose weight. But i thought it makes you gain? Is this true please explain?
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I ...

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 am i skinny, fat, or normal weight???
im in middle school
i weigh about 107 pounds and am a size 4
and im about 5 foot 5 inches tall
is that normal, skinny, or fat???
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oo also i have a ...

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I may sound silly (lol), but today I jumped into my boyfriends lap and he was like "woahh, your heavy !" ... I don't really know if he was being sarcastic or if he meant it. And I ...

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or should i have tried to loose more.

I'm on a diet and have lost 11 pounds in a month, is this a good achievment or could i have lost more? Should i aim to loose more this month?

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is this a healthy weight???...

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 Now i want to truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
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 what is my age?
Cant measure my age......

 doing the splits? is splits something you can either do or you cant?
or can you become more flexiable and then you can eventually do it, ive beign doing a lot of yogo latley thats why im intrested....

 Im 16 and can do 30 pushups. Is this good?

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Also, Im a combination of ectomorph and mesomorph....

 How tall are you? Please Answer?!?
I want lots of answers please :]
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I'm 5'8 :)...

 am i overwieght? im 5'7 and i way 103 pounds .....i feel like a fatte am i??
im 5'7 and i way 103 pounds .....i feel like a fatte am i??...

 Lose 5 pounds by Friday?
hi, I'm 5'2 and 95lbs I really want to lose 5 pounds by this Friday! Is there any way I can do this without starving myself or gaining back 10 pounds? It doesn't just have to involve ...

are you fat if youre 5'4 16 and 125 ibs?

Dream Bree
No but you could stand to loose about 10 pounds. I'm sure you look okay but if you wanna look your greatest ya know?

anna c
nooo not at all

nope, dont worry so much about weight

No way! That's exactly what you should be! Your bmi is 21.453, which is in the middle of the normal range.

No thats skinny

only 125 lbs??lol if that is overweight then you have problems.no i don't think it is overweight.depending on your actual muscle tone,you may feel that you are but you can easily fix that by proper exercise and eating healthy foods.


I am 21 years old(mom of two) 5'1 and 130lbs and I am not fat. I am by no means skinny but I am also by no means fat.

no thats really a great size plus you might not be your adult size yet

Weight is OK. But where is it located is another aspect.


No you are normal, you can check your BMI (body mass index) to insure yourself

No. You are exactly were you should be.

nope, besides you are only 16, if you excercise and eat right you will tone up and look even better than you do now! The only thing you probably need is to tone a bit, that will increase your muscle to fat ratio and you will not lose a lot of weight but you will look better....hope that is kind of the answer you are looking for

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! I can tell you right now..I wish I had that body....

Are you kidding? NNOOO!

no u r perfect actually don't worry about your weight because you sound very healthy no one likes the tooth pick anorexics

That Chick acisseJ
nope not at all

we way the same. trust me we are not fat

No you are not fat! You do need eat healthy, and it is so much easier today to stay slim, even with all the temptations, we know so much more about foods today and which ones cause fat, and which ones provide nutrients. I hope you hunt for a food pyramid on the Internet and live your life by it. You'll never get fat and you will be able to eat lots of food. Good luck. D

Lori A
No. That's about right. But the scale is NOT the best determinent of whether or not you have too much body fat. So much impacts your real fat level. Your bone structure and how much muscle you have can make a big difference.

You are young, so you naturally have more muscle than a woman twice your age (who gets about the same amount of exercise).

You can tone and firm your body, and lower your body fat level at the same time, by weight training. A good resistence training program will quickly add definition and increase your muscle. So even if you don't drop a pound, you will get smaller and tighter.

Try it. Weight lifting is especially good for woman as it strengthens your bones (so you won't be crippled as an old lady) AND it fights the age-related muscle loss that will make you fatter as you age.

Styx are awesome!!!!!!!!!!

wow you make me feel bad. I'm 16 5'4 and 1/2 and 148 pounds. i'm always told that I don't look it considering the fact that I'm losing weight. But you're not fat if I'm only a half inch taller than you and over 20 pounds heavier than you and I'm not that big you must be really thin.

Chelsea W
no your not fat if your 5'4 and 125ibs

luv ya too
r u kidding??? no way!!!!!!!


yes, certainly, you are overweight, just check your BMI.


Rebecca L
no sweetie just thank God your not in your thirties and much larger.

You might or might not be considered fat since this is dependent on your build. A heavy build could produce someone not looking fat, just possibly a little overweight. As well as this if you are a large build but very fit, some of that weight could be put down to muscle which weighs more than fat.


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