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am i overwieght? im 5'7 and i way 103 pounds .....i feel like a fatte am i??
im 5'7 and i way 103 pounds .....i feel like a fatte am i??

You seem underweight, go to http://fiberdiet.info and use the free body mass calculator at the bottom of the page. It will calculate your exact healthy weight range.

No, Your weight should be between 120-135. For a female of 5'7

That's like asking if you're 70 and young enough to do gymnastics.

You're crazy.

No, you are underwait, trust me, I am 5'3 and weigh the same as you and everyone tells me I'm skinny. I know you might feel fat, but your not, so try real hard to tell yourself your not fat.

If your 5 7" and wigh 103 pounds you are definately not overweight. you might actually be a tiny bit underweight. not alot but a tiny bit. i guarantee you probably really skinny.

im shorter and heavier and i'm borderline overweight...dont even worry

omg! you are NOT fat you should consider gaining some weight........ Im 5'2 and weight 117pounds
and im under weight.....

Umm that's underweight..

You see I'm 5"5 and 117 pounds and I am underweight just a little.

So girl I think your anorexic.

Umm not cool.

So please for the sake of the world umm eat a little more and exercise.

Muscle weighs 3 times more than fat!

kendal k
you are way underweight .

5' 7" Small Framed 123-136 Medium Framed 133-147
Large Framed 143-163

Average weight for female. It appears you are underweight for your height. I looked this info up in medical site.

Heh.. I'm 5'3 and 125.. My doctor says I'm just about normal... I def don't think your fat.

See that is the problem with the media and Hollywood these days. You are fine!!! Don't let TV and the magazines fool you into thinking you need to be under 100 pounds and wear a double zero

The Enlightened One
For the Love of GOD... please stop being controlled by the media. You do realize that modern media, is telling you that you are fat.

And the best part is that you listen to them.


martha walsh
if you lose any more weight im gonna feed you myself

Charlene S
Are you kidding me im only 5'8 and weigh so much more. If your overweight what the heck am I? Your not overweight trust me.

You should probably weigh about 135. See your doctor.

edit: My little sis is 5 foot 4 and weighs about 98 pounds and she's too skinny, really. I don't mean to sound rude, but unless your bone structure is extremely tiny, you probably look/are malnourished and unhealthy at this point.

~Big Benz~
why do people ask these questions -.- no your not fat so stop trying to lose weight to the point where you are anorexic

omg you are slender...if anything you are underweight.

no, you are skinny. but you DO need to work on your spelling.

f no thats skinny

Black Barbie
are you crazy!!??? First of all, you do not know how to spell. Press the spell check button before you post. And NO you are NOT FAT!! I am 5'8 and I WEIGH 200 lbs...I am FAT, not you! Get a grip child and quit playing!!

Seek help

Nathan M
anorexic maybe but not fat.

Wanted... Dead or Alive
you are starving......... should be ashamed of youreself....... u can see all the nooks & crannies when u look in the mirror YUCK

your actually waaayyyy to small! a healthy weight for a 5'7 girl is between 125-160 or somewhere around those numbers

you should be at least 115 lbs

Ben W
No you're not fat!!!!! I'd say that you're underweight! Don't think your fat--I'm in 10th grade and I'm 130, and I feel too small!

are u joking....ur no where near fat...im 5 7 and 135 pounds u must not have ne meat on u!

you are far from overweight.

I hope your not serious! You are underweight. See a psychologist!

You = anorexic.

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